Freezer Labels – Ready For Summer (Even If The Weather Isn’t!)

Yes, we’ve entered the “Summer” months of the year, even if the weather doesn’t quite seem to agree.

Of course, a bit of rain won’t stop the Great British Public – or the ice cream vans, cafes, and stores across the country who have all sorts of delicious deserts to sell to the public while they’re out and about (or simply optimistically shopping in hopes of a sunny weekend).

Here at Label Planet, we’ve got a great range of labels designed specifically for frozen and chilled food products. Our Deep Freeze or Freezer Labels are matt white paper labels with a special adhesive designed to survive deep freeze conditions.

These labels can be applied to items that will be chilled or frozen later OR applied to items that have already been chilled or frozen; they can be applied to items that are -20°C in temperature at the moment of application and, once applied, can be exposed to a range of temperatures during storage and/or use (-40°C to +60°C). The adhesive also complies with the German BgVV for indirect food contact and short term contact with dry and moist foods, which means it is perfectly suited to labelling applications that involve food and drink products.

Our freezer labels are supplied on A4 sheets and are made with matt white paper; we have six sizes available for same day despatch from stock (minimum order quantity 25 sheets) and a further thirty two sizes available to order (minimum order quantity 500 sheets). These labels are suitable for use with laser printers or can be handwritten (although a permanent marker or similar pen should be used to ensure that the ink doesn’t run or smudge in the event of condensation running across the label).

FAQ&A: We often get asked if we supply Waterproof Freezer Labels – unfortunately, our freezer adhesive is ONLY available on matt white paper labels; this is because most freezer labels are applied to food products and packaging where it is important that the packaging is as cost effective as possible. If we were to produce freezer labels made with waterproof materials, this would push up the cost of the labels and make them far too expensive for use on food packaging.

Visit the Freezer Labels range page to view the Material Specification Sheet for these labels or to buy Freezer Labels.

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