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FAQ – Why Does It Matter What Sort Of Printer I Use?

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Some people assume that a printer is a printer is a printer and that it makes no difference whether they’ve got an inkjet or a laser printer (with some blissfully unaware that different kinds of printers even exist). Unfortunately, because labels are a very different medium to paper, the printer you use can make a big difference to the process of choosing and printing your labels.

Labels are made up of a number of different layers (meaning they are thicker than paper AND contain an adhesive layer that you need to be aware of) and are made using a variety of materials, which means they need extra care when printing. Furthermore, many label products are made with materials that are compatible with ONE printing process only (in order to create the best possible print quality), which means customers need to think carefully about the products they choose to use with their printer.

What are the differences between laser printers and inkjet printers?
Laser printers use heat and pressure to bond toner (a dry powder) onto the surface of the material being printed. Lasers are used to charge areas of an image drum (or the material itself) to attract or repel the toner so that it is applied to the drum or material in the correct position. A fuser unit then applies heat and pressure to bond the toner in place.
This has the benefit of creating print that is highly durable AND waterproof.

Inkjet printers, however, disperse droplets of ink from a printhead onto the material below to form the required image; the ink then dries in place with some or all of the ink being absorbed into the surface of the material being printed.
Standard inkjet inks are water based, which means that the print will run or smudge if it comes into contact with water.

What are the differences between the materials used to make laser labels and inkjet labels?
Materials used to make laser labels will have good heat resistance and a consistent, smooth surface that will allow the toner to bond firmly and evenly across the surface to help produce a sharp, clean print. Paper laser labels will also contain moisture to help combat the drying effects of the heat used to bond the toner in place.

Inkjet labels, however, will be made with materials that have a porous surface to allow some of the ink to be absorbed in place; this allows the ink to dry more efficiently and accurately, which improves the quality and resolution of the final print.

Customers should be aware that while choosing a label that is compatible with their printer has the benefit of improving the print quality, it is also a necessity because it is likely that you will not be able to print your labels at all if they are not compatible with your printer. For example, toner may not bond at all with materials designed for inkjet printers, while inks may not dry properly on laser labels, which will result in your print smudging across the surface.

What other things should I think about when using my own printer?
– Always use the media bypass tray to print labels. The standard paper tray is designed specifically for paper (80-90gsm) while the media bypass tray will accept thicker materials AND provide a straighter path through the printer involving fewer sets of rollers (rollers may cause slight rotation of your sheets as they pass through the printer, which can reduce the accuracy of your print positioning). Some basic printers and “All-In-One” models do not have bypass trays and tend to produce less accurate alignment.

– Always check to see if your printer offers specific settings for printing labels. These settings will automatically select the best combination of print settings for this particular medium. Laser printers, for example, often have a specific “Labels” setting (or “Heavy Paper” setting) that slows the printer down and increases the heat applied during printing – this allows the toner to bond firmly in place even when printing onto the thicker and more varied material types used to make labels.

– Finally, check your printer’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations for the types and thicknesses of materials that your printer is able to process. You should NOT exceed or ignore these recommendations as this could cause damage to your printer. Some manufacturers may also supply printing guides for different media, such as labels; if your printer’s manual includes a guide to printing labels, you should take note of the advice provided.

You can find a full list of our label materials and their printer compatibility on our All Label Materials page and view more printing advice and tips by visiting our Advice section.

Adopt An Appropriate Adhesive So All Your Labels Adhere!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

From a purely practical point of view, the most important part of a label is the adhesive; if you choose the wrong sort of adhesive for your particular application then you may well find that your labels simply won’t do the job that you need them to do.

Many people don’t realise that there are different types and strengths of adhesive – although for most applications a simple standard permanent adhesive will do the job. The problem is that there are a handful of label applications that require the use of a different kind of adhesive because a standard permanent adhesive simply doesn’t meet the requirements of that application.

These alternative adhesives tend to be designed specifically for a particular kind of label application and will therefore have properties and characteristics that allow them to function efficiently in that application. The most common reasons that you might need to use something other than a standard permanent adhesive are:

  • You Need Temporary Labels
    If you need labels that will stay in place for a fixed (short) time only, you may find that standard permanent adhesives are not a suitable choice. Instead you should look at removable adhesives, which are designed to provide a good adhesive bond while a label is needed before peeling away cleanly from a surface without doing any damage in the process.
  • You Need Labels That Will Survive In More Challenging Environments
    While standard permanent adhesives will function efficiently on a range of surfaces in “normal” or “standard” conditions, you might need labels that can survive in more challenging environments; for example, your application might involve different or fluctuating conditions, such as high or low temperatures or even exposure to water. These conditions will most likely cause a standard adhesive to fail, which means you would need to choose a special adhesive designed to cope with more extreme conditions.
  • You Need Labels That Can Adhere To Unusual Or Curved Surfaces
    Certain materials and surfaces may prove too difficult for standard permanent adhesives to bond with properly, which means that if you want to make sure your labels stay in place you’ll have to choose a stronger permanent adhesive.

So how do I go about choosing the right sort of adhesive?
Adhesives are primarily classified as “Permanent” or “Removable”, so the first choice you need to make is whether you need your labels to be “Permanent” or “Temporary”; choose a permanent adhesive for permanent labels (to make sure they stay firmly in place) and a removable adhesive for temporary labels (to make sure they can be removed without damage when you no longer need them).

Once you’ve narrowed your search to one of these two kinds of adhesive, you need to take into account any environmental factors that might require the use of a more specialised adhesive; try to think of anything in your label application that might cause a problem for a standard adhesive – if you can’t think of anything then you should be okay with a standard adhesive BUT if there are specific requirements that you need your labels to cope with then you should take a look at more specialised adhesives with specific properties that make them better suited to your application.

For example: Choosing The Right Permanent Adhesive
We have twenty two products with permanent adhesives, which can be grouped as follows:
Standard Permanent Labels (STA/MPQ/GWPQ/BRK/C/FC/GW/LG/LS/SG)
Simply choose the label product with the colour and/or finish that you like best.
Durable and/or Waterproof Permanent Labels (MWP/MWPE/GWP/SMP/GCP/GTP/MTP)
Choose one of these if you need your labels to be durable and/or waterproof, especially if you’re looking to create long life tracking labels.
Strong Permanent Labels (For Unusual Surfaces) (Mega Tack/HT/MWP/MWPE)
Choose one of these if you need a label that will stay firmly stuck or you need to label an unusual surface that standard adhesives struggle to bond with.
Freezer Labels (DF)
Choose these labels if you need to label items that are to be stored or used in freezer conditions (for example, food and drink products or medical and research samples).
Outdoor Labels (MWP/MWPE)
Choose one of these if you need a label that can survive in outdoor conditions, particularly if those conditions include exposure to or submersion in water.
Security Labels (SVP and TEV)
Choose one of these if you’re looking for a label product that will improve the security of your items by providing evidence if an attempt is made to tamper with the labels (and therefore your items).

For example: Choosing The Right Removable Adhesive
We have five products with removable adhesives, which can be grouped as follows:
Standard Removable Labels (REM and REMC)
Choose one of these if you need a basic temporary label (in white or colour).
Durable and/or Waterproof Removable Labels (GTR and MWR)
Choose one of these if you need temporary labels that are more durable and waterproof.
Removable Labels For Delicate Surfaces or Long Term Use (GREM)
Choose these labels if you need to label delicate items (e.g. those made of paper or glass) and/or it is absolutely vital that no damage is done when your labels are removed.

To help you work out which adhesive is the best option for you, we’ve created a “Complete List of all our Label Adhesives” page, which lists all of our products according to the type of adhesive they are made with, along with a description of the characteristics of each adhesive. Remember, you can also request a sample of any label products that you are interested in so you can test them to make sure they will work for you before you go ahead and buy. We recommend that you replicate the conditions of your application as closely as possible with your samples so you know for certain that they are the right labels for the job.

Even More Choices Now In Stock At Label Planet

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

While we would love to be able to stock every possible combination of label size, material, adhesive, finish, and colour, we simply don’t have the room! However, we also want to make sure that our customers have the best possible range of choices, which is why we try to make sure as many of your most wanted products are available for same day despatch in stock.

With this in mind, we’ve added four sizes to stock in two of our most popular product ranges, Freezer Labels and Coloured Labels, AND added a fantastic new option to our Coloured Label range:

New Stocked Sizes: LP40/45 (45.7 x 25.4mm) and LP84/46 (46 x 11.1mm)
Ideal For: Labelling up food products and packaging or medical and research samples that are to be stored in freezer conditions.
These sizes are ideal for adding important identifying information to your items, such as important dates (for example: Best Before, Use By, Sample Taken etc) or item reference information (for example: Batch Numbers, Sample Numbers etc).

New Stocked Sizes: LP189/25 (25.4 x 10mm), LP216/13R (13mm diameter)
Ideal For: Going absolutely dotty! These small labels are perfect for adding small decorative labels to your items or stationery (including parcels, envelopes, or packaging) OR for organisational purposes, such as stock taking, colour coding filing systems, or for use on calendars and diaries to keep you on schedule.

New Pack Option: Assorted Colour Packs
Ideal For: adding a touch of brightening colour, in four brilliantly decorative colours.
These packs include six (or seven) sheets each of red, yellow, blue, and green labels in one size, so you can mix and match colours to your heart’s delight! These labels are a perfect way to add a decorative touch to all kinds of items or to get a head start on organising all your bits and pieces (whether you’re simply getting organised, doing a stock take, or colour coding everything in sight!).

Request A Sample To Try Your Labels Before You Buy

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Here at Label Planet, we are more than familiar with the confusion that can arise when you’ve got a particular label application in mind but you’re not sure which label product is going to be the best one for the job, not to mention the frustration of going ahead and buying a label product that looks like it is going to work PERFECTLY (on paper at least), only to find out that it simply can’t cope with the specific requirements that you need it to meet.

This is why we’ve set up a free sample request service, so that our customers can request a sample of the label product(s) that they think will work best for them, so they can test the labels for themselves and make absolutely sure that they’re going to work properly, before going ahead with an order.

Labels can be influenced by all kinds of variations in the conditions or environment of your label application, including fluctuations in temperature, the surface type and material you need a label to adhere to, any exposure to water and/or other liquids, and even if the label simply looks right or not, which means that even if you pick a label product that is designed for, or is supposed to be suitable for, a particular label application, there may be a factor in your particular application that causes a problem.

By requesting a sample, you can make sure that our labels can cope with the EXACT conditions of your label application. You can also use our sample service to help you choose between a few label options (particularly different colours or finishes), to make sure that your printer is capable of processing those labels, and to have a trial run at designing and printing your own labels.

To get started, you can get in touch with us to let us know what you’re looking for or simply fill in our online Sample Request Form.

If you’re requesting labels online, please fill in the form with as much detail about your label application as possible and be as precise as you can with the samples you want to request. This will allow us to make sure that the labels we send to you are the best possible options for the task at hand and to offer specific tips or advice to help you get the very best results from your samples.

FAQ – Do You Do Labels That Are…

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

At Label Planet, we’ve made a deliberate decision to specialise in A4 sheets of blank labels for use with standard inkjet and laser printers. This means that we are able to offer the best possible range of A4 label products at fair and competitive prices. However, it also means that there are certain kinds of labels that we just don’t supply; we hereby present the Label Planet quick fire round called “do you do labels that are…?”

A Bespoke Size
NO: all of the sizes we supply are listed on our website; these sizes are determined by the dimensions of an A4 sheet and the sizes that fit most economically on an A4 sheet with as little wasted material between and around the labels as possible.

If you cannot find the size you want on our website you can; compromise and use the closest compatible size, choose a larger size and cut it down, or contact a supplier/manufacturer who can make that size as a bespoke product.
In some cases, we may be able to supply a quote for bespoke orders, but we will not consider requests for bespoke orders of less than 10,000 sheets.

Really Big/Small
NO: we cannot do large sizes because these do not fit economically onto an A4 sheet; you would need to contact a label manufacturer to request these sizes as a bespoke order. We do not supply small sizes because these carry a risk of labels peeling off within a printer as the sheet is pulled through (and around) the rollers.

On Rolls
NO: we only supply labels on A4 sheets.

 On A5/A3/SRA3/A2/A1 Sheets
NO: we do not supply labels on any sheet size other than A4.

A Particular Brand
NO: we are not suppliers of any particular brand of label. However, if you are looking to switch from a particular brand, it is likely that we will be able to supply compatible products that are of the same size and layout.

Avery Labels
NO: we do not sell Avery products. Many of our labels, however, ARE Avery compatible, which means that they are made with the same size and layout options provided by Avery so you can design and print these labels using Avery templates (which are often built into software such as Word).

Pantone Reference…
NO: our coloured labels are not manufactured to a specific pantone reference and we do not produce bespoke coloured labels. We are happy to send samples if you need an idea of the colours available (please note that the colours shown on our website are for general illustration purposes only).

NO: all of our labels are supplied blank for customers to print themselves OR to send to a printing service if they do not wish to do the printing themselves.

Completely Permanent
NO: our permanent adhesives are designed to create a strong bond that will keep a label firmly in place BUT if someone is determined enough they would (eventually) be able to remove the label – albeit probably not in one piece and with significant amounts of residue left behind/damage on the surface that was labelled.

Completely “Invisible” Transparent Labels
NO: our transparent labels are all made using an adhesive, which means that it is possible for tiny amounts of dust and air to be trapped between the layers of the label during manufacturing and between the label and a surface during application – the presence of dust and air will prevent the label from having a truly “glass clear” appearance.

If you find that our labels don’t offer the degree of transparency that you require, you may need to consider using “static cling” labels, which uses the generation of static to hold labels in place. This removes the adhesive element, although you will need to take care when applying these labels to ensure that no air or dust is trapped during application.

Integrated Labels
NO: integrated labels are label products whereby the sheet is made up of areas that are standard paper and areas that are labels. These products allow different documentation to be printed onto one sheet and are commonly used in the delivery of products or services so that one sheet can include any combination of the following: address labels, return address labels, invoice or receipt, picking sheet or slip, company information, parcel seals etc.

Our LP3/210 product (which is an A4 sheet divided into three labels) is an ideal compromise if you don’t want to buy integrated labels; these labels can be used to print an invoice or receipt over two of the labels, while the third label becomes the address/shipping label. These labels are compatible with the systems used by Amazon, Ebay, and to allow sellers to print receipts and shipping labels for the items they sell through these online marketplace platforms.

Piggyback Labels
NO: this is a specialised product whereby one label sits on top of another; the top label can be used as a separate label in its own right (e.g. as a return address label), discarded once it has been removed to reveal a code or message beneath, or can be used as a flap to allow twice as much information to be included on packaging within the same space.

Made With Thick Materials
NO: while our labels are made with a range of materials, our products are designed for use with standard desktop printers, which are generally quite limited in the material thicknesses that they can process.

Machine Washable
NO (But Also Yes): while our waterproof products can be immersed in water and even cleaned to a certain extent, the conditions generated in washing machines and dishwashers are simply too harsh for our materials (and the print you add onto them).

However, we also supply two name label products, which are designed specifically for use on clothing and items that will go through the dishwasher – or even the microwave. You can find these at our website:

Please note that these labels are available printed OR blank but you CANNOT print them yourself as they require specialist software and hardware to do so.

Printed On The Backing Sheet
NO: some customers request labels with printed backing sheets to help them distinguish more easily between the labels and the backing sheet. All of our products have blank backing sheets; we have researched the possibility of using printed backing sheets but, unfortunately, this would result in a higher cost to our customers that we do not think is justified, when simply taking a little extra time and care during printing can accomplish the same result.

Designed Specifically For X Application / Industry / Conditions
NO: while our labels are available in a range of material options designed to make our labels suitable for a variety of applications and environments, they have NOT been manufactured for any one specific application, industry, or environment and, as such, will not meet any stringent guidelines required by that industry or perform efficiently under any extremes of conditions involved in a particular application.

Money Matters – An FAQ Special About Prices & Payment Methods

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

At a time when every penny counts, most customers are pretty savvy when it comes to making sure they’re getting a good deal for the things they buy. So here’s a few answers to the most common questions we get from customers about how our pricing works and the payment methods we provide:

Where do I find your prices?
Our website lists all of our prices (although you can also contact our customer service team if you want a quote for a range of items and/or shipping options); simply click on the label product and size that you are interested in to view the prices for that product.
All of the products within a product range have the same prices, regardless of the label size or number of labels per sheet.

What do your prices include?
We like to keep things simple, so our website shows “all inclusive” prices that include both VAT and standard UK delivery.

How do you pick your prices?
Our prices are carefully selected to reflect the quality of materials and customer service extras that we provide.
While our labels are by no means the cheapest available (nor the most expensive), we are proud to offer quality materials AND additional customer services (such as samples, templates, and printing assistance) at a price that is reasonable and affordable for our customers.

Do you offer trade prices?
No. However, our pricing system features “Price Breaks”, which means that the more labels you order, the better the price per unit becomes. The majority of our trade customers order in bulk, which means that they can take full advantage of our price breaks to get a much better price when they order.

Will you price match if I find a better price elsewhere?
No, we do not offer any price matching services.

It is up to you where you order your labels from but we would remind customers that it is also up to you to check if the materials used to make those products are suitable for your requirements and if the company you choose to purchase from offers customer service levels that you are happy with.

Our sister company Madebuy sells a range of genuine Label Planet products in a range of pack sizes via Amazon and Ebay. While our pricing systems are pretty even, you may find that there is a slight difference in the overall price on some items and quantities; if this is the case, it is up to you to choose where you want to buy your labels from – but please note that neither Label Planet nor Madebuy currently offer price matching across the two companies.

I’m buying a variety of packs from a variety of product ranges – can you do anything on the price?
If you need to order a “mixed bag” of items, it may be worth placing your order over the phone as we can offer prorata prices in the following cases:
– If you want to order a variety of products from within ONE product range (particularly if you require a range of coloured labels)
– If you want to order a quantity that falls between the price breaks offered on our website
We cannot offer prorata prices on labels from different product ranges NOR can we split packs and/or boxes into smaller quantities or mix and match different label products within a pack or box.

Are you running any offers or discounts at the moment?
We currently offer mix and match pricing on all of our coloured and fluorescent coloured labels.

Offers and discounts will be advertised on our social media pages and blogs, and we will also notify customers directly (either by email – where you have agreed to receive these emails from us – or by post).

We are also happy to talk to registered charities who are looking for a label provider and offer them a discount on the orders that they place with us.

Of course, we would also remind customers that, due to our price break system, they may be able to save themselves some money in the long run by ordering larger amounts of labels less frequently than simply buying enough labels as and when they need them.

Do I have to pay for samples?
No. Our sample service is completely free of charge to help you make sure you choose the right labels for the job BEFORE you buy.

Do I have to pay for templates?
No. Our templates are supplied free of charge to help you get your labels printed. We have also created an advice section on our website to give our customers some guidance on getting started and how to troubleshoot common problems that can arise when designing templates and printing labels. You can also contact our customer service team for one to one advice if you have any particular queries about printing labels.

What might I be charged extra for?
We will only ever charge you more than the prices listed on our website if you require a special delivery option or if you need your labels to be delivered to the Republic of Ireland. The charges we apply to these delivery options are those that we are charged by the Royal Mail and carrier companies themselves – we never add on our own shipping charges.

The amount you pay for upgraded shipping depends on the shipping service you choose and the quantity of labels you require. Smaller orders (less than 500 sheets) can be upgraded to a guaranteed next day delivery option online or by phone – all other quantities will need to be upgraded over the phone to select the best shipping option available for the quantity and specific label products that you want to order. Orders of 250+ sheets (stocked items) and made to order items will be placed on a next working day carrier service as standard – however, if your order is particularly urgent you can call us to see if an upgrade service is available (e.g. AM Delivery).
Please note that made to order items (or stocked items that are temporarily out of stock) will only be despatched via next working day carrier once they have been made; manufacture can take up to five working days, although standard white paper products are often ready much sooner.

If you need your items delivering to the Republic of Ireland you will need to place your order by phone so we can work out the best shipping option for the label products and quantities that you require. Simply call to let us know which items you are interested in and we can provide a quote for the labels themselves and the shipping charge that will apply.

How do I order from the Republic of Ireland without paying VAT?
If you are VAT registered then all you need to do is place your order over the phone and quote your VAT number, and we’ll remove VAT from the cost of your order.

What payment methods do you offer?
The options available depend on how you order:
Online Orders: credit/debit card or PayPal account
Phone Orders: credit/debit card
Email/Post Orders: request a proforma invoice against which you can make payment via credit/debit card, BACS transfer, or cheque
Please note, we do not accept American Express cards.

Can I open a credit account?
We do not run any credit accounts, which means that all of our orders are fulfilled on a “Payment With Order” basis.

We are able to offer proforma invoices against which payment can be made by credit/debit card, BACS transfer, or cheque. This option is particularly popular with customers who need to submit their orders via a Finance Department.
Please note that you are responsible for making sure that payment is made as we will not despatch your goods until we receive payment.

I’m ordering from a school – can I get an invoice?
Yes; if you are a Local Education Authority school then we are happy to provide a 30 day School Invoice on the condition that you supply us with an official purchase order for the items you require. Simply fax or email a copy over to us and we will process your order along with a School Invoice for payment.

For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Despatch & Delivery Information For All Your Label Needs!

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

Whether you’re ordering a few packs of labels for a small project or you’re ordering box after box for a warehouse full of goods, it’s nice to know how long it will take for your items to be despatched and delivered.

Despatch and delivery estimates depend on the quantity and the specific label products being ordered. While we have a large selection of labels that are available with same day despatch from stock, some of our items (and larger quantities) are made to order, which will take a little longer.

So, whether you just want a rough idea of idea of when to expect your labels or you’ve got a specific deadline in mind, read on for a breakdown of despatch and delivery information for the items you want to order.

 25 or 50 sheets
Availability: Stocked item.
Packaging: Hard backed C4 envelopes.
Despatch: Same day (when ordered before 4:30pm, Mon-Fri).
Delivery: Royal Mail’s First Class service.
Please note: First Class service is NOT a guaranteed next day delivery option; around 93% is delivered on the next working day but the rest can take a few days extra. Orders over £35 will be sent on the Signed For service, which requires a signature on delivery.
Upgraded Delivery: Royal Mail’s Next Day service is available online and by phone. Customers can also phone to request alternative upgraded delivery options, including a Pre-9AM service and a Saturday service.
Please note: Next Day service requires a signature on delivery.

75 – 200 sheets
Availability: Stocked item.
Packaging: 75-100 sheet orders are packed in small boxes (which will fit through standard letter boxes), while orders over 100 sheets are packed in medium boxes (which may not fit through standard letter boxes).
Despatch: Same day (when ordered before 4:30pm, Mon-Fri).
Please note: some of our coloured labels have a minimum order quantity of 100 sheets, which means that they are kept in stock at our warehouse – while we do our best to ensure that these items remain in stock, there may be times when an item goes temporarily out of stock and despatch will be delayed a few days while the items are made.
Delivery: Royal Mail’s First Class service.
Please note: orders worth over £35 will be sent on the Signed For service, which requires a signature on delivery.
Upgraded Delivery: Royal Mail’s Next Day service is available online and by phone. Customers can also phone to request alternative upgraded delivery options, including a Pre-9AM service and a Saturday service.
Please note: Next Day service requires a signature on delivery.

200 – 475 sheets
Availability: Stocked item.
Packaging: 200-250 sheet orders are packed in medium boxes, while orders over 250 sheets are packed in large boxes.
Despatch: Same day (when ordered before 4:30pm (less than 250 sheets) or 3:30pm (250+ sheets)).
Please note: some of our coloured labels have a minimum order quantity of 100 sheets, which means that they are kept in stock at our warehouse – while we do our best to ensure that these items remain in stock, there may be times when an item goes temporarily out of stock and despatch will be delayed a few days while the items are made.
Delivery: Orders below 250 sheets are despatched via Royal Mail’s Signed For service, while orders of 250 sheets or more will be despatched via a next day carrier service (UK mainland only).
Please note: Signed For and carrier services will require a signature on delivery.
Upgraded Delivery: Royal Mail’s Next Day service is available online and by phone. Customers can also phone to request alternative upgraded delivery options, including a Pre-9AM service and a Saturday service. Customers ordering more than 250 sheets will need to call us if they need to request an urgent delivery (e.g. AM delivery).

Orders of 500+ sheets
Availability: Stocked item / Made to order item.
Packaging: Large boxes.
Despatch: Up to five working days, although standard white paper products/stocked products are usually despatched much sooner.
Please note: if you order 500 sheets of a “stocked item” (indicated by a minimum order quantity of 25 sheets), then it is likely that your order will be despatched from stock kept at our warehouse. If you order multiple boxes of a stocked item, however, your items may be made to order, which will delay the despatch time slightly. Made to order items are subject to up to five working days for despatch as they are made according to a rotational schedule, although standard paper products will usually be made sooner.
Delivery: Next working day carrier service.
Upgraded Delivery: If you require your labels urgently, please get in touch and we will advise of any available alternative shipping options (e.g. AM Delivery).
Please note: if you need your labels in a hurry, you can always get in touch with us so we can check what stock is available and give you the most up to date despatch and delivery information for those items.

Additional Information

  • We do not offer same day delivery.
  • Our office hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, which means that all orders are processed and despatched during these hours only. Large orders must reach us by 3pm to guarantee that they will be placed on the carrier service for that day, while small orders must reach us by 4:30pm to ensure that they can be packed before our post is despatched for the evening.
  • We only offer delivery to the UK (including islands with UK postcodes) and the Republic of Ireland (orders must be placed by phone so we can add the correct shipping option to your order); if you need to order labels from outside of the UK you must either nominate a UK delivery address or you may wish to purchase from our sister company Madebuy (Madebuy sells genuine Label Planet products via Amazon and Ebay).
  • Orders sent to Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Islands With UK Postcodes, and UK “Extended Postcode” areas will be sent on a 2-3 working day carrier service and NOT a next day service due to the distance involved.
  • If you need to receive your labels in time for a deadline, the best thing to do is to upgrade your shipping option online or call us to discuss the shipping options available to ensure that your order reaches you in plenty of time.

For our full despatch and delivery information, visit our Delivery Information pages here.

A Happy New Year To All From Label Planet!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

We hope that all of our customers (and assorted friends and family) have had a wonderful holiday and a fantastic start to the New Year – with many great and wonderful things to come (& perhaps even a new year’s resolution to buy more labels!).

Here at Label Planet, we’ve been working away to process orders and respond to correspondence that we received over the Christmas break. All orders placed over the holidays were processed yesterday (Monday 4th January); stocked items were despatched either via Royal Mail’s first class service or next working day carrier service, with non-stocked (made to order) items being processed for manufacture/despatch. If you have any concerns or queries about an order you placed during the Christmas holidays (or an order you want to place now), please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

New orders are being processed and despatched as usual; for despatch and delivery information, please visit our Delivery Information Pages.