FAQ – Do You Do Those Labels For Products And Packaging?

Here at Label Planet, we specialise in A4 sheets of labels that customers can print themselves using their own standard desktop printers. Many of our customers are business owners who want labels they can use on their products and packaging. While some of our label products suit this task down to the ground, some customers get in touch for something quite different. So here’s a guide to the Product and Packaging Labels that we do and a few that we do not.

Address/Shipping Labels: many of our customers use our labels as address/shipping labels; the most popular products are our standard matt white paper labels with a permanent adhesive, although some will opt for one of our polyester or polyethylene products if they need a label that is a bit more durable, particularly if it is to be used for adding tracking information that needs to remain with an item, even if it is moved around a lot or left in storage for long periods of time.

For customers who want a more decorative appearance, we have a range of coloured labels and gloss labels, which are perfect for creating a professional and creative finish for all kinds of correspondence and packages.

Waterproof Product/Packaging Labels: some items require a waterproof label because they may be exposed to water at some point – during storage and/or use. We have range of waterproof polyester and polyethylene labels, which offer a variety of finishes and adhesives to ensure that there’s a waterproof label suitable for pretty much every label application. Customers can choose between gloss and matt finishes, white or transparent labels, and permanent or removable adhesives. This makes these labels extremely popular for use on food and drink products, cosmetic products, or on products that require outdoor use and/or storage.

Transparent Product/Packaging Labels: some customers want product/packaging labels that will match a transparent item (such as glassware), that won’t cover up their existing design work, or that are as unobtrusive as possible, in which case one of our transparent products will do the job quite nicely – customers can choose from gloss or matt finishes, and a permanent or a removable adhesive.

Gloss Product/Packaging Labels: for a more decorative appearance than a standard matt finish, we offer a range of gloss labels, including the option to choose a full gloss finish or a semi-gloss finish. These labels give a high quality shine and create a professional and decorative finish on any product or packaging.

Coloured Product/Packaging Labels: to get even more creative with the look of your products and/or packaging we offer a range of coloured labels, including five fluorescents, six pastel shades, metallic gold and silver, and ribbed Kraft paper for a subtle touch of pattern and texture.

Removable Product/Packaging Labels: if you sell products that are often given as gifts or that are made using delicate materials (such as paper or glass), we have a range of labels made with removable adhesives that won’t leave behind adhesive residue or damage items when a label is removed.

Tamper Evident Product/Packaging Labels: these labels can improve the security of high value goods by providing visual evidence if a product or its packaging are tampered with. We have Void Labels that will leave the message “VOID” on the label and the item, while our Tamper Evident Vinyl Labels will fragment into tiny pieces, which makes them extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove in their entirety.

Some customers are looking for labels that are designed for food and drink products; many of these products are manufactured in certain ways and with certain materials in order to meet industry standards for food safety etc. While some of our products (such as our Freezer Labels) do comply with the German BgVV standard for indirect food contact and short term contact with dry and moist foods, we may not be able to provide labels that meet the specific industry requirements that a customer needs; we would advise these customers to contact specialist label manufacturers/suppliers who supply products that are developed specifically for the food and drink industry.

Similarly, if you are looking for labels that are intended for use in a very specific label application and especially for those that must meet strict industry regulations, we would also suggest that you may be best off searching for a specialist supplier who is able to supply products that are manufactured according to industry guidelines.

Integrated labels are labels that are “integrated” into (in other words, are part of) a sheet of paper (or other material). On a sheet of integrated labels, some of the sheet is made up of one or more labels, while the rest is normal paper. These labels are used to combine the printing of different documentation into one sheet and are most commonly used in the delivery of products or services; one sheet can be used to print any combination of address/shipping labels, an invoice or receipt, a return address label, a picking sheet or slip, or company information.

While we do not carry any products that are manufactured specifically as integrated labels, we do have a product that can be used as a substitute, particularly for people who sell products via Amazon, Ebay, and Play.com. These market platforms allow sellers to use their software to print address/shipping labels and receipts for the orders they receive; the software prints both pieces of documentation onto one sheet, with the address/shipping label taking up the top or bottom third of an A4 sheet and the rest of the sheet being used for the receipt. Our product LP3/210 is fully compatible with this software and means that the top or bottom label can be printed as an address label and applied to the package being despatched, while the top or bottom two labels form the receipt documentation. This means that there’s no need to purchase specific integrated label products because this standard label product does the job just as well.

Piggyback labels are made up of two labels, where one sits on top of (or piggybacks) the other label. The top label can be removed and used as a separate label in its own right (for example, as a built in return address label for customers to use), be discarded once it has been removed to reveal a message or code, or can be used as a flap so that information can be printed onto both the top and bottom labels, saving space on the product container or packaging.

We do not sell piggyback label products, so you will need to search for a label manufacturer or supplier who are able to provide this specific type of label.

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