A Guide To Minimum Order Quantities From Label Planet

At Label Planet we supply our labels in packs of 25 sheets or boxes of 500 sheets (with some items available in a “small box” of 100 sheets).

All of our stocked items have a minimum order quantity of 25 sheets, while our unstocked items have a minimum order quantity of 500 (or 100!) sheets.

So why the different minimum order quantities?
Well, as you may have guessed, it’s all to do with costs.

Our minimum order quantities are determined by the quantities that allow us to supply our products in the most cost effective way, so that we can offer our customers the best possible prices.

The sizes and material combinations that we keep in stock are those that are most often requested and purchased by our customers. As these labels are requested so often, they are manufactured regularly in (very) large quantities. In comparison, our unstocked items tend to be products that are requested by far fewer customers, often as one-off or infrequent orders. These items are made either in smaller quantities on an infrequent basis or as “made to order” items whereby the labels are made in the exact quantities that are required as and when a particular product is requested. This means that unstocked items involve the production of a relatively small number of items while also incurring the set up costs involved in preparing the presses to produce that particular item. Therefore, in order to offer these label products to our customers at reasonable and affordable prices, they have to be ordered in larger quantities to justify the production costs involved.

Each of our products is labelled with the minimum order quantity that applies to that particular item. This is displayed both on the range page that a product appears on (as the top line of text underneath the image of the product) and on each individual product page (where the minimum order quantity is both the top and the default option that is selected in the list of quantities and their prices). If you have any questions about the quantities we supply or need any advice with regards to placing an order, please get in touch and we’ll answer any queries that you may have.

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