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Put Our Self Adhesive Labels To The Test With Our Label Sample Request Service

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

At Label Planet, we believe in doing everything we can to help our customers choose the perfect self adhesive labels for their projects. From address labels to product labels (and everything inbetween), we offer the widest possible range of options to ensure that you can find the sticky labels you need in the Label Planet range.

We know, however, that it can be difficult to choose just one label size / shape / material / adhesive from all of the options on offer – especially if you’ve never printed your own A4 labels before now.

This is why we offer a completely free LABEL SAMPLE service whereby you can request a few label sizes, shapes, materials, and adhesives to help you to find “the one” that’s perfect for your project.

To request a free sample of any of our blank labels, give us a call or fill in our online request form.

If you aren’t sure which sticky labels to choose, simply let us know as much information about your label application as possible (i.e. what you need self adhesive labels for and what you’d like them to look like) and we’ll put together a selection of the blank labels that best fit your requirements.

For example, let us know if you need laser labels (for a laser printer) or inkjet labels (for an inkjet printer), if you have any preference for coloured labels / kraft labels / fluorescent labels / white labels / gloss labels / transparent labels, if you need waterproof labels / security labels / freezer labels / bottle labels and jar labels, or if you have any preferences for a particular label size.

This helps us to make sure that the sample labels we send are suitable for your particular label application.

You can then use your sample to choose the right colour or finish, the right type and strength of label adhesive, and the right label size for your application. You can also use your sample to replicate your label application as closely as possible – to make sure that the self adhesive labels you choose will actually work under the conditions of your label application – and to give yourself a test run at printing a label template accurately.

We try to fulfil sample requests same or next working day; samples are posted out via Royal Mail’s first class service as standard.

Visit our website to view all of the label sizes and materials available and then head over to our sample request page (or give us a call) to request a label sample today!

Why Try Before You Buy? Request A Sample To Make Sure You Can Apply And Rely On The Labels We Supply!

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Here at Label Planet, we firmly believe in doing all we can to help our customers find the perfect label for their particular needs and a big part of this is our sample request service.

Allowing our customers to request a sample means they can buy labels from us knowing that they are the right labels for the job.

Whether you need to check if a material or adhesive is the right one for your application, you want to look at a few different colours or finishes to pick the best one for your project, or you want to practice printing your own labels, requesting a sample is a quick and easy (and free) way to make sure you pick the perfect label.

To request a sample you can get in touch with our Customer Service Team OR you can use our online Sample Request Form.

We ask that you give as much detail as you can about your application and preferences so that we can send the best options for your requirements. We also recommend that when you print and/or test your labels you replicate the actual application as closely possible to make sure that those labels will work for you.

All of our samples are sent out in C4 envelopes with your samples packed into plastic bags printed with a few of our top tips for trouble free label printing. We recommend that you read these tips to make sure that you get the most out of your sample labels.

You can find free templates for all of our label sizes (in Word and PDF formats) on our website, along with a Help Section that contains Step By Step Guides To Designing & Printing Labels, more Top Tips, and a Troubleshooting Guide – just in case you run into any issues.

Remember, you can always get in touch with our Customer Service Team if you need any help and advice on choosing, ordering, and printing your perfect labels; alternatively, you can simply visit our website now to request your free sample or to access our help and advice pages (including our Template Section).

Have You Heard About Our Free Label Sample Service?

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Here at Label Planet, we know that choosing the right label for the job can be a crucial decision and, with so many different options available, it can be a difficult decision to get right.

This is why we offer a free label sample service so that our customers can request a sample of the labels they THINK are appropriate for their particular label application and test them out in their actual application before they place an order. This way you can check that the material you choose has the appropriate finish for your application (whether you’re going for a dazzling and decorative finish or something a bit more subtle and understated) and that the material and adhesive will function correctly in the environment(s) associated with your application (whether they’ll be stored in a variety of different locations, exposed to different temperatures, or even used outside or in damp indoor conditions).

To request a sample all you need to do is fill in our online sample request form or get in touch with our Customer Service Team. If you are using our online form, please try to be as accurate and detailed as possible with the information you provide – this will allow us to make sure that the samples we send are the best possible options for your particular label application. If you aren’t sure what sort of label you need, try to describe your application in as much detail as possible so we can make a recommendation based on the information you provide.

You can also request a sample if you know what labels you want to buy BUT you’d like to have a few extra sheets on hand so you can practice getting your print just perfect before you put your purchased labels into your printer.

You can find our Sample Request Form on our website here, while our Customer Service Team contact information can be found on our Contact Us page here.

Request Free Samples This Summer To Find The Perfect Label For Any Project

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

If you’re starting a brand new project this summer and you need to source some suitable labels, it’s always a good idea to request a sample so you can make absolutely sure that the labels you pick will do the job you need them to – before you go ahead and buy.

Requesting a sample gives you a chance to do all sorts of things, including:

  • Making sure you really like the way they look
    As with anything that needs to look the part, you may buy labels in a particular colour or finish that seems like it will be perfect for your application, only to find that they’re not at all what you wanted when they arrive.
    At Label Planet, we offer a range of colours and finishes (including seven pastel colours, five fluorescent colours, gold and silver, and a brown Kraft paper, along with options for matt, gloss, and semi-gloss finishes) BUT the best way to find out if they’ve got the perfect look to go with your project is to request a sample sheet and see for yourself!
  • Making sure they’ll withstand any environmental challenges
    If you know that your labels will be going into an environment with some unusual characteristics, then it’s always a good idea to request a sample to check that they’ll actually be able to work in those conditions. For example, if you know that your labels will be exposed to high or low temperatures (or even fluctuations between both), that they will be exposed to or immersed in water, or that they may be frequently handled, you can request a sample to double check that the labels you are interested in will withstand those challenges without being damaged (or even disintegrating).
  • Making sure they stick onto the surface you need them to stick to
    This is especially important if you are labelling something that is made of an unusual material or has a varied or curved surface; while the majority of our permanent adhesives are designed to adhere strongly to the majority of surfaces and materials, there are some that may prove more of a challenge (in which case you would need to try one of our stronger adhesives, such as our High Tack or Marine Adhesives). It is impossible for us to guarantee that any one of our adhesives will adhere to an unusual material or surface type and it is always best to test an adhesive in the exact environmental conditions of your label application.
  • Making sure they will go through your printer properly
    Some printers may struggle to handle labels because they tend to be made of different materials and are much thicker than standard sheets of paper. Smaller, more basic models of printer are less likely to be able to process labels; these printers tend to be designed for printing onto basic sheets of standard paper ONLY, which means that trying to put labels through them could damage your printer. If you aren’t sure if your printer is able to accept sheets of labels, we strongly advise taking a look at your printer’s manual (or contacting the printer manufacturer/visiting their website for advice) as all printer manuals will include a list of specifications for your model of printer, including information about the types and thicknesses of materials that it can (and cannot) process.
  • Making sure you’ve had a “trial run” at DIY label printing
    You can also use your sample to have a trial run at printing your labels yourself – which is a great idea if you’ve never done it before. You can use your samples to check if your template is set up correctly and if you have selected the best combination of print settings in your printer’s properties to create the print quality and accurate alignment that you need.

Requesting a sample is really easy; either fill out our online Sample Request form or get in touch with our Customer Service Team to let us know which labels you’d like to try. We aim to send out all sample requests on the same or next working day (despatch is via Royal Mail’s first class service) so you should have plenty of time to decide which ones you want before your deadline arrives. We advise customers to be as specific as possible with their sample requests so that we can make sure that the samples we send are the best options for the application you have in mind – and we’ll always try to offer extra advice where we can. If you’re trying to work out which labels to request, remember you can always have a chat with our Customer Service Team about your labelling requirements or try out our brand new Label Finder, which should help you to work out the best possible options for your particular project.

To request a sample and get your summer project underway, simply visit our Label Sample Request page or contact our Customer Service Team.

Take Our Labels For A Test Drive With Our Sample Request Service

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

People decide to print their own labels for a number of different reasons; for some it’s a financial decision (to avoid paying someone else to print labels on their behalf), others want to be able to control what is printed on their labels (as well as when and how many labels are produced at a time), and others want to make their own labels for a personal project (for example, as part of a particularly important event such as a big birthday, a special anniversary, or a wedding).

Producing your own labels, however, also means that you take on the responsibility (and challenges) of finding the perfect label for your particular application AND designing a template for those labels AND getting that template to print out properly on your labels.

With so many different label products available for customers to print themselves, it can be quite a difficult thing to decide which labels to choose – you need to consider if a particular product is the right size/colour/finish, if the material and adhesive are suitable for the application you have in mind, if the labels are compatible with your printer, and if the shape and size are right for what you need your label to do.

This is why we offer a free sample request service; customers can browse through the different options we offer, select the ones that they think are most suitable for their needs, and then ask for a sample. They can then test those particular labels to make sure that they will do the job in hand AND they can have a test run at designing and printing their own label template.

We recently updated our online sample request form to make it even more helpful to customers who are choosing and printing their own labels; if you’re not sure which samples to ask for, you can simply let us know what sort of label you are looking for and we’ll select the best options on your behalf. We recommend being as specific as you can with the samples that you request so we can make sure that the labels we send out are the most suitable ones for the label application you have in mind. For example, we ask you to let us know what kind of printer you have, what material types and adhesive strengths you prefer, what you will be using the labels for / what you will be sticking the labels onto, and any shape or size requirements that you have – using this information, we can select the best options for your label application (making sure that they’re compatible with your printer and are made with a material and adhesive that will meet the requirements of the application).

To request a sample from Label Planet, simply visit our Samples Page and fill in our online request form OR get in touch with our Customer Service Team by phone or by email to request a sample pack.

Request A Sample To Try Your Labels Before You Buy

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Here at Label Planet, we are more than familiar with the confusion that can arise when you’ve got a particular label application in mind but you’re not sure which label product is going to be the best one for the job, not to mention the frustration of going ahead and buying a label product that looks like it is going to work PERFECTLY (on paper at least), only to find out that it simply can’t cope with the specific requirements that you need it to meet.

This is why we’ve set up a free sample request service, so that our customers can request a sample of the label product(s) that they think will work best for them, so they can test the labels for themselves and make absolutely sure that they’re going to work properly, before going ahead with an order.

Labels can be influenced by all kinds of variations in the conditions or environment of your label application, including fluctuations in temperature, the surface type and material you need a label to adhere to, any exposure to water and/or other liquids, and even if the label simply looks right or not, which means that even if you pick a label product that is designed for, or is supposed to be suitable for, a particular label application, there may be a factor in your particular application that causes a problem.

By requesting a sample, you can make sure that our labels can cope with the EXACT conditions of your label application. You can also use our sample service to help you choose between a few label options (particularly different colours or finishes), to make sure that your printer is capable of processing those labels, and to have a trial run at designing and printing your own labels.

To get started, you can get in touch with us to let us know what you’re looking for or simply fill in our online Sample Request Form.

If you’re requesting labels online, please fill in the form with as much detail about your label application as possible and be as precise as you can with the samples you want to request. This will allow us to make sure that the labels we send to you are the best possible options for the task at hand and to offer specific tips or advice to help you get the very best results from your samples.

Remember: Use Our Free Sample Service To Make Sure That Our Labels Are Perfect For You

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Here at Label Planet, we operate a free sample service for all of our customers.

If you aren’t quite sure that a label will do the job you have in mind, you want to see the colour or finish of a label for yourself, or you simply want to have a test run to make sure your template and/or printer will work properly, you can request a sample of the labels you are interested in and give them a go before you buy.

Requesting a sample means you can test out a label in the exact conditions of the label application you are sourcing a product for or simply try out a few options to see which one looks the best. We know that committing to a purchase and then finding out that the product you’ve bought is no good at all is endlessly frustrating, time consuming, and – possibly – quite expensive, so we prefer to give our customers a chance to sample our labels to ensure that, when they buy, they know they’re getting labels that will work perfectly for them.

How To Order A Sample
You can order samples in two ways: give us a call or fill in our online Sample Request Form.

REMEMBER: if you request your labels online try to be AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE with your request. That way, we can offer the best possible help and advice on choosing the right label for the job and we can make sure that the samples you receive are ones that will actually come in useful.

So, let us know:

POSTAL ADDRESS: please provide your FULL ADDRESS – house number, street name, AND postcode, along with a company name (if applicable).

PRINTER TYPE: let us know if you have access to a laser printer, inkjet printer, or both. Some of our products are suitable for ONE TYPE of printer only and cannot be used on any other kind of printer – by letting us know the kind of printer you will be using, we can ensure that all the samples you receive will work with that printer.

WHAT ARE YOU STICKING THE LABELS ONTO: if you let us know what you are applying the labels to, we can offer advice on the best label(s) for the job. Please be as specific as you can – for example, tell us a bit about the item you are applying labels to, including the material the item is made of, whether the item is flat or curved etc.

SAMPLE REQUIRED: let us know the SPECIFIC LABEL PRODUCTS you want a sample of – where possible let us know the size(s) you are interested in and the product range(s) you are interested in (e.g. MTP, MWPE, LG, SG etc).

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: let us know any other requirements you have for your sample to help us make sure that the sample you receive is suitable for the label application you have in mind. For example, you might need labels that are waterproof, that have a gloss finish, that can be frozen, that are suitable for writing on etc. If we know the specific requirements you have for a label, we will be able to send samples of labels that meet those requirements.

There Are 1,000,001 Reasons To Request A Sample…

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

…Because There Are 1,000,001 Different Ways To Use Labels!

Okay, so perhaps that title was a little misleading but one of the most important reasons to request a sample is to make sure that the labels you want to purchase are suitable for the labelling application you have in mind.

Our customers purchase labels for a whole heap of different labelling applications – maybe even more than the 1,000,001 of our title – and every single one of these labelling applications will involve labels being used in a completely unique set of conditions, including the surface they are applied to and the environment in which they are used and/or stored.

While we can offer advice on choosing the best label for the job, we cannot guarantee that a label will work perfectly in the unique conditions of an individual customer’s particular labelling application. The bottom line is, while we are always happy to discuss a customer’s requirements and offer the best advice that we can, there is simply no substitute for testing the labels in the exact environment and conditions that they are required for.

Getting a sample also means you have a chance to test how well your printer works with labels, to perfect your design, and to check if the labels look just right.

 To request a sample, all you need to do is fill in our Sample Request Form and await your samples!

Please be as specific as possible with your sample request and provide as much information as you can; this way we can supply you with the best selection of samples and (if necessary) offer additional advice for the labelling application you have in mind to help you get the best possible results.

Not Sure If A Label Is Right For You? Request A Sample & Get Testing!

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

We offer a free sample request service so that all of our customers can try out our labels before they commit to a purchase.

Whether you’re completely new to the label game or you’re an old hand who wants to try out something new, you can request a sample via our website.

Simply follow these steps:

1. Visit our Samples Request page.
2. Fill in the form:

Contact Name/Address: so we know where to send the sample!
Tel No./Email: so we can contact you if necessary. We respond to all sample requests with an email to let you know that your sample request has been received, along with details of the samples that we will be sending.
Printer Type: some of our labels are compatible with either inkjet printers or laser printers only (i.e. not both). If you let us know what kind of printer you have we can let you know if the samples you have requested are compatible with your printer and/or suggest which labels would work best for you.
What Are You Sticking The Labels Onto?: if we know what you need your labels for, we can offer advice on which labels would work best.
Samples Required: so we know which labels you want to try! Please try to be as specific as possible and include the relevant product codes (Beginning with “LP”) if you know them.
Business or Personal Use: so we can ensure you find the best labels for your needs.
Additional Information: if you have any extra information about the application you need the labels for or have any questions about our labels or printing, you can enter this here and we’ll include a response in our email back to you.

We always try to offer the exact sample that has been requested but, unfortunately, we can only send out samples of our stocked items. If you request a sample of a non-stocked item, we will send you the material type in a close size and the exact size in a paper label so that you can see the size for yourself and test the material to make sure it works for you.

Got An Unusual Project In Mind? Request A Sample To Try Before You Buy!

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Here at Label Planet we get customers with all sorts of labelling applications in mind – many of which we’d never have even thought of!

This means that we often take calls and emails from customers who aren’t sure what kind of label they need, or if a particular kind of label would be up to the job.

This is just one of the reasons why we offer a free sample request service.

All you have to do is fill in our simple online request form and we’ll send you a few sheets to test out for yourself, to make sure that one of our products is suitable for the specific requirements of your particular application.

We’ll also take a look over the details you provide (such as the type of printer you have, what you’ll be sticking the labels onto, and any other specific requirements that you need to meet) to see if we can make any suggestions about the type of label you should use, along with advice and tips on how to get the best print results from your labels.