Join In With This Year’s Summer Of Sport With Super Labels For All Your Sporting Needs

With summer (sort of) underway, there are plenty of sporting events taking place across the country and around the world, which means that plenty of people will be finding their own way to participate in this year’s “summer of sport”, from fun runs to football tournaments, triathlons to tiddlywinks competitions (with the occasional food throwing or “chasing-down-a-hill” event thrown in along the way)!

If you’re organising or participating in an event this summer, we might just have a few labels that can help you get things set up!

Coloured Labels
If you’re organising tournaments or team events, we’ve got a range of coloured labels to help you get everything (and everyone) colour coded; whether you’re giving people team colours or setting up a board to keep track of which team is playing which team or which teams are still in your tournament if you’re running a knockout style event.

These labels are also a great way to create awards for winners or participation badges for everyone who steps up and takes part. You could use our Gold and Silver Metallic Labels to create certificates or badges for first and second place, or use our coloured and fluorescent coloured round labels to create badges for teams or individuals who have joined in.

Removable Labels
If you’re heading up an event with a lot of different teams or individuals taking part, you could use our Removable Labels to keep track of what is happening when, who is taking on whom, and to update your score board or tournament board as each match or event is completed (without doing any damage as you remove the old labels).

Outdoor “Weatherproof” Labels
Many sporting events will be aiming to make the most of the summer by getting out and about in the great outdoors, which means you might be looking for labels that will withstand ALL of the types of weather that go hand in hand with a “Great British Summer”. Here at Label Planet, we have a great range of waterproof labels that are perfect for taking on the challenges of being outdoors. These labels are made with polyester or polyethylene, which are tough, durable materials that are brilliant for use outside – especially as they’re all waterproof! Our Matt White Polyester and Matt White Polyethylene labels also feature a Marine Standard adhesive, which was developed specifically for use in conditions that will involve exposure to or immersion in water.

So, if you’re looking for labels to use as signage at an event or around a course, name or number badges for participants, or simply getting your equipment labelled up, why not take a look through our waterproof labels to see if there’s one that will be just right for your particular event.

To view ALL of the label products available from Label Planet (or to place an order!), take a look at our List Of All Label Materials page to get an idea of what different options are available. You can also view all of the labels we’ve mentioned in this blog post by visiting our lists of Coloured Labels, Removable Labels, and Waterproof Labels.

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