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Labels Used By Label Planet – Packaging

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Here in the Label Planet office, we are surrounded by labels in all sorts of shapes and sizes, materials, and adhesives. Even though we have a wide variety of options, we do have a few firm favourites that we use on a day to day basis.

Needless to say we use a LOT of labels; we label everything! Or, at least, we label a lot of things; including our individual packs of labels, a variety of paperwork, and most of our packaging. So here’s a list of the labels used right here in the Label Planet office:

These labels are perfect address labels. They measure 210mm wide by 99.48mm high with square cut corners, making them a great size for adding address information that is easy to read.

These labels are also used by our sister company, Madebuy Ltd, on products that are sold via Amazon and Ebay. Customers often ask if we sell integrated labels for online trading – so they can print an address label on one part of an A4 sheet and use the rest (that is just plain paper) as the invoice or receipt. Madebuy Ltd, however, have found that our LP3/210 are perfect alternatives. They don’t require any integration into the Amazon or Ebay systems; these labels can be simply put into a printer and the address labels and receipts print straight out, with no need to edit files or create specific templates. LP3/210 labels make the packaging and despatch of products much simpler and much less time consuming – Madebuy have been using them now for over two and a half years! Even Amazon themselves use labels to print out receipts and delivery information, so why not give this alternative to integrated labels a try?

As if that weren’t enough, we also use LP3/210 labels as product labels on our stocked packs, to help customers (and ourselves!) identify the contents of a particular pack of labels, as well as providing a few key bits of information such as printer compatibility, label size, printing advice, and our contact information so customers can get in touch if they need any help.

These labels are from our Smartstamp range and are known as “All-In-One” labels, which we think is a pretty apt description. We use these as address labels for our packages because they allow us to create a variety of address labels with different text and in different sizes, all from one sheet of labels. These labels let us print address labels, return labels, AND information labels all in one go. The smaller labels measure 63.5mm wide by 38mm high and the larger labels are 135mm wide by 38mm high. If you need address labels, why not request a sample and see if these Smartstamp labels can help save you time (and money)?

These labels measure 38.1mm wide by 21.2mm high and are the most popular choice for printing return address labels – for ourselves and for many of our customers. For anyone sending out products or information, these labels are a quick and simple way to make sure that the recipient has your address (and any other contact details or messages you wish to send). These labels are available across our range of materials and adhesives (you can see all the options here) – we like to use the gold and silver ones, to add a decorative touch to all of our packages!

We use these labels, measuring 99.1mm wide by 38.1mm high, for a number of alternative purposes. These labels are great for adding additional information to our packs of labels, paperwork, and all manner of packaging. We tend to use these labels to inform customers of addition information about their order, their samples, or about offers and other similar products that are available. The length of the label means you can add a few sentences neatly and clearly onto one label. We like to use the fluorescent labels, as the bright colours mean that our messages really stand out. We also get to have some fun picking a different colour every time! We also use the gold and silver labels in this size as seals for our packages. We print our logo onto one end of the label, and then wrap the full label around the closing end of our boxes – this way, our packaging has a little bit more reinforcement AND our customers know that their package is from Label Planet!

Anyone who reuses packaging materials will have encountered the problem of covering up information from the initial sender. Here at Label Planet, we use LP8/99 labels (size: 99.1mm wide by 67.7mm high) in an opaque material, which means we can print our own information or address labels and then cover up existing text or images. Reusing packaging materials is an easy way to save money and help the environment. These handy labels mean you don’t have to waste time trying to remove existing labels or hunting around for a permanent marker to scribble out existing text.
[Please note that we have a 500 sheet minimum order on all of our opaque labels]

Customers can request a sample of any of our labels from our website.

Get Ready (Set & Go) With Labels For Sport’s Day

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

With June almost upon us, many schools will be preparing for their Sport’s Day events. Here at Label Planet we have all kinds of labels that can help organise the activities being planned.

Here are just some of the ways our labels have been used at Sport’s Days:

COLOURED LABELS make excellent badges to identify classes, teams, or houses. They are also great for making 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rosettes or awards.

GOLD AND SILVER LABELS are ideal for use as rewards for winners and participants alike. Schools can use these labels to reward first and second placements in races and events OR reserve the gold labels for the event winners and use the silver labels as participation badges.

WHITE LABELS can be used to make individual name badges for pupils; they can include a child’s name, the event they are taking part in, or even a team name.

WATERPROOF LABELS are a great way to label equipment or even as sturdier name/reward badges that will be more likely to survive the excitement of a Sport’s Day, particularly if it happens to involve any rain!

We can provide 30 day invoices to schools to help make sure they get their orders sooner. Simply contact us to find out more.

FAQ – Can I Print Mirrored Text And Images?

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Our transparent labels are a popular choice for customers who want to make their own window stickers.

A common problem that arises for these customers is the issue of printing labels that will be stuck on the inside of a window, but are designed to be read from the outside. In other words, they need the text or images to be printed in reverse – or “mirrored” – so that they look right from the outside.

So here’s a short guide to printing mirrored text and images in Microsoft Word.
– Please note that to create mirrored text in Word, you will need to insert your text using WordArt or a text box.

For the 2007 and earlier versions of Word, you can create mirrored images and text by using the Flip tool.
– Select your image, shape, or text box by left clicking on the item once.
– Select the “Format” tab at the top of the page.
– In the “Arrange” group, click on “Rotate” and then “Flip Vertical”.

WORD 2010

For the 2010 version of Word, you can create mirrored images and text by using the 3D-Rotation tool.
– Select your image, shape, or text box by left clicking on the item once.
– Select the “Format” tab at the top of the page.
– IMAGES: In the “Picture Styles” group, click on “Picture Effects” then “3D-Rotation” then “3D-Rotation Options”.
– SHAPES/TEXT BOXES: In the “Shape Styles” group, click on “Shape Effects” then “3D-Rotation” then “3D-Rotation Options”.
– Amend the value of “X” to 180°.
– Note for text boxes: the text box may now display a background colour. To remove this simply click on the “Shape Fill” option in the “Shape Styles” group and select “No Fill”.

Customers who are using a graphics package to edit a PDF file should find that these programs have similar functions to allow them to create mirrored images and/or text.

It is also worth noting that some printers actually have this function built in to their software, so it may well be worth checking your printer’s properties first. This can be done by selecting “Printer Properties” or “Printer Settings” on your print preview screen and looking for a check box listed as “Mirror Image”. If you check this box, your printer should print your document in reverse, though you may wish to try printing on a blank sheet of paper to test this function before you print onto your labels.

All of our templates are available to download from our website on our Templates Page.

Templates from Label Planet

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

We have templates available to download free of charge from our website. These templates are available in both Word and PDF formats.

How to download a template:

– Select the “Templates” link displayed underneath the white search bar at the top of our website.
– Select the category of your labels. As we have so many sizes available, our templates are grouped into six categories. The first five are grouped by shape: rounded corner rectangles, square corner rectangles, circles, ovals, and squares. The sixth group, “Templates For Special Use Labels”, refers to labels that were/are used for a particular purpose, including our Audio Cassette labels, CD/DVD labels, Data Cartridge labels, Diskette labels, Eurofolio labels, Lever Arch labels, Ring Binder labels, Slide labels, and Video labels.
– Select the template you want to download. Our templates are listed by number of labels per sheet, so simply scroll down to find the template you want, then left click once on either the white and blue Word icon (to download the Word template) or the white and red PDF icon (to download the PDF template). You will then have the option to open the document or save it.

Please note that to edit a PDF file, you will need to open the file with a graphics software package such as Adobe Indesign or Photoshop.

Searching For Labels On Label Planet

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

We’re always looking for new ways to make our website easier to navigate so our customers can find the labels they need. We’ve made a few updates recently, so here’s a short guide to searching for the labels you need on Label Planet.

On the Home Page we have five images leading to our largest groups of labels; Rectangles with Rounded Corners, Rectangles with Square Corners, Circles and Ovals, Address Labels, and Coloured Labels.

Beneath these images we have three sets of links as follows:
1. Find Labels By Label Type
These links are useful if you know the specific type of label you need. For example, if you know you need a transparent waterproof label that is compatible with a laser printer, you click on the link for “Waterproof Laser Transparent” labels.

2. Find Labels By Material Type
These links are useful if you know the kind of material and/or adhesive you would like, but you want to know what options are available. For example, you might know that you want a transparent label, but not what kind. In this case, you can click on “Transparent Labels”, which leads to a page that lists the four kinds of transparent labels we currently supply.

3. Find Labels By Popular Sizes In All Materials
These links allow you to select one of our standard sizes to see what materials/adhesives that particular size is available in. For example, if you want 25mm circular labels, you can select “70 Per Page (25) Dia)” and view all of the options available in that size, including coloured, transparent, and waterproof labels.

Alternatively, customers can use the links in the dark purple border that features throughout our website. This section contains the white search bar at the top of the page, which is ideal if you want to search using a particular product code; the alphabetical list of labels on the left hand side; and the “Find Labels By” section in the top left corner of the page, which is a set of pages that list our labels according to a variety of features such as Number Per Sheet, Avery Code, Height, Width, Shape, or Material Type.

Waterproof Labels for Beauty & Bathroom Products

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

We have a large number of customers who produce and sell toiletry items, such as body lotions, creams, and shower gels. All of these customers have one common problem – how to label their bottles and jars with a label that won’t be damaged by liquids.

We have a number of waterproof labels that are ideal for just this purpose. Each of these labels is made of a waterproof polyester and has a waterproof adhesive – to make sure that the label will stay in place.

The label that you choose depends on the look or finish that you want:
– WHITE labels in a MATT FINISH or in a GLOSS FINISH
– SILVER labels in a MATT FINISH

As always, we remind customers that if they also want the PRINT to be waterproof, they will need to use a LASER printer – the inks used in inkjet printers are water-based and will therefore smudge when wet.

Of course, we cannot test our labels and their adhesives against all of the possible combinations of ingredients, so we do advise that customers request a sample of our waterproof labels to test out for themselves. Customers can Request A Sample here.

Rewards For Success – Gold & Silver Labels

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Parents and schools often use reward systems to encourage good behaviour and progress in their children/pupils. A common part of these schemes is the use of stickers. They can either be given as rewards in themselves or used on charts to mark a child’s progress towards achieving pre-determined targets, which will earn them a bigger reward once they are achieved.

Our gold and silver labels are ideal rewards. These labels have a bright and shiny semi-gloss finish, which makes them really stand out as a marker that a child has done well – whether they’ve successfully completed a piece of homework, done all their chores for the week, or simply behaved themselves! Our gold and silver labels can either be given out as blank labels or can be printed with encouraging messages or a note about the target that has been met to earn that sticker. If they are being used to track progress towards one particular target, they can be numbered so that a child can check for themselves how many steps they have achieved – and how many they have left to go.

We have eight sizes of gold and silver labels – our circular labels are particularly popular as reward stickers. In fact, we’ve even been known to use them ourselves in the office!!!

You can find out more or buy these labels from our website. Click here to view our Gold Labels or click here to view our Silver Labels.

Round Labels For Charity Flag Days

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Our round labels are ideal for charity flag days and events, and can be used in all kinds of ways.

1. Promotional buttons
If your charity is planning an event, you can print round labels with the charity logo and/or event details to make sure people know what’s going on. These labels can be handed out individually or applied to existing posters, leaflets, or brochures to make sure the message really stands out and everyone knows how they can get involved. You can also use these buttons to raise general awareness of your charity.

2. Name labels for events
Whether you are planning a major event or a local morning of fundraising, you can add a personal touch by printing name labels for participants. You can keep things simple by leaving room for participants to write on their own name or, if you are planning an event in advance, provide every participant with their own personalised badge that they can wear during the event and/or take home as a souvenir of the event they have been involved with.

3. Flag day badges
Reward everyone who gets involved with your charity by giving them a “badge” printed with the charity logo, event information, or even a message such as “I donated” or “Thank You”. These labels can be used to reward all kinds of involvement – whether someone takes on the challenge of a sponsored run, takes on a volunteering role, or simply makes a small donation as and when they can.

Please visit our website to find out more about our Round Labels. You could also take a look at some of our related products including our Square Labels and our Coloured Labels. If you need any help choosing which labels to buy or designing and printing your labels, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Freezer Labels: Inkjet or Laser compatible?

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

We have a number of customers who need labels for products or items that are to be stored in freezers. On our website our freezer labels are described as “laser compatible” so we often get queries from customers who have inkjet printers about whether or not they can use these labels. Those who check our Material Specification Sheet for freezer labels will notice that the labels are described as suitable for laser AND for inkjet – so, which description is right?

Technically these labels CAN be printed using an inkjet OR a laser printer. In fact, people may print their labels using an inkjet, put them in the freezer and be delighted to find that they have no problems with the print.

However, when it comes to taking the product OUT of the freezer it will likely be an entirely different story. Once the item warms up, condensation will form on the packaging and the labels. The inks used in inkjet printers are water based and so, once they come into contact with water, they are likely to run or smudge.

So, while you CAN use an inkjet printer to print freezer labels, it is far safer to use a laser printer. The process of bonding toner to the labels creates a print that is waterproof, which means that the information displayed on the freezer label – which is often of significant importance – remains in place and legible.

This is why we categorise our freezer labels as “laser compatible”, and why we will always advise our customers that they need to use a laser printer with their freezer labels.

You can learn more about our freezer labels and view the sizes available on our website.