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Get Your Family Crafting This Summer With Some Brilliantly Bright Labels From Label Planet

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

The summer holidays are the perfect time to get creative and encourage your children to try their hand at new things, including having a go at arts and crafts projects. Here at Label Planet, we have a whole range of colourful labels that can be put to use in all kinds of ways, whether you’re looking for extra craft materials to inspire your children with or you’ve got a particular project in mind.

For example, you might be looking at taking on a family project that’s fun but will also come in useful; whether you’re making collages or creating homemade photo albums, trying to get organised by encouraging your children to design their own labels to organise their stuff, having a go at making your own stationery for general use or for a special event happening over the summer (such as a birthday party), or maybe even having some fun designing homemade gifts for friends and family.

We’ve got all sorts of different labels but we have a few firm favourites that we think would be the perfect addition or starting point for any family crafts that you’re planning this summer:

Coloured Labels
Add a brilliant burst of colour to your summer projects with our range of coloured labels; we’ve got pastel shades for a more subtle finish, big and bold fluorescents to rival the summer sun (when it appears!), and shimmering gold and silver options for a delightfully bright finish. All of these labels can be written on or cut to shape and you can also put them through your standard desktop printer at home (please note: while our pastel coloured labels can be printed with laser or inkjet printers, our fluorescents and metallics can only be printed with a laser printer).

Kraft Labels
The clue is right in the name! These wonderfully decorative labels are made with brown Kraft paper (a common favourite in the world of arts and crafts), which has a ribbed finish to add a brilliantly light touch of pattern and texture. A great addition to any crafting kit, these labels are extremely popular for use as homemade stationery or as part of homemade gifts and cards.

Transparent Labels
These versatile labels can be used as a crafty addition to any project but are a particularly popular choice for creating homemade window stickers. Your children can create their very own unique designs to stick up in their room (and, if you’re not particularly keen on the idea of PERMANENT stickers, we would recommend taking a look at our Removable Transparent labels, which can be taken down without doing any damage to your windows and walls (and doors and floors) in the process).

You could also try out our Gloss Clear Labels, which can be used to make your own transparent “white boards”; simply stick these labels onto a background surface and your children can write (or draw) on them with white board markers before wiping them clean and starting again!

To find the perfect size of label for your summer projects in any of the options listed above, simply visit the range page for your chosen material to see what’s on offer (Coloured Labels, Kraft Labels, Transparent Labels); alternatively, if you’re looking for even more inspiration, head on over to our “List of All Labels” page to find out more about ALL of the different label materials available from Label Planet! If you want to print any of the labels you buy from us, visit our Template Section to download a template and start designing!

FAQ Special – Answers To Your Q’s & P’s (“Questions About Prices & Purchasing”)

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Yes, if you have any questions (or queries) about our prices and pricing or payment methods and purchasing, this blog should have all the answers…

How do I find out what your products cost?
The best way to find a price is to visit our website (, which contains current price lists for all of our products; simply navigate to the product page of the item you are interested in to view the prices for that product. Alternatively, if you’re struggling to find a particular product (and its price), want to order a “shopping list” of different items, or want a price for a particular quantity you can always get in touch with our customer service team to discuss your requirements and/or request a quote.

What do the prices on your website include?
All of the prices on our website include VAT and standard UK delivery, so you will always pay what you see; the only time you will need to pay any additional amount is if you wish to request an upgraded delivery service or if you need your order to be delivered to the Republic of Ireland (see “What are your shipping costs?” below).

How does your pricing structure work?
We operate on a price break system, which means that the more you order, the better the cost per unit will be; we have chosen this pricing structure to allow trade customers (who usually need to order in larger quantities) to take advantage of the price breaks offered to customers ordering in bulk. If you only need smaller quantities, we would recommend considering if you will need to order on a regular basis; you may be able to save yourself some money by taking advantage of our price breaks and ordering slightly larger amounts less frequently than if you order small amounts as and when you need them.
Please note: we do not offer any discounts specifically for trade customers only nor do we have a separate trade price list.

Will you match prices from other companies?
We do not offer any price matching services; if you find a better price elsewhere, it is up to you to decide where you wish to purchase your labels from – but we would advise that you bear in mind that you will need to check if the materials used to make those products are suitable for your requirements and if the company you purchase from offers customer service levels that you are happy to use.

Do you have any discounts or offers available?
From time to time we run offers and discounts, which we advertise to customers by email (where they have opted to receive promotional emails from us) and on our blog and social media pages. We are currently running a mix and match pricing offer on our coloured and fluorescent coloured labels, which you can request by phone if you need to order a range of coloured labels in different sizes and/or colours.
Please note: we are happy to offer a discount to registered charities who would like to place an order with us; simply contact our customer service team to discuss your requirements and to get a quote.

Do I have to pay for samples and/or templates?
No. Our sample request service and templates are completely free of charge; we provide these resources to help our customers make sure that the labels they purchase are right for their application and to help them get the best possible print result, whether they have previous experience of printing labels or not.

What payment methods are available?
We accept payment in a variety of ways, although the options available will vary depending on how you choose to order:
ORDERS ONLINE: pay by credit/debit card or PayPal account
ORDERS BY PHONE: pay by credit/debit card (NB: we do not accept American Express)
ORDERS BY EMAIL/POST/FAX: we will issue you with a proforma invoice against which payment can be made by credit/debit card, BACS transfer, or cheque.

Can I open a credit account?
We operate on a “payment with order” system and so do not offer credit accounts.
If you are unable to make a payment yourself over the phone or online (for example, if you need to submit your orders via a Finance Department), you may contact our customer service team to request a proforma invoice, which you or your Finance Department can then pay via credit/debit card, BACS transfer, or cheque.
Please note: if you request a proforma invoice, you are responsible for making sure that the total amount is paid and we will not despatch your goods until we have received payment.

Our one exception is Local Education Authority Schools, who may request a 30 Day Invoice; simply send the details of your order to us in an official purchase order form OR in a document with the school’s letterhead and the signature of the individual responsible for making payment and we will process your order and send you a School Invoice for payment.

What are your shipping costs?
Standard delivery is included in our prices but if you want to upgrade to a special delivery option or request delivery to the Republic of Ireland, you will need to pay an additional shipping fee, which is the amount that the Royal Mail or our carrier service charges us. The price of these shipping services depends on the total weight of your order; to find out what upgraded shipping options are available and/or to get a quote, get in touch with our customer service team.

Orders of less than 500 sheets can be upgraded to a guaranteed next day delivery option online or by phone, while larger quantities will need to be upgraded by phone so that we can select the best shipping option based on the items you are ordering and when you need to receive them. Orders of 250+ sheets (stocked items) and made to order items will be placed on a next working day carrier service as standard – however, if your order is particularly urgent you can call us to see if an upgraded service is available (e.g. AM Delivery).

Please note that made to order items (or stocked items that are temporarily out of stock) will only be despatched via next working day carrier once they have been made; manufacture can take up to five working days, although standard white paper products are often ready much sooner.

Customers who want to request delivery to the Republic of Ireland should contact our customer service team to place their order; this allows us to work out the best shipping option (and price) for the specific products and quantities that you require.

What should I do if I need to order from Ireland & I’m VAT Registered?
Simply give us a call and make sure you have your VAT number to hand; we’ll remove VAT from the cost of your order (and any shipping fees that apply).

You can find more useful information on our Frequently Asked Questions page and in our Blog; if you find that you have a question that you cannot find an answer to or you have any other questions and queries about prices and payments, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help.

Top Tips For Creating Your Own Set Of Waterproof Labels

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

There are a lot of different label applications where it is very important that the labels you use are waterproof; you might be creating labels for items that will be stored or used in the great outdoors or making product labels for goods that will be used in indoor environments where they may be exposed to water – such as the kitchen, bathroom, or perhaps even a swimming pool.

Whatever the situation, there are a few top tips that you’ll need to keep in mind to make sure that your labels don’t end up being a total washout!

1. ALL Of Your Label Must Be Waterproof
You need to make sure that EVERY layer in your label is waterproof; including the face material, the adhesive, AND the print that you add. Generally speaking, labels that are made with a waterproof face material will have a waterproof adhesive to match so you don’t need a detailed knowledge of different materials to make sure your labels are waterproof. At Label Planet, we’ve made it even easier to choose labels that are waterproof by creating a specific “Waterproof Labels” page and by clearly labelling our Waterproof Labels as being “waterproof” across our website.

Although, if in doubt, the best advice to follow is: if you need waterproof labels, DON’T PICK PAPER!!

Our waterproof labels are made with polyester or polyethylene (although our vinyl security labels are also waterproof), while TWO of these products (MWP and MWPE) also feature a Marine Standard Adhesive, which is designed specifically for use in label applications that will involve exposure to or immersion in water.

2. Not All Printers (Or Printing Materials) Can Produce Waterproof Print
Our blank labels are designed to be printed with standard desktop printers, which are either laser printers or inkjet printers. If you want to create waterproof labels, you will HAVE to use a LASER printer. This is because laser printers use a dry printing process to bond toner (a dry powder) onto a surface using heat and pressure, which produces waterproof print – while inkjet printers tend to use inks that are water-based, meaning that these inks will run or smudge if they come into contact with water.

If you absolutely HAVE to use an inkjet printer you will need to either source inks that are NOT water-based (which tend to be more specialised, and therefore more expensive, products) OR you will need to find a way to create a protective layer over the top of your inkjet-printed labels (for example, by applying a transparent label over the top of your printed labels).

We have ONE waterproof label that can be printed with inkjet printers; Gloss Clear Polyester Labels.

3. Waterproof Means They Survive Exposure To Water (Not Everything Else)
Some people will assume that, because they have bought waterproof labels, their labels will survive ALL KINDS of environments that contain water AND other elements – which simply isn’t true. While our waterproof labels are strong and durable labels that can survive exposure to a wide variety of environments, there are limits to what they can endure before they begin to show damage.

For example, we have many customers who use our waterproof labels to create product labels for a range of cosmetics that they produce and/or sell. As these products are likely to be used in bathrooms, picking a waterproof label is a great way to make sure that the product labels (and all the vital information that they hold) remain firmly in place and completely legible even if they end up taking a dunk (or two) in the bath! However, it is always wise to take into consideration the ingredients that you use to make these products, particularly with products such as “essential oils”, which may cause the print or the adhesive on your labels to deteriorate over time.

We are also sometimes asked if our waterproof labels are suitable for use on items that will go into washing machines and dishwashers, which – obviously – involve exposure to water. However, NONE of our waterproof labels are suitable for such applications because of all of the OTHER elements involved (specifically the ingredients used in cleaning products), which will cause extensive damage.

If you need your labels to survive in more extreme conditions or you know that they may be exposed to a variety of ingredients and/or substances, then we would always recommend requesting a sample of the waterproof labels that you would like to use so you can give them a test run first.

To find out more or to buy waterproof labels today, simply visit our Waterproof Labels Information Page; to request a sample of any of our waterproof labels to test them for yourself, you can either contact our Customer Service Team OR fill in our online Sample Request Form.

FAQ – How Do I Get My Text To Go Around In A Circle?

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

If you’re designing circular labels, you might be thinking that you want your text or design to make the most of the space available, which means that you might be wondering exactly how you go about getting your text to go around in a circle – especially if you’re trying to use a Word template.

Word is, essentially, a word processor; it is software that is designed specifically for inserting and editing text, with some limited function for page layout design. This means that it has a limited number of tools geared towards graphic design, which can make it a little trickier to use when it comes to designing templates.

HOWEVER, there is a simple way to create circular text to match the circular outline of your labels – through the magic of good, old fashioned WordArt! The steps you need to follow will vary slightly, depending on the version of Word you are using – and more recent versions of Word will give you access to editing tools that are more advanced than those in earlier versions.


  1. Click “Insert”, “WordArt”, and select a style to begin.
    If you aren’t sure which style to pick, we recommend choosing the first (most basic) option as you can always alter the style of your WordArt later on.
  1. Enter the text you want into the text box/placeholder provided and select OK.
  2. To change the shape of your WordArt, left click on it once to select it – this will cause a “Format” tab to appear at the top of your page, beneath the words “Drawing Tools”.
    The ribbon will now contain a section called “WordArt Styles”, which will include a larger box showing examples of different styles along with three small icons to the right of this box. The bottom icon in this set of three is the tool you need to use and will either be called “Change Shape” (Word 2007-2010) or “Text Effects” (Word 2013-16). Click on this icon (choose “Transform” from the dropdown list, Word 2013-2016) and select one of the options listed under “Follow Path” to get your text to go in a circular (or even semi-circular) shape.
  1. Resize and/or reposition your WordArt to get it in the correct position within your label design – you may need to use trial printing onto paper and a bit of trial and error to get the best possible alignment.
    If you want all of your labels to be the same (or to use the same basic design), we highly recommend setting up one piece of WordArt in the first label in your template and then using copy and paste to fill in the rest of the labels.


  1. Click “Insert”, “Picture”, and then “WordArt”.
  2. Select a style, enter the text you want into the box provided, and click OK.
    If you aren’t sure which style to select or the font you want to use, we recommend selecting the first style option and using the default font settings, as you can always alter the style of your WordArt later on.
  1. Left click on your WordArt to bring up the Drawing Toolbar; there should be an icon in the toolbar made up of the letters “Abc” – this tool allows you to change the shape of your WordArt, simply by clicking on one of the shapes that appear when you click on this icon (choose one of the thin circular or semi-circular shapes to get your text to follow a circular or semi-circular path).
  2. Resize and/or reposition your WordArt to get it in the correct position within your label design – you may need to use trial printing onto paper and a bit of trial and error to get the best possible alignment.
    If you want all of your labels to be the same (or to use the same basic design), we highly recommend setting up one piece of WordArt in the first label in your template and then using copy and paste to fill in the rest of the labels.

You can find Word (and PDF) templates for all of our round labels on our “Templates For Circular Labels” page; for more tips and advice on designing your own template, take a look through our Blog or visit our Advice Pages.

Back Up Your Digital Files & Conquer Your Pile Of Paperwork With Our Media & Data Storage Labels!

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

While you might prefer to think of your summer as being a time reserved for a break from working hard, you might have a few less fun jobs that you REALLY need to get around to over the summer months, whether you’ve got to have a good old sort out or simply need to get your filing system back under control – but don’t panic because, here at Label Planet, we’ve got a whole range of labels to help you get these jobs done and dusted (hopefully with plenty of spare time for doing something a bit more fun!).

Our Media Labels range is made up of an assortment of sizes that have been developed with a particular storage medium in mind, but that also offer a variety of options for any filing or storage system that you need to keep in check.

Labels for your Files & Folders
If you’re looking to get your paperwork under control then we have a great range of labels that you can print quickly and easily to get all of your files and folders neatly and clearly labelled up.

Lever Arch File & Box File Labels: we have three different sizes available for labelling up folders and box files of all shapes and sizes; simply add the contents of each folder or box to your labels to make it extremely easy to find the one that you’re looking for.

Ring Binder and Eurofolio Labels: for slightly slimmer folders and organisational files like Eurofolios, we have two narrower options that are a great way to keep track of which papers are filed where, and can also be used to label up other storage containers, such as in (and out) trays and pigeon holes.

Labels for your Digital (or Analogue) Archive
With more and more of our lives taking place in the digital world, it has become increasingly important to maintain a backup of all your digital files and we’ve got a range of sizes to suit all kinds of digital back up devices (and some analogue ones as well!):

CD & DVD Labels: we have four options for CD labels / DVD labels, each of which provides you with two CD/DVD labels per sheet along with a selection of case labels that can be used to keep track of the files that you’ve got on each CD or DVD.

Diskette & Data Cartridge Labels: while it’s unlikely that many people will be keeping current digital archives on these particular forms of storage device, these sizes remain very popular for labelling up newer devices – providing a smallish label that will nevertheless give enough space for you to add your all-important reminder about what you’ve got backed up.

Video Labels: you might have a few old tapes lying around (which would make these the perfect purchase for making sure you don’t forget what special memories or favourite films they contain) but these two labels are also popular sizes for labelling up both digital and paper-based storage systems; the spine labels are long and narrow, which makes them ideal for adding onto shelving and storage devices or onto files and folders, while the face labels provide a compromise between other “standard” paper sizes that are simply too big or too small.  

Slide Labels: these labels were initially designed for use on individual photographic slides but their small size makes them a really useful label to have on hand if you need a small – but clear – reminder of what goes in a particular file, folder, tray, drawer, or box. These labels are also popular for labelling up photo albums with a brief description of the contents or date of each photograph.

Audio Cassette Labels: you might think that audio cassettes have disappeared from the world BUT there are a number of organisations and groups who continue to use tapes, which provide a valuable resource that other media and devices simply don’t offer. If you’re amongst them, these labels will provide the perfect fit for labelling up your all-important tapes!

You can find all of our Media & Data Labels on our conveniently named “Media Labels” range page, which provides more information about the dimensions of each label; you can also download a Word or PDF template for these brilliant versatile sizes by visiting our “Templates For Special Use Labels” page!

FAQ – What Should I Do If I Can’t Print My Labels Myself?

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Here at Label Planet, we only supply A4 sheets of blank labels; while we are more than happy to talk to customers to give them advice on how to go about designing a template and printing their labels themselves, we do not offer any design or printing services.

However, we know that some customers will not have access to a suitable printer OR may not be confident in their own abilities to design a template and to print their labels themselves. In this case, we would recommend trying the following:

  1. Ask a family member, friend, or colleague if they can help
    If you’re only looking to have a few labels printed, it’s always worth asking around to see if someone you know would be happy to give you a helping hand – especially if you happen to have anyone within your social circle who has a bit of a knack for design or has some experience of printing labels.
  1. Check to see if there is a printing company in your area
    Most towns will have a local printer on their high street; there are a number of different chains of small, local printers and a whole host of independent businesses who should be able to handle all sorts of printing jobs – including labels.
    Remember: you may want to get a few quotes before committing to this option as you will have to make sure your budget includes the cost of your blank labels and the printing service.
  1. Take a look into a more bespoke option
    If your labelling requirements are a bit more substantial, you may wish to take a look into larger printing companies who will be able to undertake bigger bespoke printing jobs that involve large quantities and very detailed specifications. These companies will usually offer a larger range of services, such as the opportunity to have them design your labels, as well as print them.
    Remember: if you want to go for a more bespoke option, you will need to bear in mind that this will be the most expensive option and larger businesses may have minimum requirements for the amount of labels that they will accept in a single order.

To take a look at the full range of blank labels available from Label Planet, take a look at our Complete List Of Label Materials page to see if we have a suitable label for your particular application. If you decide that you want to give printing a go yourself, head over to our Templates Section to download a template for your labels or take a read through our Blog and Frequently Asked Questions pages for some printing tips and advice to get you started.

Celebrate This Summer With A Splash Of Colour!

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

If you’re looking to introduce a bit of colour this summer, then our coloured labels might just be the finishing touch you need!

We have a grand total of FIFTEEN different colours for you to choose from including seven pretty pastels, five fantastic fluorescents, metallic gold and silver, and a brilliant brown Kraft paper.

Whether you’re looking for a coloured background to really make your labels stand out or you’re getting ready for a summer inspired arts and crafts project, these labels are a wonderful way to instantly add a burst of colour – whether you want a shade that’s subtle and serene or you want something that’ll really stand out and shout!

Our pastel coloured labels come in sixty three different sizes across a range of seven different colours:
Crimson Red, Orange Red, Yellow (canary yellow), Blue (sky blue), Green (apple green), Pink (pastel pink), or Cream

These blank paper labels can be printed using an inkjet printer or a laser printer OR you can really get creative and produce your own unique designs by hand. You can choose between a permanent adhesive (for a permanent touch of colour) or a removable adhesive (if you want to be able to remove your labels at a later date, without doing any damage to the surface of the item you need to label). These pastel shades offer a subtle coloured background that will add a pleasant bloom of colour without obscuring the text or design work that you’re adding to your labels.

Our fluorescent labels range is available in fifty nine sizes across a range of five fabulous fluorescent colours:
Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, or Magenta

These brilliantly bright labels are supplied on A4 sheets of labels with a permanent adhesive and can be printed using a laser printer or you can write or draw your designs by hand. All five of these fluorescent colours will instantly grab the attention of any passer-by and are the perfect label to choose if you want to draw attention to something in a big way or if the information on your labels is extremely important (and absolutely HAS to be noticed). These fluorescent labels the perfect way to add a bold and bright finishing touch that is both extremely attractive and fun in appearance.

Our gold labels and silver labels are both available in a range of twenty four sizes and are paper labels with a permanent adhesive. Like our fluorescent labels, these metallic labels can only be printed with a laser printer or you can choose to personalise your labels with a handwritten message or design. These labels have a delightful semi-gloss textured finish, which adds a professional and decorative touch that is both luxurious and festive in appearance.

Our Kraft labels are available in forty four different sizes and can be handwritten or printed with either an inkjet printer or a laser printer. Made with brown Kraft paper, these labels have a ribbed finish that offers a wonderfully decorative touch of pattern and texture that makes these labels the ideal addition for any project that needs to have that natural, homemade, crafty finish.

You can find more information about all of our coloured labels (or place an order to get your colourful summer projects underway) by visiting the range pages for these products or by taking a look through our “List Of Coloured Labels” information page.

Join In With This Year’s Summer Of Sport With Super Labels For All Your Sporting Needs

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

With summer (sort of) underway, there are plenty of sporting events taking place across the country and around the world, which means that plenty of people will be finding their own way to participate in this year’s “summer of sport”, from fun runs to football tournaments, triathlons to tiddlywinks competitions (with the occasional food throwing or “chasing-down-a-hill” event thrown in along the way)!

If you’re organising or participating in an event this summer, we might just have a few labels that can help you get things set up!

Coloured Labels
If you’re organising tournaments or team events, we’ve got a range of coloured labels to help you get everything (and everyone) colour coded; whether you’re giving people team colours or setting up a board to keep track of which team is playing which team or which teams are still in your tournament if you’re running a knockout style event.

These labels are also a great way to create awards for winners or participation badges for everyone who steps up and takes part. You could use our Gold and Silver Metallic Labels to create certificates or badges for first and second place, or use our coloured and fluorescent coloured round labels to create badges for teams or individuals who have joined in.

Removable Labels
If you’re heading up an event with a lot of different teams or individuals taking part, you could use our Removable Labels to keep track of what is happening when, who is taking on whom, and to update your score board or tournament board as each match or event is completed (without doing any damage as you remove the old labels).

Outdoor “Weatherproof” Labels
Many sporting events will be aiming to make the most of the summer by getting out and about in the great outdoors, which means you might be looking for labels that will withstand ALL of the types of weather that go hand in hand with a “Great British Summer”. Here at Label Planet, we have a great range of waterproof labels that are perfect for taking on the challenges of being outdoors. These labels are made with polyester or polyethylene, which are tough, durable materials that are brilliant for use outside – especially as they’re all waterproof! Our Matt White Polyester and Matt White Polyethylene labels also feature a Marine Standard adhesive, which was developed specifically for use in conditions that will involve exposure to or immersion in water.

So, if you’re looking for labels to use as signage at an event or around a course, name or number badges for participants, or simply getting your equipment labelled up, why not take a look through our waterproof labels to see if there’s one that will be just right for your particular event.

To view ALL of the label products available from Label Planet (or to place an order!), take a look at our List Of All Label Materials page to get an idea of what different options are available. You can also view all of the labels we’ve mentioned in this blog post by visiting our lists of Coloured Labels, Removable Labels, and Waterproof Labels.