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Get All Your Summer Treats Labelled With Bottle Labels And Jar Labels From Label Planet

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Whether you’re selling food and drink as a business or simply making some home-made treats for friends and family, we’ve got the perfect sticky labels for your bottles and jars.

We’ve got bottle labels and jar labels in all shapes and sizes with material and adhesive options to suit all sorts of food and drink labelling applications.


You might be looking for bottle labels and jar labels that will remain firmly in place – print and all – even if they get a bit wet. In this case, we would recommend looking at our waterproof labels. These are all made with waterproof materials. Your sticky labels will stay stuck even if you submerge your bottles and jars in water. To ensure that the print remains in place, you will need to use a laser printer. Laser printers use a dry printing process to bond a dry powder (toner) onto your sticky labels. This results in waterproof print. Inkjet printers tend to use water-based inks, which run or smudge when wet.

Our waterproof labels are more expensive than paper labels. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, why not try our Splashproof Labels. These are paper labels with a gloss or semi-gloss coating, which creates a light layer of protection against moisture. You can’t submerge these sticky labels in water as they are, after all, still paper labels. If lightly splashed with water, you can wipe them clean and dry.

Our range of waterproof labels includes options for white labels or transparent labels, permanent labels or removable labels, and matt labels or gloss labels – so you can find an option that suits your application and the overall style you want to create on your bottles and jars.


If you want sticky labels that you can remove without damaging your containers, you need removable labels.

We have a range of sticky labels made with removable adhesives. Removable adhesives create strong adhesive bonds that remove cleanly from a surface in one piece. So no more sticky messes of adhesive residue. We have removable paper labels, as well as removable transparent labels, and removable white waterproof labels.

Alternatively, you may want to try our Water Wash Off Labels. These paper labels are made with a special permanent adhesive. This adhesive creates strong adhesive bonds that break down when you wash labelled items (ideally in warm soapy water). Wash off adhesives let you safely and securely label containers without worrying about the sticky labels falling off too soon OR about them damaging your containers when you try to remove each label.

Our removable labels can be handwritten or printed using a standard desktop printer. If you choose removable transparent labels or removable white waterproof labels, you need to use a laser printer.


You might be labelling bottles and jars that contain foodstuff that need to be stored in a freezer. Standard adhesives will often fail in freezing conditions. We supply a range of freezer labels, which are made with a special deep freeze adhesive. Designed for deep freeze conditions, this adhesive can form and sustain successful adhesive bonds in temperatures as low as -40°C.

Our freezer labels are made with standard matt white paper and may be handwritten or printed with a laser printer.


Finally, if you’re looking for sticky labels to match transparent bottles and jars, we have a variety of transparent labels. Using transparent labels on transparent items can create a “floating print” effect or make it seem as though your printed design is actually part of your containers.

Our range of transparent labels includes options for permanent labels and removable labels, as well as the choice between matt labels and gloss labels. You must double check if you have a laser printer or an inkjet printer available. Most of our transparent labels are laser labels and can only be printed with a laser printer.

Order Bottle Labels And Jar Labels From Label Planet

Label Planet Labels Logo

You can order bottle labels and jar labels from our website or by giving us a call during office hours. You can find a complete list of our ranges on our All Label Materials page. Each range page features more information about our products, along with links to the product page for each label size that we supply in that range.

If you need label templates, head on over to our Label Templates Home Page, or visit our Help Section to view all of our help and advice resources. Remember, you can also use our Sample Request Service to request a sample of the bottle labels or jar labels that you are interested in to give them a try and see if they are the right sticky labels for your application.

Have A Summer Full Of Colour With Coloured Labels From Label Planet

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Tomorrow morning the summer solstice will take place, bringing with it the official start of summer. We’re celebrating with a review of all the coloured labels on offer from Label Planet.

Coloured Labels From Label Planet

We supply a variety of coloured labels. Each has its own range of colours and a certain type of adhesive and finish. If colour is an important part of your project, we recommend using our sample request service to see if our coloured labels fit your colour scheme.


Whether you’re looking to colour code stuff or simply brighten up a project with colourful labels, our pastel coloured labels are a brilliant way to add a subtle bloom of colour. You can handwrite or print these sticky labels using an inkjet or laser printer. We supply 69 different label sizes with 20 stocked in 25 sheet packs, 18 stocked in 100 sheet boxes, and the rest available to order in 500 sheet boxes.

We offer a range of SEVEN pastel colours; blue labels, orange red labels, yellow labels, green labels, crimson red labels, cream labels, and pink labels.

They have a standard permanent adhesive, which bonds well with most materials and surfaces. Coloured labels are both practical and decorative additions to any project. They instantly add a touch of decoration to any item, as well as having more practical benefits – especially if you need to colour code items or draw attention to important information. Our coloured labels are especially popular for use as product labels and packaging labels, address labels for special events, name labels for parties or networking events, gift tags, school labels and reward stickers, stock labels for rotation and stock management, and fun stickers for arts and crafts projects.

We also supply a range of brown Kraft labels; this range includes 54 label sizes and is also suitable for handwriting or printing with a laser or inkjet printer. Our Kraft labels have a natural brown colouring, while the ribbed finish adds a subtle touch of pattern and texture.


If you’re looking for temporary coloured labels, you may want to take a look at our coloured removable labels (REMC). This range is the same as our coloured labels, except it features a removable adhesive instead of a permanent adhesive. Removable adhesives keep your coloured labels in place and don’t leave behind adhesive residue when you remove each label.

Removable coloured labels are a brilliant way to temporarily colour code stuff. They are especially popular with removal companies, manufacturers and storage facilities, auction houses, gift suppliers, and for general purpose organising and filing systems.

These products are made to order in boxes of 500 sheets and take up to five working days to be despatched after you order.

If you don’t need this many, you could try purchasing coloured labels and removable labels. Apply your coloured labels onto the removable labels to create coloured labels with a removable adhesive. Alternatively, you could purchase removable labels and add a colour coded element to your design.


For those looking for a brighter burst of colour, our fluorescent labels range should do the trick. We have five neon colours; fluorescent red labels, fluorescent lemon / yellow labels, fluorescent orange labels, fluorescent green labels, and fluorescent magenta labels.

Fluorescent labels have a standard permanent adhesive and can be printed with laser printers or handwritten. We supply 66 label sizes in this range, including 8 sizes supplied in 25 sheet packs, 19 sizes available in 100 sheet packs, and a further 39 made to order sizes (available in 500 sheet boxes).

Fluorescent labels add a burst of colour that is hard to ignore. This makes these sticky labels especially popular when you need to highlight important information or really catch someone’s eye. Our fluorescent labels are often used as address labels and shipping labels, gift tags, marketing labels and promotional labels, information signs and warning notices, and as fun stickers for parties, events, or displays.


If you’re after a more luxurious look, our gold labels and silver labels add a subtle shimmer to any application. Each range contains 54 label sizes with 9 stocked in 25 sheet packs and the rest available to order in 500 sheet boxes.

All of our metallic labels are have standard permanent adhesives and an attractive satin gold finish. Made by applying a decorative gold coating onto clay-coated paper, our metallic labels have a beautifully smooth and bright surface.

You can handwrite or print your gold labels and silver labels using a laser printer. They are especially popular for use as marketing labels and promotional labels, as product labels and packaging labels on high value or gift items, or as address labels or gift tags on items that are intended to celebrate a special event or holiday. For example, they are often used as wedding labels and Christmas labels.

We also supply sets of metallic coloured star stickers. These sticky stars are available in three colours; gold, silver, and bronze. Each A4 sheet contains 280 stars measuring 12.7mm wide. Each pack contains 12 sheets of star stickers. We supply packs in each colour as well as an assorted pack containing gold stars, silver stars, and bronze stars. Our star stickers are perfect for reward stickers, arts and crafts projects, school stickers, stationery kits, and just for fun stickers!

Order Coloured Labels From Label Planet

Label Planet Labels LogoYou can find all of our Coloured Labels on our List Of Coloured Labels page. Follow the links to find the range page for each type of coloured label. Our range pages include more information about each range, show the full list of label sizes available in each range, and links to the product pages where you can place an order for the coloured labels of your choice!

Need School Labels For Your End Of Term Celebrations? Get Super Swift Despatch & Delivery From Label Planet!

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

With the end of the school year looming, now is the perfect time to order a stock of sticky school labels for all your end of term events. From Sports Day trophies to Certificates of Achievement, sticky labels are a brilliant way to create fun-filled awards to celebrate your pupils’ successes. They’re also a great way to get everything else organised before you depart for the summer holidays.

School Labels For Sport’s Day

If you’re holding a Sport’s Day event this year, you may need to make trophies and awards. We’ve got a range of coloured labels and fluorescent labels that are brilliant ways to create different awards for different placements (first, second, and third) or to create a set of colour coded team badges for all of the participants in each event.

We also supply gold labels and silver labels, which are perfect additions to trophies and certificates. Alternatively, you could use star stickers (in gold, silver, and bronze) to denote a particular level of achievement.

School Labels For Award Ceremonies

You may need certificates for pupils who have excelled or shown great improvement in a subject / activity. You can use our sticky labels to add on the recipient or category of a particular certificate. Our coloured labels, fluorescent labels, and metallic labels are a great way to denote categories or levels of achievement. You may also want to use our star stickers on rewards being handed out or feedback being given in the run up to the end of term / year.

School Labels For Your End Of Year Sort Out

Finally, you might be looking for sticky labels to help you organise your end of year clear out. Get all of your paperwork sorted and filed before heading out on your (well-earned) summer break.

Our coloured labels and fluorescent labels are a really quick and simple way to create a colour coding system for your files and paperwork. Alternatively, you could order paper labels to clearly label all of your files and folders so you know exactly where everything is when you return for the new school year.

If you need temporary labels that you can remove without damaging items when the sticky labels are no longer needed, we recommend our removable labels. Removable labels will stay firmly stuck while you need them before removing cleanly and easily when they are out of date or no longer required.

Super Swift Despatch & Delivery Of School Labels

Here at Label Planet, we make it our mission to make sure that your sticky labels make it to you as swiftly as possible.

Sticky labels available to order in 25 sheet packs will be despatched same day (Monday to Friday, before 4pm). If you are ordering fewer than 200 sheets, your order will be despatched by Royal Mail’s first class service. You can upgrade to a next day delivery option online or by phone. This guarantees delivery by 1pm on the next working day. If you order more than 200 sheets, your order will be despatched via a next working day carrier service.

Coloured labels with a 100 sheet minimum order are generally kept in stock at our warehouse. This means they are usually available for same day despatch from stock (Monday to Friday, before 3pm). These items will be despatched on a next working day carrier.

All sticky labels with a minimum order quantity of 500 sheets are made to order items. These sticky labels take up to five working days for despatch (via a next working day carrier service). Standard paper labels tend to be available much soon (within 1-2 working days).

Order School Labels From Label Planet

Label Planet Labels Logo

You can order school labels from us online, by phone, or by email/fax. Orders placed online must be paid for at the point of checkout. Alternatively, schools can request a School Invoice, which provides 30 days for payment. Send us an official school purchase order (or a signed order on the school’s letterhead) via email or fax. We’ll process your order and despatch it along with a School Invoice.

If you need any further help or advice, simply get in touch with our Customer Service Team and we’ll be happy to help!

Get Craftily Creative With Kraft Labels From Label Planet

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

What Are Kraft Labels?

Sticky labels made with a Kraft paper…

What Is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper uses paper pulp produced by the Kraft process. This process has a number of benefits and advantages over alternative methods, including:

  • The ability to process wood from almost every species of tree.
  • A process of breaking down lignin that doesn’t damage the cellulose fibres in the process (lignin is a natural glue that holds wood fibres together).
  • The ability to easily separate and reuse unwanted waste elements.
  • The production of stronger and higher quality pulp (“Kraft” is a German word for strength).
  • The ability to produce paper with longer fibres, giving the paper greater elasticity, strength, and tear resistance.
  • A more environmentally friendly method of processing wood.

Kraft papers are usually created using unbleached pulp, which avoids the use of industrial strength bleaching agents in the manufacturing process. Kraft paper are therefore usually brown in colour. This is the natural colouring of the pulp use to make the paper.

What Are Label Planet’s Kraft Labels Like?

Our Kraft labels are made with a Kraft paper and a permanent adhesive. They are suitable for use with laser printers and inkjet printers OR for handwriting.

The Kraft paper has a ribbed finish, which adds a subtle texture and pattern of light and dark stripes. We believe this adds a decorative twist to the natural colouring of our Kraft labels. This makes them the perfect choice for any crafty project where you really want your sticky labels to look the part.

What Crafts Can I Create With Kraft Labels?

Kraft labels are brilliant for all sorts of crafty projects. They’re especially popular for use as address labels and product labels when our customers want their parcels and packaging to have a truly home-made touch. Some want a finishing touch with a “home-made” and personal feel. Others are labelling items made with natural ingredients or hand-made crafting techniques and want their sticky labels to match their methods.

They’re also perfect for use on personal projects at home. For example, they’re a great way to get your stuff organised in a more decorative way. They’re also perfect for making your own gifts, cards, or gift tags to celebrate a special day for a special someone (or someones!).

Order Kraft Labels From Label Planet Today

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We supply 54 labels sizes in our range of Kraft labels. Twenty are available for same day despatch from stock in packs of 25 sheets. The rest are available to order in boxes of 500 sheets. You can use an inkjet printer or a laser printer to print your Kraft labels. Alternatively, you can handwrite (or draw) your messages and designs for a truly home-made and hand-crafted finish.

Visit the BRK range page to find out more about these crafty labels or to place an order to get creative with your own Kraft labels today!