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Influences on adhesives

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

The adhesive on a label can be affected by four key factors; Type, Time, Surface, and Temperature. When choosing an adhesive, you need to bear in mind how your labels might be affected by each of these factors.

TYPE OF ADHESIVE: Adhesives are designed and produced with different strengths. A standard adhesive has a good initial tack and settles to full adhesion in a few minutes or hours; removable adhesives have a weaker adhesive that provides low initial tack and high tack adhesives have a stronger adhesive that has a high initial tack.

TIME AN ADHESIVE HAS BEEN APPLIED FOR: Adhesives have a certain initial tack when applied. As time passes, the adhesive will set and strengthen, meaning the longer a label has been stuck onto an item, the stronger its adhesion will be. Removable adhesives are designed to set at a slower rate than standard adhesives, while high tack labels are designed to set very quickly.

SURFACE AN ADHESIVE IS APPLIED TO: When a label is applied, the adhesive sinks into any troughs in the surface and sets there. If a surface is too smooth (ie there are very few troughs or the troughs are very shallow) or too rough (ie the troughs are very deep) then the adhesive will have a smaller surface area to adhere to before it sets, which results in a lower strength of adhesion.

TEMPERATURE AT WHICH AN ADHESIVE IS APPLIED AND STORED: The chemical reaction that takes place as an adhesive sets is influenced by temperature. At higher temperatures this reaction is sped up and the adhesive sets faster, which results in higher adhesion than at lower temperatures. Labels that are applied at one temperature and then later exposed to or stored at higher or lower temperatures may also have their adhesion affected by the change in temperature.

These four factors interact with each other, so we advise customers to request a sample to test in their own unique conditions.

To see the various types of adhesive we have available, visit our Special Adhesives Range Page.

Free Sample Packs

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

For a limited time, we are sending out free sample packs with certain orders. These packs are tailored to the orders that have been placed to let our customers try similar products to those they have ordered.

If you receive a free sample pack, we hope you find it useful. If those labels are not of interest or use to you personally, please feel free to pass them along!

You can also request a specific sample from our website.

Requesting Samples

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Here at Label Planet we understand that it can be tricky deciding exactly which labels to buy, particularly when the purpose you have in mind needs to meet a number of criteria (such as adhering to an unusual surface, surviving in wet conditions, conforming to existing brand colours etc). Often, the simplest way to make a decision is to have an example of the labels in front of you, so you can see exactly what you’ll be purchasing.

This is why we offer samples. We can provide you with an example of the particular colour, material, or size you want to try. Where possible we will provide you with a sample of the exact label you are interested in. In cases where we do not have a particular label in stock available to send out as a sample, we will send an A4 sheet of the colour or material you are interested in, as well as a matt white paper sample of the size you require.

To request a sample, you can either call us on 01270 668076 or fill in our Sample Request form online.

You can also use a sample to test the print quality of your printer or the layout of your design. We advise that you always print onto a plain white piece of paper first, to see if you need to make any adjustments. Having a sample of the labels to hand means you can make sure that the layout is absolutely aligned before you go ahead and print the final version!

For more information and advice on printing, please visit our Help & Advice page on our website.

What’s In A Name – Self Adhesive Labels

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Although our labels are referred to as “self adhesive” labels, this is isn’t strictly true – they don’t simply automatically adhere to a surface.

A better term is “pressure sensitive”; one of the key factors that affects the adhesion of our labels is how much pressure you apply when you stick them onto a surface. A common explanation in cases where a label doesn’t appear to be sticking properly is that the label hasn’t been applied with much pressure at all. We advise that when you are applying a label, that you firmly apply pressure across the entire surface of the label. This will encourage the adhesive to activate and bind more vigorously with the surface below.

We have a range of special adhesives available, which can be viewed on our website here.

How Will My Labels Be Delivered?

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

For deliveries in the UK, orders are delivered either by Royal Mail (first class) or by carrier service.

Orders between 25 – 250 sheets will usually be delivered using the Royal Mail.

Orders of 25 or 50 sheets will be delivered in a single C4 sized envelope and orders of 75 or 100 sheets will be delivered in two separate C4 envelopes.

Small orders (75-100) that include colours or special materials will be delivered in a small box.

Orders over 100 sheets will be packaged in a box for safe delivery.

All orders that are sent in a box are sent via Royal Mail’s Recorded Delivery Service.

For more information about Delivery, please visit our Delivery Information page.

Using Permanent Labels On Clothing

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

A common question brought to us by customers is: what type of label can be used – temporarily – on clothing?

Whether they’re looking for temporary name badges to hand out at parties or events, or temporary product labels for items of clothing that they are selling, these customers need a label that will adhere to clothing but that can be easily removed without damaging the item.

In these cases, we are often asked if it is best to use a removable or super removable label, but, in actual fact, a label with a standard permanent adhesive will act as a removable label when applied to cloth – i.e. it will adhere to the item but is easily removed as needed.

DIY – Custom Sizes

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

While we have a variety of sizes available on our website, we inevitably get requests for custom sizes or advice on what to purchase when a customer needs a small quantity of a variety of sizes.

In these cases we often advise our customers that they may want to look into creating these sizes themselves.

With the exception of our freezer and coloured labels, we have full A4 sheets of all of our materials available at the minimum order of 25 sheets, which can be printed on and then cut to the size required.

This is an easy way to create the exact custom sizes you need for instances where only a small to medium amount of labels are required.

If customers intend to cut a special material to size, we advise that they request a sample to ensure that they are able to cut the material effectively and as needed.

Small Coloured Circular Labels – An Alternative

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

We often get customers asking if it is possible to purchase small coloured circular labels in lower quantities; there are many more labels per sheet compared to the larger sizes of circular labels meaning the buyer simply doesn’t need as many packs.

As our smallest sizes of coloured circular labels have minimum order quantities of either 100 or 500 sheets, we often advise customers to try out a simple alternative.

If customers purchase our white circular labels (all of which are available at a minimum order of 25 sheets) they can then use their inkjet or laser printer to flood coat the labels with the exact colour that they require, or even lots of different colours.