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Templates – Word or PDF?

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Here at Label Planet we offer free template downloads on our website to help our customers print their own labels. We offer templates in either a Word Document or PDF format.


  • Our Word templates provide a grid that corresponds to the layout of the labels on an A4 sheet, with our Template Guidelines on an image in front of the grid.
  • This image can be deleted by left clicking the mouse and pressing “Delete” on your keyboard, or by right clicking the mouse and selecting “Cut”.
  • If you can’t see the grid then you will need to enable Gridlines. This can be done by selecting “Show Gridlines” in the Table Menu (Word 1997-2003), or by selecting “View Gridlines” from the Layout tab under Table Tools Menu.
  • Each label is represented by the cell that contains the product code (e.g. LP1/210 or LP40/45SMP).
  • To design your labels, simply replace the product code text with the text or image(s) that you want to print on your labels.
  • Please note that for our CIRCULAR and OVAL labels, the Word template will only show a SQUARE or RECTANGLE into which the label will fit. Word is not able to display a grid with the exact circle or oval shape.


  • Our PDF templates have been created based on the cutting templates used to produce our labels.
  • To edit a PDF template you will need to open the file in a graphics software package.

Labelling Decorative Envelopes

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

There are some items of post that must look as decorative as possible, whether a business is running a luxury promotion or an individual is sending out invitations to a special event such as a wedding or anniversary. A popular way of embellishing postal items is to use envelopes that are brightly coloured or that have a textured surface.

This can create problems when it comes to adding address information. It may not be possible to write on the unusual surface or finish of the envelopes, or the sender may want to use a stylish printed font. This means finding a label that will match the chosen design or colour scheme and then covering up a section of the decorative envelopes, which could undo the effect of using a coloured or textured envelope in the first place.

Here at Label Planet, we have clear labels available which help to sidestep this problem. When these labels are printed and applied to envelopes, the labels themselves look almost completely clear and the text appears as though it has been printed directly onto the envelope.

We have Gloss Transparent Labels for Inkjet Printers, Gloss Transparent Labels for Laser Printers, and Matt Transparent Labels for Laser Printers available on our website.

Printing Tips: Paper Size Settings

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

One of the most common problems that people encounter when printing labels is that the print gets further and further out of line as they look down the page, i.e. the top row or rows are aligned correctly, but the bottom row or rows finish more than 10mm above or below where they should.

Generally, the reason for this problem is that the paper size is set to something other than A4.

This tends to be either:
1. In the settings being used by the printer. These can be checked by selecting “Printer Properties” from the print preview screen and making sure that the paper size setting is A4.
2. In the settings being used by the program/software used to design the labels, e.g. Word. Again, the paper size setting must be set to A4.

In most cases where this issue has occurred, the paper size will be found to be set to American Letter size. This is the default for US software and some programs (such as Word) will use this setting even when the software has been installed and used in the UK.

More tips and advice can be found on our website here: Printing Labels Guide.

Fluorescent Labels: Great For Stock

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Fluorescent labels are perfect for labelling stock.

Our fluorescent labels have been used to display product prices and information, and to help with stock taking and stock rotation. The bright colours make it easy to identify stock and to highlight important information.

We have five choices of fluorescent colours: Lemon, Green, Red, Orange, and Magenta, and are happy to send samples for customers to try out for themselves. These labels are for use with laser printers and photocopiers.

We now have five of our most popular label sizes available in packs of 25 sheets (other sizes are subject to minimum orders of 100 or 500 sheets).

To find out more, to request a sample, or to buy fluorescent labels from Label Planet, please click here.

Waterproof Labels: Inkjet versus Laser Printing

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Customers who want waterproof labels often ask us about the difference between using waterproof labels with an inkjet or a laser printer.

If customers need the label AND the print to be waterproof then they will have to use a LASER printer. The inks used for inkjet printing are water-based and so will smudge when exposed to water.

We have a number of different waterproof labels available for use with a laser printer, depending on the finish required:

– Transparent Polyester Labels in a Gloss Finish or a Matt Finish

– Matt White Polyester Labels in a Gloss Finish or a Matt Finish

Silver Matt Polyester Labels

Matt White Polyethylene Labels

If customers require waterproof labels that will definitely be exposed to water, particularly in outdoor or marine conditions, we recommend Matt White Polyester Labels or Matt White Polyethylene Labels as these are supplied with a marine tested (BS5609) adhesive.

We supply removable waterproof labels in Gloss Transparent Polyester or Matt White Polyester.

We also stock Transparent Polyester Labels with a Gloss Finish for use with inkjet printers. These labels are suitable for use in dry conditions or as waterproof labels when there is no need for printing onto the labels themselves.

Amazon, Ebay & Despatch and Packing Labels

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Retailers using Amazon, Ebay or to sell their products can use our 3 per sheet labels (Product code LP3/210) to print off integrated despatch/packing slips.

These labels can be printed directly from your account with no need for any intermediate software and can be used with all inkjet and laser printers.

Our sister company, Madebuy, have been using these labels to process thousands of orders, with great success.

Amazon and Ebay users can remove and use the top label for their packing label, while users can do the same with the bottom label.

These labels can be ordered or a sample requested here.

Delivery Options from Label Planet

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Standard delivery from Label Planet is by Royal Mail’s First Class service and the cost is included in the prices displayed on our website. Stocked items in quantities of 25, 50, 75 and 100 sheets will be despatched same day for orders placed before 4:30pm. Generally speaking, 93% of first class post will arrive the next day, with the remaining 7% taking an extra day or two.

Orders between 100 and 500 sheets and/or with a value over £37.50 will be sent via the signed for service to ensure a safe delivery.

Special delivery can be added for an additional charge either online (1.00pm arrival) or by phone (9.00am or 1.00pm arrival).

Bulk orders of 500+ sheets are despatched via carrier either next working day or within 5 working days, depending on the product being ordered.

To place a bulk order for Northern Ireland + All Islands with UK postcodes please call us to arrange a freight price as carrier charges are not included in our prices. Deliveries to Ireland are also subject to delivery charges.

More information about our delivery options can be found on our website here.

Label Planet 2013 Happy New Year

Friday, January 4th, 2013

We wish all our label customers a happy and prosperous new year!