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Fundraising For Your School With Label Planet

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

We are pleased to announce the launch of our A4 labels affiliate scheme, which will allow schools to earn commission on sales of all of our label products.

This is our second affiliate programme; we already have a number of schools who raise funds through sales of our Stikins name labels, and now we’re introducing a new scheme to boost school fundraising even further!

We assign your school with a unique school number and ANY order placed with your number will generate 5% commission for the school; this means that orders from the school, parents, or local businesses and organisations will all count towards your commission total. We keep a running total of your commission and pay out your earnings once a year in October.

There are three steps to follow to start earning commission with Label Planet:
1. Register your school with us to get your unique school number
(existing Stikins affiliates will get to keep their existing unique school number but do need to register again to earn commission on A4 products)
2. Add a link on your school or PTA website to our website
3. Send us the details of your link so we can confirm it works correctly

And that’s it!

Of course, you can always boost the amount of commission you earn by letting parents and local businesses or organisations know about the scheme, whether in a letter, an email, or a post on your website.

Please visit our A4 labels affiliate page to find out more about the scheme or to register today.

Finding Out More About Label Planet’s Labels

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Along with the sizes available, we include a few bits of key information about all of our ranges of materials and adhesives, to help customers find out more about the labels they are considering buying. We’ve grouped the information to make it as easy as possible to find out exactly what you need to know. So here’s a few things to look out for:

Range Pages:

Each material and adhesive we supply has its own range page – a page that is dedicated to information about that particular material or adhesive and lists the sizes we have available in that particular range.

For a handy list of all of our range pages, visit our complete “List of Label Types” page.

Similar Labels:

If you’re simply looking at the different options available that might suit your particular application, we’ve included a list of similar label options that share some of the qualities of the labels that you are looking at, but provide an alternative option. For example, if you are looking at matt white polyester labels, the similar labels list includes gloss white polyester and matt transparent polyester labels as possible alternatives.

Specification Sheet:

All of our non-standard paper labels have a specification sheet that contains more technical information about the materials used to make the labels, such as the materials used, the weight and thickness of the labels, the type of adhesive, and the recommended temperatures for application and storage.

Key Facts:

The key information about the labels you are looking at, including the material they are made of, the types of printers they are compatible with, the type of adhesive they have, and whether or not they are waterproof.

Product Information:

A little bit more information about the material or adhesive you are looking at, to give you a better understanding of what those particular labels are made of and the benefits of using those labels. This information includes the material and adhesive used to make the labels, the printers they are compatible with, the advantages of using that particular label, and the most common applications of that material or adhesive.

Common Uses:

We’ve written about a few of the most common uses for each of our materials and adhesives – so you can get an idea of what other customers are using these particular labels for and also see if the purpose you have in mind just happens to be one of the recommended uses for the labels you are looking at.

Further Information:

A quick list of additional things you might need, including suggestions for alternative labels (that are similar to the labels you are looking at), printing templates, sample request (so you can try out the labels you are looking at), and the specification sheet (where available).

Minimum Order Quantity & Despatch:

For quick reference, we also include the minimum order quantity and despatch estimates that apply to the particular material or adhesive you are interested in.

Little Extras From Label Planet

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Here at Label Planet, we try to offer as many little extras as we can, so on our website you’ll find a lot more than just labels. We also have:


If you want to try before you buy to make sure the label you’re looking at will work properly, or if you’re not sure which label is best for you, you can always request a sample from us.


We have Word and PDF templates for all of our label sizes so if you don’t have access to software that has the template you need built in, we have templates ready for you to download and use. We’re also happy to talk to customers about common template problems and issues.


If you’ve got an Avery code and want to know if we have a compatible product or if you’ve got one of our products and want to know if it is compatible with an Avery code, then we have two handy tables to help you check compatibility.


We have a short video about printing labels, which is available to view on our website.


We’ve put together a glossary of common labelling and printing terms to help explain some of the technical speak and jargon that exists in the labelling world. So, if there’s a word you don’t understand, why not take a browse through our glossary to see if we’ve got a handy definition available.


We keep our blog up to date with all of the latest pieces of help and advice, product information, questions that we have received from customers, and all of the latest news from Label Planet.


Our amazing customers have been busy leaving reviews of our products so you don’t just have to take our word for how useful they can be. Reviews are a great way to find out how our customers get on with our labels, the wonderfully creative ways they use our labels, and any tips they have for fellow labellers. We also keep a eye on reviews that we receive, so if a customer uses their review to flag up an issue they experienced, we can pick up on these problems and do our best to find a solution.


A list of simple dos and don’ts to help avoid the most common problems that occur when printing labels.


We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that our customers ask, so if there’s a simple question you want answering you can always take a look through our FAQ to see if there’s an answer to your question there.


A basic guide to designing and printing labels based on the tricks and tips that we’ve picked up along the way. While labelling can be extremely easy to do, it can also be quite confusing if you’ve never done it before, so we’ve put together an easy to follow guide that will help steer you through the process of designing and printing a template – because, like anything else, labelling is a lot easier to do when you know the little tricks to getting the results you want.


Round and oval labels are always trickier to get right than rectangular labels, so we’ve written a guide especially for customers who are printing these particular shapes. There’s a brief guide to designing and printing round or oval labels, along with a few tips to help you avoid common problems that crop up with these shapes.


This is a bit more specialised but now that we’ve introduced our range of Transparent Static Cling labels, we wanted to make sure that customers wanting to print mirrored window stickers had a bit of guidance to help them out. Mirrored labels are printed in reverse, so that they can stuck to the inside of a window (or glass surface) and read correctly from the other side.


A brief description of the Royal Mail’s Smartstamp for customers who are considering using this service to pre-pay for their postage.


Each of our specialist materials has a specification sheet that outlines the specifics of the face material, adhesive, and backing sheet used to make that particular kind of label. These specification sheets can be found on our range pages, each of which is dedicated to one particular material or adhesive that we have available.

Samples From Label Planet

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Not sure which label is best for you?
Need to find out if your printer is up to the job?
Want to try out a label and see if it looks just right?

Then make sure you use our free sample service!

Simply let us know which samples you are interested in and we’ll make up a sample pack for you free of charge. You can use the Sample Request Form on our website or Get In Touch by phone or email (although if you do have a bit of a shopping list, it is usually easier to send us an email!).

All you need to do is let us know:
– Your name
– The address you need your samples sending to
– The samples you’d like to try
– If you have an inkjet or laser printer
(- And, if you throw in the application you need the labels for, we might just be able to recommend which product or products are best for you)

Our sample packs include your samples (!), one of our brochures (so you can see the sizes and materials we can supply), and a Printing Advice Guide to help make sure you get the very best out of your samples. We have free templates on our website, so you can download the one you need and get designing.

A few things to remember:
– We can only provide samples of our stocked items – if you request a sample of an item that is made to order, we will send the closest possible equivalent; usually this will be a sample of the material, colour, or adhesive you want to test, and the size of label you want to try in a plain matt white label.

– Our samples go out by Royal Mail’s first class service (which is not a guaranteed service) so if you are working to a deadline, please bear in mind that you will need to leave time to receive the labels, test the labels, make a decision, and then place an order.

– We despatch samples same or next working day where possible – we aim to have all sample requests fulfilled within three working days. If you do need your samples urgently, make sure you let us know!

– Be as specific as you can – samples are most effective when you have a starting point to work from.

If you can, request the exact label that you want to try. If you’re not sure what kind of label you need, feel free to ask our advice, as we may be able to point you in the direction of the best option or options for your particular requirements – and you won’t end up overwhelmed with different choices.

We like to make sure that you will get useful samples, rather than sending out labels that are actually of no use at all and will simply get thrown away. So, if your sample request is rather vague (“sticky labels”, “labels for a box/a jar/a product”, “big labels”, “small labels”, “samples of everything”), run through a few basic questions first to narrow down your options:

– Do you need laser or inkjet labels?
– Do you need white, coloured, or transparent labels?
– Do you need waterproof labels?
– Do you need permanent or removable labels?
– What size of label do you need?
[If you’re not sure, take a measurement of the object you are sticking the label onto, so you can request labels that fit into those dimensions]

Quick Tips For Label Printing

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

This year, we’ve got a series of adverts in the Business Network Magazine and each issue we’re focusing on a different area of labelling. For the first issue, we’ve put together a list of key quick tips to help get you started with label printing.

So, here’s Label Planet’s top tips for label printing:

– DO choose your printer settings carefully

Always use media-specific printer settings. The “Labels” or “Heavy Paper” setting automatically adjusts your printer to get the best print results for labels. Page/paper size settings should always be A4; printers can default to different settings, which distort how your template prints.

– DON’T forget to check if you need laser or inkjet products

Use laser labels with laser printers and inkjet labels with inkjet printers. These products are tailored to suit the inkjet or the laser printing process; ink won’t dry on laser labels and toner won’t bond to inkjet labels. Waterproof labels must be printed with a laser printer; inks are water based and run when wet.

– DO load your paper correctly

Sheets should be fed into a printer narrow edge leading; paper grain lies predominantly in one direction (top to bottom of A4) and going against the grain reduces print quality and causes labels to separate inside the print. Labels mustn’t go through a printer twice; this decreases their moisture content (reducing print quality) and causes label separation.

– DON’T leave your labels lying around

Labels should be kept in their original packaging and stored in a cool, dry place. When labels dry out the print quality decreases; moisture content is particularly important when bonding toner to laser labels.

– DO use the media bypass tray

Usually located just above the paper tray, the bypass tray is specially designed to process thicker print media such as labels. It reduces the number of rollers that sheets go through, which improves the print alignment as there is less page rotation during printing.

You can find more hints and tips on our Help & Advice pages.

FAQ – Label Planet Prices & Pricing

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Yes, it’s another FAQ master post and this week we’re looking at prices and pricing. So, if you’ve got a question about our prices, hopefully you will find an answer here!

All of our prices include VAT and standard UK delivery.
Standard UK delivery is either Royal Mail’s first class service (generally all orders of 200 sheets or less) or a next working day carrier service (generally all orders of 200+ sheets).

Only if you require a special delivery service.
This applies to customers who require a next (working) day delivery and customers in Ireland and some Islands with UK Postcodes.
Customers in Ireland or Islands with UK Postcodes will need to place their order by phone as the cost of shipping is determined by the specifics of each order and this service is not currently available on our website.
Customers can request a next working day (before 1pm) delivery service online during the checkout process – if this service is available (based on the item or items you are ordering), the special delivery option will appear just before you enter your payment details. We have a number of other special delivery options available, which can be requested by phone.

Unfortunately, we do not offer trade prices – the prices that we have on our website are the prices that our products are available at.

It depends on what you are ordering. If your order contains multiple products within a single product range, we may be able to group these items to offer a pro-rata price. If you think your order might qualify, you can always get in touch with us to double check.
We do also sometimes offer discounts to charities and small, individual projects – at our own discretion.
It is also worth noting that we base our prices on bulk quantities – meaning if you buy a larger quantity, the cost per unit reduces. We have a number of “price breaks” for all of our products, including prices for 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 1500, 2500, 5000, 7500, 10000, and 20000 sheets. If you want a larger quantity, please get in touch with us so we can produce a quote for your particular order. Once you reach order quantities of 500 sheets or more, items are generally made to order (in increments of 500), which means that we cannot mix and match products and the prices include the costs of producing these labels as a made to order product (rather than a stocked item that has already been made). With our smaller packs of stocked items, we are able (in some cases) to mix and match products to give you a better price.

All of our labels are displayed on “range pages”; these pages display all of the products that fall into a particular category or range (e.g. Coloured Labels, Gloss Transparent Polyester Labels etc). To find the prices of these labels, simply click on the image of the product that you are interested in and all the pricing information for that item will be displayed on that particular product page.

We like to think our prices are fair and reflective of the quality of our products and our customer service.
While we are by no means the cheapest supplier of labels, we are also not the most expensive; we try to balance our prices to make sure that our customers get a quality product at a reasonable price. All of our products have been chosen because they are made using quality materials and are made to a consistently high standard of production. We offer a number of additional services for free, including printing help and advice, free templates to download, and free sample packs to help you make sure that you get the right label for the job.

Got any other pricing questions? Get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Please note: we have recently updated our price lists for most of our products, with the new prices taking effect from Monday 3rd February. Please do check our website for the most up to date prices for the products you want to order. Existing quotes and proforma invoices will be honoured until 1st April 2014.

What Do You Mean By That? – Introducing The Label Planet Glossary

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Here at Label Planet, we tend to spend our time immersed in all things label and we often pick up new tidbits about labelling along the way.

We like to support our customers by sharing our experience and knowledge with them and so we thought, why not write a glossary to help our customers navigate through the lexicon of labels?

While some areas of labelling can seem quite straight forward, it’s easy to get lost in the specifics of technical speak or jargon. So we’ve taken some of the words that our customers are most likely to come across in the world of labelling and written a short (ish) explanation of what each term means.

It’s still a work in progress and more definitions will be added over the coming weeks but you can find what we’ve done so far by visiting the Label Planet Glossary. And, of course, if there are any words that you’ve come across that have left you dazed and confused, you can always send us an email to suggest a new addition to the glossary.