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Need Some Help Printing Labels? Check Out The New & Improved Label Planet HELP Pages!

Monday, November 28th, 2016

At Label Planet, we know EXACTLY how frustrating it can be when you run into a problem designing a template or printing your labels and you just CAN’T figure out what to do – even though you KNOW there’ll be some perfectly simple little trick that you can use to fix things in an instant.

Over the years we’ve dealt with thousands of customers and their tricky templates, which means that we’ve picked up plenty of tips and tricks to help resolve design and print issues – and we’ve created a comprehensive HELP SECTION on our website to make sure that all of our customers have the help and advice that they need ready and waiting if they encounter a problem – or even if they just need a bit of guidance on how to get started.

We’ve recently put our Help Section through a serious revamp to make sure that all of our templates and advice pages are as comprehensive and up to date as possible (see our New & Improved markers below). So, what sort of things can you find in our HELP SECTION? All of this (and much more!):

We’ve created Word & PDF templates for ALL of our label sizes, so if you don’t have an existing template you can use (and don’t fancy trying to make your own), you can simply pop over to our Template Section and download the one you need. We’ve created options for portrait and landscape versions of our templates (where possible), as well as a few more specialised options (Text Box, Mirrored Text Box, Bleed) for customers to try.

Each of our label sizes has its own unique template information page, which includes the full set of templates for that size along with detailed measurement and layout information, design and printing tips, and a list of the material options available for that size.

We know that choosing the right label can be a tricky process, which is why we run a free sample request service so you can take a look at and test a few of our labels to make sure that you pick the one that’s perfect for your particular label application. Requesting a sample is a quick and easy way to make sure that you’ve chosen the right colour/material/finish/adhesive for the job AND it’s a great way to have a practice at getting your print alignment just right before you print onto your actual label sheets.

You can request a free sample using our online form or by contacting our Customer Service Team; please give us as much detail about your label application as possible – this will allow us to make sure that we only send samples that are appropriate for your purpose AND will allow us to make a few recommendations and suggestions if you’re really not sure what kind of label you need.

Our very own guide to designing a template and printing your own labels. This basic guide leads you through the various steps involved in designing and printing a label template; Finding & Opening A Template, Designing A Template, and Setting Up Your Printer.

This guide is an extension of our general guide and provides more specific advice relating to round labels / circular labels and oval labels; these shapes are a little bit trickier to design and print accurately, so this guide aims to provide you with additional pointers to help you get the best possible print result on your labels.

If you are printing transparent labels and want to create labels that can be read correctly from the reverse side (e.g. if the labels will be stuck inside a window but need to be read from outside the window), you can use this guide to find out how to reverse or “mirror” your text and images in a Word template.

TOP TIPS *Improved
A shortlist of quick Dos & Don’ts that can help prevent the majority of issues that arise when printing labels.

A new addition to our Help Section, this page collects together the most common problems that can occur when designing a template and printing labels, along with a simple explanation of how you can (hopefully) resolve each one.

Of course, no website is complete without a FAQs page and this is ours! This page features answers to all of those questions that we are most regularly asked, so if you have a quick question or query this is a good place to start!

You can use this page if you are already using Avery labels and/or templates and you want to see if we supply any labels that are the same size. This way you can order labels from Label Planet (in any of our material options) but continue to use your existing templates.

If you want/need to use a built in Avery template to print your labels, you can use this page to find out which of our products have compatible Avery template codes and/or find out which Avery code you need to use to bring up a template that is the same size and layout as your Label Planet labels.

Our HELP SECTION is completely free for ANYONE to use; we also offer support to customers by phone and email if they find that they have a question, query, or persistent problem that isn’t answered by these resources.

Website News – Our Template Project Is Almost Finished

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

If you’re a frequent visitor to the Label Planet Blog (or the Label Planet site), you may be aware that we have been working away to improve the Templates Section of our website to make it bigger and better than ever.

As part of our template revamp, we’re creating brand new sets of templates (in Word and PDF formats) for all of our label sizes (including Portrait & Landscape options, Text Box & Mirrored Text Box options, and Bleed templates – where possible), along with a “Template Information Page” for each label size that we supply.

The template information pages provide more detailed information about each label size we supply, including measurements and compatible Avery template codes (where applicable), along with tips and advice for printing that particular label size and layout. You can also download a printing template from this page and see, at a glance, all of the different material and adhesive options available for each label size.

We’re delighted to announce that our revamp is almost complete; all of the new information pages are available for customers to peruse, while we’re working hard to complete all of the new template sets for all of our label sizes. Currently, we have created complete Word & PDF template sets for our Rectangular Labels and our Round Labels; Word template sets for our Square Labels, Oval Labels, and Special Use Labels have been added to our website with the PDF sets in development at this very moment – we’ll be adding these sets as soon as they’re done!

To find the template information page for your Label Planet labels, you can either:

  • VISIT OUR TEMPLATE HOME PAGE: click on the link for your label shape, find your label size in the table, and click on the “More Info” link to navigate to the template information page for that particular size and layout.
  • VISIT THE PRODUCT PAGE OF YOUR LABELS: click on the purple “Label Templates And Printing Information For This Label” link to visit the template information page for your labels.

You can now download a template by visiting our Template Home page and selecting the link for the label shape you want to print (find your label size in the table and select the Word or the PDF portrait template) OR by visiting the Template Information page for your label size and selecting the template you would like to download.

We recommend that you choose to “save” rather than “open” your template if you are given the choice; you can then use your software to open the saved template (“File” > “Open”), which will allow your software to check if the template is compatible before you start designing your template.

If you are unable to edit your template, it may have been temporarily locked – simply click on the (yellow) “Enable Editing” button or banner at the top of the page to unlock your template and add your design. If you find that your Word template appears to be completely blank (with the Label Planet code repeating across the page), it is likely that Table Gridlines are turned off. To turn Table Gridlines on you should left click once in the centre of your template, select the Table Tools “Layout” tab at the top of the page, and click on “View Gridlines” (Word 2007 onwards, Word For Mac 2016); alternatively, select the “Table Layout” tab, and click “Gridlines” (Word For Mac 2011).

Visit our Template Home page to find a label template or visit our Advice Home page to find even more helpful resources, including our Sample Request service, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and a variety of helpful tips.

Finders Keepers – Use Our Label Finder To Find Labels That You’ll Definitely Want To Keep!

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

Finding the right label for the job in hand can be a difficult task – especially with so many choices on offer. There are different sizes and shapes, materials and adhesives, which can make it very confusing to try to find the one that’s “just right” for you.

Here at Label Planet, we supply over 3000 different label products across a range of over 100 sizes and over 30 different material options – which means we SHOULD have a label to suit almost every application, if only you can find out which is “the one”!

This is where our brand new Label Finder comes in handy; simply enter your requirements and our Label Finder will create a list of labels that are suitable based on the information you have entered. You can then refine your search using the categories provided, request a sample to give a few of the possible options a try, or simply go ahead and place an order!

For example, you can use any of the following requirements as a starting point:

  • Label Use
    While we couldn’t possibly list ALL of the label applications that our customers might need to find labels for, we have done our best to come up with a comprehensive list of label applications as a basic starting point. We have then selected the label products that we believe are the most suitable for these applications as a guide for customers who want some extra assistance in choosing the right label – although, you are, of course, perfectly free to ignore our suggestions and choose an alternative that you think is better!
  • Printer Type
    Some of our label materials can only be printed with an inkjet printer OR a laser printer (while the rest can be printed with either); if you use your printer as one of the filters in your label search, the Finder will automatically remove any label products that your printer won’t actually be able to print.
  • Shape
    If you know you want a particular shape, use this filter to view all of the label sizes and material combinations available for that shape.
  • Colour
    This filter will allow you to view only the label sizes that are available in the colour you want to use.
  • Number Per Sheet
    This option is particularly useful if you’ve got a sheet of labels from somewhere but you’ve either forgotten where they came from OR you want to see if we have a compatible product – and you don’t have a code or specific information to help narrow down your search.
  • Avery Template Code
    If you’ve already got Avery labels, or you want to use an existing Avery template, you can use this filter to see all of the Label Planet products (if any) that are compatible with the Avery code you have in mind – you can then use your Avery template to print onto your Label Planet labels, without having to redesign your template.
  • Material
    To find out what label sizes and material options are available for a particular label material, select from the four options in this filter. This option is ideal if you know that you only want to look at paper labels or if you know that you need a long-lasting, durable label (in which case a polyester or polyethylene option would be best).
  • Adhesive
    If you know that you definitely want a permanent adhesive (so your labels won’t come off), a removable adhesive (for temporary labels that won’t do any damage when they are removed), or an adhesive that is suitable for a more unusual environment (e.g. deep freeze or outdoor conditions), you can select the appropriate type of adhesive to see what label sizes and material options are available.
  • Finish
    You may have a firm idea of what you want your labels to look like; to view products that have a bright, shiny finish select “Gloss” from this filter, select “Matt” to view only those products that have a plain, non-shiny finish, or choose “Semi-Gloss” for a compromise between the two.
  • Waterproof
    For label applications where you need your labels to be able to survive exposure to or immersion in water, you can choose to add “waterproof” as a requirement so that the Finder will only show you products that are suitable for use in these conditions; for example, you may need labels for use outdoors or product labels for items that will be stored and/or used in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Width
    Use this option if you know that your labels need to be a specific width; selecting this option will show you all of the label products we supply that have the exact width that you need.
  • Height
    Likewise, if you need your labels to be a particular height, the Finder can instantly narrow down your options to show only the label products that have the specific height you need.

If the exact width or height that you want to use is not available, you can also use these two options to see if there is a suitable alternative that will work just as well for your label application.

  • Label Code
    If you want to look up a particular product or you want to re-order a product that you’ve bought from us in the past, you can select the specific Label Planet code from the list to instantly bring up a direct link to the product page for that label product.
  • Label Planet Size Code
    You can use this option if you have a specific Label Planet label size in mind (whether you already buy them from us or you know that a particular size is the one you need) and you want to see what material options are available for that size.
  • Label Planet Material Code
    This option is useful if you already buy labels from us in a particular material but want to know what other label sizes are available in that material.

To get started with your search for the perfect Label Planet label head on over to our Label Finder page; for more information about any of our label ranges, take a look at our List Of All Materials Page, which will direct you to more detailed information about the materials and adhesive options listed in the Label Finder.

Lost In The Land Of Label Planet Labels? Try Our Label Finder To Help You Find Your Way To The Perfect Label!

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Here at Label Planet, we know it can be difficult to find the perfect label for your application – especially once you realise there are far more options to choose from than you first thought!

To help you out, we’ve put together a simple Label Finder, which does all the hard work for you!

Label Finder
As you can see, all you need to do is enter the things that you know you want your labels to be and our Label Finder will give you a list of labels that match your requirements. You can then further refine this list (by choosing more options from the categories provided), request a sample of the label products that you’re most interested in (so you can make sure that those labels will work in your application or to help to visualise which is the best option for your project), or go ahead and visit the product page of the labels the Finder has found for you to place an order.

  • Use the “Label Use” category to view label products that we recommend for specific label applications
    (remember, these are only suggestions and you are completely free to choose another label size or material if you like!)
  • Use the “Printer Type” category to view label products that are compatible with your printer
    (some of our labels are only for use with laser printers or inkjet printers, while others are suitable for use with both – if you enter the type of printer you have, the Finder will instantly exclude any labels that aren’t compatible with your printer)
  • Select as many categories as you like – the more information you provide, the shorter your shortlist of options will be!
    (each time you make a selection the Finder will automatically exclude any label products that don’t meet your requirements, so you may find that if you are too specific you don’t end up finding many (or any) suitable labels; you can play around with the different filters to give yourself more options to choose from)

If you are struggling to find a suitable label using the Label Finder, it may be that we don’t have the exact label size, shape, or material that you are looking for; you can try altering your choices to see if we have a suitable alternative label that will do the job just as well or you can contact our Customer Service Team to discuss the requirements of your specific label application.

Introducing A Quick & Easy Way To Find The Perfect Label For You – The Label Planet Label Finder!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Yes, we’re delighted to announce that our website now features a fantastically easy way for customers to find a label that is perfect for their individual label application.

Whether you know that you need some labels for a new project but you’ve no idea where to get started or you simply want a quick way to find a shortlist of options that you can choose from, our Label Finder makes it extremely easy to narrow down your choices until you’re left with the perfect label.

It can be quite confusing trying to find the right label for the job you have in mind – especially if you’re discovering that there are a lot more choices than you thought there would be and you’re unsure of which ones are best for you – so we’ve designed a Label Finder that will help to make it a whole lot simpler (and far less stressful) for our customers to find the perfect label to suit their requirements.

With our Label Finder, you simply enter the conditions that you know your labels need to match and the Finder will filter out any products that don’t match to leave you with a short(er) list of label products that would be suitable for your needs. You can then further narrow down this list by selecting other options that you think would be suitable for your particular purpose.

For example, you might know that you want your labels to be a specific width, height, or shape, so you can enter these details to narrow down the label products that we have to match (and see the different material options available). If you know that you need your labels to meet a particular requirement as part of your label application, you can also filter your search further by requesting labels that are a particular colour, made of a particular material or adhesive (e.g. if you know you need permanent labels or removable labels), that have a particular finish, or that are waterproof.

Alternatively, you may already have some labels and you want to see if we supply a compatible product (perhaps in a different, or better quality, material or adhesive option); you can use our Avery Template Code option to find products that match the Avery labels that you’ve already got OR use our Number Per Sheet and Width/Height options to see if we have a compatible label size for the labels you need to replace.

We highly recommend entering your printer type to narrow down your options; some of our label materials are suitable for use with a laser printer only or with an inkjet printer only, which means you can instantly remove label products from your search that aren’t compatible with your printer. You can also use our Label Use category to refine your search based on the label products that we would recommend for specific label applications.

While we couldn’t possibly list ALL of the possible label applications that our customers might need to find labels for, we have done our best to come up with a comprehensive list of label applications that offer a basic starting point for a search. We have selected a number of label products that we believe are the most suitable for the label applications listed in this category as a guide for customers who want some extra assistance in choosing the right label – although, you are, of course, perfectly free to ignore our suggestions and choose an alternative that you think is better for your label application!

You can also use our Label Finder to find the product page for a label that you have bought from us in the past – simply select the code listed on your package or paperwork from the “Label Code” category – or you can see what other sizes are available in a material you’re already using (by entering the Material Code) or see what other material options are available for a label size that you already use (by entering the Label Planet Size Code).

Visit our Label Finder page today to see if you can find the perfect label for your label application; remember, you can always use our free Sample Request service to test a couple of label sizes or material options to see which one is best for your application, or you can get in touch with our Customer Service Team for further advice or to discuss any questions or queries you might have.

Visit Our Help & Advice Pages For Tips, Templates, & (Samples To) Test!

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

While we strive to make it as easy as possible to buy the labels you need, we also like to go the extra mile and offer as much help as possible when it comes to printing those labels (unless, of course, you’re after blank labels and/or you’ve got some creative calligraphy in mind!).

We’ve created a section on our website devoted to help and advice on designing and printing labels, which we’ve rather straightforwardly named “Help & Advice”. In this section, you’ll find all sorts of helpful extras including:

– Request Label Samples: if you’re not sure which label is right for the application you have in mind, we recommend requesting a sample and testing the labels first (in the exact conditions you need them for) so you’re certain they’re suitable before you buy.

– Dos and Don’ts: EIGHT basic tips that prevent the most common problems that occur when printing labels.

– Designing & Printing Labels: our basic guide to designing and printing labels, including advice on setting up a template, design tips, printing advice, and some troubleshooting assistance.

– FAQs: our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers, including questions about Printing, Delivery, Choosing The Right Label, Label Types, and Payment and Refunds.

– Printing Circles Info: a basic guide to printing circular (and oval) labels, which generally prove to be a bit trickier than the more straightforward rectangular shape, along with more information about the round (and oval) label sizes that we supply.

– Printing Mirrored Text and Images: information about how to create “Mirrored” labels in Word; if you want to apply your labels to one side of a transparent surface but need them to be readable from the OTHER side, you will need to ensure that your text and/or images are printed in reverse (or “mirrored”).

– Smartstamp Info: information about the Royal Mail’s Smartstamp Service, which allows individuals and business to print their own stamps directly onto their mail items.

– Glossary of Label Terms: terms commonly used in the Label Industry along with a (hopefully) helpful definition for each term.

– Cross-index of Avery Codes / List of Avery Codes: whether you’ve got an Avery product and want to know if we supply a compatible product OR you’re trying to find a compatible Avery template code for the Label Planet product you’ve bought, these pages provide an easy way to cross reference between Label Planet product codes and Avery product/template codes.

– Material Specification Sheets: a collection of material specification sheets for the label product ranges supplied by Label Planet; these pages contain more detailed information about our labels and the materials that are used to make our products.

Label Printing Templates: we provide templates in Word and PDF formats for all of our label sizes, so if you haven’t got a template to hand or you can’t find the template you need (and you aren’t quite confident enough to set up your own), you can download the template you need from our website – completely free of charge!

We’re currently setting up brand new Information Pages for all of the label sizes we supply; each Information Page will contain information about that particular label size, advice and tips about working with that label size, templates for that label size, and a complete list of the material options available for that label size. These pages are an ongoing project, and we’ll add new pages as they are ready; in the meantime you can continue to download templates from our Label Templates Page.

News For Reviews

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

We’ve said it many times before; we place a great deal of importance on reviews and are delighted with the response we’ve received (and continue to receive) from our customers. Hundreds of you have left us feedback, which we use to continually review and improve our products and customer service level – we also use them to make sure that we’re simply doing a good job!

We’ve recently added a new Review Widget to our website – you may have seen it hovering on the right side of the screen as you use and view our website.

This widget gives you a quick and easy way to take a look at all of our reviews and our review statistics including:

  • The number of reviews we’ve received
  • The average rating we currently hold
  • Our overall rating
  • The five latest reviews we’ve received

You can also follow the “See All” link to take a look through all of the reviews we’ve received from our customers to find out exactly what they think about Label Planet. You can also find more specific Product Reviews about each of our Label Product Ranges; simply visit the Range Page of the label product you are interested in and scroll to the bottom of the page for product specific reviews.

Of course, you can also take the opportunity to leave us your very own review – and let us know how you think we’re doing!

A Guide To The Brand New Label Planet Homepage

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

We’ve revamped our home page to make it even easier for customers to find the labels that they’re looking for. So, here’s a quick guide to the brand new Label Planet homepage!

Top links:
These text links lead to our Delivery Information page, About Us page, Blog, Templates page, Sample Request page, and Contact Us page.

Search Bar:
If you have a Label Planet product code from a previous search or order, you can navigate to the correct page even faster by entering the code into this search bar.

Text Links:
Use these links to see all of our labels that are suitable for Laser Printers, for Inkjet Printers, or for use as Address/Shipping labels.

Social Media Icons:
We’re also on social media! You can use these links to find out what’s going on at Label Planet from our social media sites or to get in touch and leave us feedback!

Side Links:
The four light purple boxes provide quick links to our despatch and delivery information, site and ordering information, and all of our help and advice pages.

Alphabetical List Of Labels:
Click on the big red button to view all of our ranges of labels listed in alphabetical order.

Five Images:
Quick links to our label sizes that are rounded cornered rectangles, square cut cornered rectangles, circles, address labels, or coloured labels.

Find Labels By Categories:
These links can be used to narrow down your search for a particular type of label based on certain requirements such as:
– The number of labels per sheet, compatible Avery codes, label height or width, label shape, or supplier codes.
– The type of label required: e.g. coloured, fluorescent, metallic, laser gloss, inkjet gloss, freezer, removable, super removable, waterproof removable, laser transparent, inkjet transparent, waterproof matt white, or waterproof gloss white.
– The type of material required: e.g. white paper, removable adhesives, gloss materials, coloured paper, special adhesives, materials for inkjet printing, transparent materials, permanent adhesives, or waterproof materials.

Labels On A4 Sheets for Schools:
A section of our website devoted to labels for use in schools, including how to buy from Label Planet, a teachers’ forum, information about our commission scheme, useful sites for teachers, ideas for how labels can be used in the school environment, and free templates for teachers to download and adapt for their own purposes.

Buy Name Labels:
A link to the website where we sell our name label products; Stikins, the name label that simply sticks on and stays on, and Trons, the easy to use iron-on name transfer that creates a permanent name label on any fabric item.

Download A4 Labels Brochure:
If you want a copy of the sizes and materials we have available, you can download and print a copy of our brochure for future reference.

Activity Window:
A fun new addition to the website, the activity window means you can take a look at the pages and products that are proving popular on our website – and perhaps get inspired along the way!

Save Teacher Time & Standardise With Labels

Monday, September 15th, 2014

For the new school year, we have added over 80 templates to the Labels for Schools section of our website.

These templates are totally free for teachers and members of staff to download and edit to create labels for just about every use you could think of.

We’ve got labels for:
– Feedback and Marking (General Purpose)
– Feedback and Marking (Merit and Reward)
– Administration (Books, Files)
– Lesson Planning
– Pastoral Care (Behaviour, Rewards, Files)
– Target Setting and Assessment

All of our templates and labels are A4 in size, meaning they can be printed in school on standard laser and inkjet printers.

These templates can be used as they are or adapted to suit a particular subject, lesson, or purpose.

To get started, simply visit our Labels For Schools section and click on Example of Labels to Download.

Labels For Schools – Labels, Templates, Advice & More…

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

With schools opening for the new school year, we’d like to remind schools about a brand new section on our website designed specifically for teachers and members of staff in schools.

Our “Labels For Schools”section, which can be found on our website here, offers a range of advice, tips, and free template downloadsf.

We have information on how to buy the labels you need, information about our commission scheme for schools, templates for all kinds of labels that can be used in a school environment and helpful advice on how to design and print your very own labels.

Labels can be used in schools for:
– General Feedback and Marking
– Merit and Reward Schemes
– Administration (Books & Files)
– Lesson Planning
– Pastoral Care
– Target Setting and Assessment