Labels Aren’t Just For Christmas (Cards)…

It’s that time of year when the Christmas-related orders are flowing in and the majority will be used to label items that are being sent in the post for Christmas.

We have a wide variety of Address and Shipping Labels (which can be found here), but we wanted to remind our customers of some of the other ways in which our labels can be the perfect addition for Christmas.

Why not try using labels as:

– Instead of buying pre-designed tags or fiddling around with double sided tape or string to attach your gift tags, why not print your own gift labels that simply peel off a sheet and stick neatly onto your gifts. You can design your own tags with any messages or images that you want to use. Where pre-designed tags are only available in a set number of a set design (or designs), you can create as many labels as you need and you can personalise each and every one of them – creating the perfect personal touch for your gifts.
– Suggested products: Round Coloured Labels, Gold or Silver Labels, Round Fluorescent Labels

– Try using labels as seals to help make sure your gifts stay firmly wrapped up and avoid early surprises. Labels can be used as a colourful alternative to tape, but they can also be used to hold gift bags closed until Christmas day, or as a decorative addition that adds a bit of security to loosely wrapped or awkwardly shaped gifts.
– Suggested products: Round Coloured Labels, Round Gold or Silver Labels, Round Fluorescent Labels

– Add a special Christmas touch to your products by replacing plain product labels with coloured labels for the holiday season. Use a bright colour to match the festive mood, or add a decorative touch of gold or silver to promote your products as luxury or gift items. You can also use decorative product labels to highlight special Christmas promotions or simply to add a Christmas message to your customers.
– Suggested products: Coloured Labels, Gold or Silver Labels, Fluorescent Labels

There are hundreds of ways to use labels at Christmas. Our creative customers have used labels for all kinds of new and inventive purposes, including playing pieces in a home-made Christmas board game and as markers on a Family Tree project. So why not take a look through our product pages and see if there’s something there to inspire your own Christmas project or simply to add that personal touch to your Christmas items.

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