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It’s A (Big) Small World In The Label Planet Range Of Mini Labels

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Label Planet’s Guide To Mini Labels

The term mini labels can be used in a general way to simply refer to small label sizes. Here at Label Planet, we use it generally to refer to our smallest label sizes (LP84/46, LP189/25, and LP270/18). More specifically, we use it for one size in particular – LP65/38.

Also known as Return Address Labels, the LP65/38 label size measures 38.1mm wide by 21.2mm high. It is an extremely popular (and standard) size across the labelling industry. Compatible with the Avery Labels code L7651, this size is available in a wide range of materials and adhesives.

The Many Uses Of Mini Labels

Mini labels are the perfect size for applications where you need a small label to do a big job. They can be used to add short pieces of important information, to colour code items, to identify items, and to – quite simply – just get stuff organised.

These small labels offer a neat and discrete way to add a bit of additional information onto an item. They don’t take up room or make items look messy or cluttered. This means they make ideal (return) address labels, product labels and pricing labels on packaging, tracking labels and asset ID labels, seals on packaging and documentation, logo labels and company labels, and decorative stickers that can be applied onto just about anything to create a personal finishing touch.

The Many Kinds Of Mini Labels

At Label Planet, we supply our LP65/38 label size in ALL of our different materials and adhesives (that’s 30 different options). We also carry all of these products (except for the Coloured Removable Labels) as stocked items. You can order any of these mini labels in packs of 25 sheets available for same day despatch.

Our mini paper labels include options for extra strong permanent adhesives (Super Tack and High Tack), super light removable adhesives (Super Removable and Removable), and speciality adhesives in the form of Freezer Labels (for labelling frozen items and Opaque Labels (for covering up errors or updating information). We also have a range of finishes, including gloss labels, premium quality matt labels, and semi-gloss labels.

For a more decorative finish, we supply coloured mini labels in seven pastel shades, five fluorescents, two metallics (gold and silver), and a pattern brown Kraft paper. Perfect for any labelling project that requires a creative look or a bit of colour coding.

We also supply our mini labels in a range of synthetic materials. You can choose from a range of mini waterproof labels for indoor or outdoor applications. Our mini transparent labels are ideal for avoiding colour matching issues or labelling transparent items. We also have mini security labels that make perfect tracking labels or asset labels on high value goods).

Order Your Own Set Of Mini Labels Today!

To find out more about our big range of small labels, head over to our dedicated MINI LABELS page. This page provides more information about this wonderfully versatile label size and links to all of our mini labels when you’re ready to order!

Label Planet’s Guide To Choosing The Right Adhesive Labels

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

A Handy Flowchart To Help You Choose The Perfect Adhesive Labels

We supply THIRTY ranges of self adhesive labels giving you a choice of TEN different types of adhesive. This many choices can be confusing – especially if you need sticky labels for very specific circumstances.

So, we’ve pooled our knowledge of self adhesive labels to create a simple flowchart. This chart will guide you towards the adhesive labels that are right for your label application.

You simply need to answer TWO basic questions to find out the type of adhesive that you should choose.

Label Planet Guide To Adhesives

The (Inevitable) Exception To The Rule Of Choosing The Perfect Adhesive

There is an exception to this rule and that is temporary labels to stick onto clothing or fabric items. For example, you might want product labels for clothing or fabric items that can be removed without damaging those items after they have been sold. Alternatively, you might be hosting a networking event and want to hand out temporary name badges or you could be hosting a charity event or open day and want to give people stickers to reward their participation. Either way, your sticky labels mustn’t ruin people’s clothing at the end of the event.

In this case, we recommend a standard permanent adhesive instead of a removable adhesive. This is because fabrics have unusual and varied surfaces that can be difficult for removable adhesives to bond with properly. Permanent adhesives have the extra strength to ensure your adhesive labels remain in place BUT they won’t form a solid bond, which means they can be safely removed from clothing.

Next Steps: Request A Sample Or Place An Order For Your Adhesive Labels

Once you’ve found the right adhesive labels for your labelling application you can request a sample or place an order. Our free sample service means you can make sure that you’ve really got the right adhesive for your application before you go ahead and place an order.

Post Easter Update – Label Planet Despatch & Delivery Information

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

It’s Business As Usual For Despatch & Delivery For Self Adhesive Labels From Label Planet

We returned from our Easter Break on Monday and we’ve been working hard to despatch all of the orders that came in over the holidays.

We’re now all caught up! As a result, new orders are being processed according to normal despatch and delivery times. Futher information about our despatch and delivery times can be found on our Delivery Information page. In addition, we have also fulfilled all of the sample requests that came in over Easter and responded to email messages as well!

Despatch & Delivery Of Self Adhesive Labels


Small orders are despatched same day (up to 4:30pm) by Royal Mail’s first class service. Please note that this is NOT a guaranteed next day delivery service because Royal Mail only AIM to deliver first class items next day. Items, therefore, may take up to five working days to arrive.

If you need to meet a deadline, you can choose to upgrade to a next delivery service online or by phone. Our standard next day option guarantees delivery by 1pm on the next working day and we have addditional options for earlier delivery times (e.g. pre-9am) and Saturday delivery. To request these options, you will need to contact our Customer Service Team to discuss your requirements.


Despatched same day (up to 3:45pm) by next working day carrier as standard *.


Despatched same day (up to 3pm) by next working day carrier as standard * – where stock is available. Made to order items with a 500 sheet minimum order take up to five working days for despatch.

Orders of 500+ sheets of standard paper labels despatch sooner because these items are kept in stock at our warehouse.

* Delivery to Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, and the Channel Islands is via 2 day carrier service.

For despatch and delivery estimates for specific items or quantities you can get in touch with our Customer Service Team and we’ll be happy to help.

Despatch & Delivery Of Samples Of Self Adhesive Labels

We despatch samples same or next working day where possible and delivery is via Royal Mail’s first class service.

Despatch & Delivery Of Answers To Queries About Self Adhesive Labels

You can get in touch with our Customer Service Team at any time by sending an email to We aim to respond to all emails as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can give us a call (on 01270 668076) between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Perfect Your Party Invitations With Pitch Perfect Address Labels From Label Planet

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

Make Sure Your Invitations Get To Where They Need To Go With Address Labels That Rise To The Occasion

Whether you’re sending out invitations to friends and family to celebrate a big day or inviting customers and clients to a big event, it’s important to make sure that your invitations look the part – right down to the address labels you stick onto your envelopes.

There are thousands of different design and material choices to make when you choose your invitations. So you might not think about your address labels until it’s a bit too late.

If you’ve chosen a specific colour scheme or material for your invitations and your envelopes, you really won’t want to plaster a plain white label over the top – you’ll want address labels that fit your theme. This is where Label Planet comes in.

Address Labels To Add A Burst Of Colour, Some Shimmer & Shine, Or Text That Is Crisp & Clear

While you COULD use any self adhesive labels, some options are better suited to this particular purpose. Whether you need wedding labels, birthday labels, party labels, or event labels, there are plenty of ways to make sure that your address labels play their part in your big event.

Coloured Address Labels

The easiest way to create decorative address labels is to use coloured labels. We supply a range of colourful options including SEVEN pastel shades, FIVE fluorescent colours, TWO brilliant metallics, and ONE patterned Kraft paper. The pastel coloured labels and our Kraft labels can be printed with an inkjet printer or a laser printer (or handwritten!), while our fluorescent labels, gold labels, and silver labels can only be printed with a laser printer (or handwritten!).

Gloss Labels

Another way to add a decorative finish is to introduce a touch of shimmer and shine with gloss labels. Gloss labels are extremely effective at reflecting light, which gives them a bright and shiny finish. We supply two full gloss labels (one for laser printers only and one for inkjet printers and laser printers) as well as semi-gloss labels (for a more subtle shine).

High Resolution Matt Labels

Our premium quality paper labels have a high quality finish and are an excellent choice if you want to include high resolution artwork on your address labels (for example, if you want to include digital photographs in your design). These paper labels can be printed with laser printers or inkjet printers (or handwritten). They have a special coating that helps to produce perfectly crisp and clear designs.

Address Labels To Suit Any Colour Scheme

If you’ve got a very specific colour scheme, you might be struggling to find self adhesive labels to match. While you CAN have bespoke coloured labels made for you, this tends to be quite a costly option. Instead, we recommend avoid the problem altogether by using transparent address labels. Transparent labels allow your carefully chosen colours to show through. So you can address your invitations without covering up your design in the process.

At Label Planet, we supply three ranges of transparent address labels. If you are using an inkjet printer, you will need to choose our gloss clear labels, which are transparent labels with a bright and shiny finish. If you have a laser printer, you can choose transparent labels with a gloss finish OR a matt finish.

Superbly Swift Despatch & Delivery To Suit Any Schedule

Another problem that some people encounter when sourcing address labels for special events is time. Big events need a lot of organisation and it’s all too easy to forget about self adhesive labels. At Label Planet, however, we have a huge range of address labels available for same day despatch from stock in packs of 25 sheets – and options to upgrade to next day delivery.

Order Address Labels From Label Planet Today

We’ve created a specific section for all of our address labels to make it really quick and simple to see all of the options available and to pick the perfect self adhesive labels for your party invitations!