FAQ – Do You Have A Label That Is Compatible With Avery Code XXXX?

A number of customers arrive on our website looking for a label that is compatible with an existing Avery* code. While we don’t sell Avery* products, a number of our labels are compatible in size and layout with Avery* manufactured labels.

To make it easier to find out if we have a label that matches the Avery* code you are working with, we’ve done our research and set up a brand new List of Labels Sorted By Avery* Code.

Each code in the table is listed along with the compatible Label Planet product, the dimensions of the label, and links to compatible Word and PDF templates for that code.

So, all you have to do is scan down the list to see if your Avery* code is included and, if it is, you can then view or buy the compatible Label Planet product and/or download a Word or PDF template free of charge to use to design your labels.

*Avery and Avery product references are the trade marks of the Avery Dennison Group. Label Planet Ltd products are not made or endorsed by the Avery Dennison Group.

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