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Make Your Post Personal & Professional With Address Labels From Label Planet

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Address labels are the perfect way to make your post more presentable. Whether you’re looking to add personality or professionality, we’ve got address labels to make your post look perfect!

Address Labels – A Practical & Pretty Addition To All Your Post

While you can use address labels simply to make your post more decorative or professional in appearance, there’s a lot to be said for the practical benefits of printing address labels.

Printing address labels can save you a lot of time – especially if you’ve got a long mailing list. There are plenty of automated tools to speed up the process even further. For example, mail merges are a brilliant tool, whether you’re a business or organisation getting in touch with customers, clients, or supporters or simply an individual who has a very long Christmas card list.

Printing labels is also a lot less strenuous than handwriting your own address labels and you get a perfectly uniform set of labels – brilliant if your handwriting tends to get a bit wonky.

You may worry that printed address labels aren’t as personal as handwritten ones but there are hundreds of ways to personalise address labels to make sure that they are truly unique. Decorative designs, fonts, and photographs can all be included to make your address labels your own.

Printing address labels allows you to combine the practical and the pretty to ensure that your post gets where it needs to go AND lets people know who it’s from – before they even open it! For example, you could include a personal message (or design) or company/organisation details and branding.

Address Labels – Product Options To Suit Every Purpose

Whether you’re trying to make your post more personal or professional, we’ve got the perfect products for you!

address labels from label planetWhite Address Labels

If you’re looking for something classic, you can’t go wrong with a white paper label. White labels are easy to read and provide the perfect background for colourful designs and/or photographs. There are three options to choose from:

  • White Labels: our standard paper labels are made with matt white paper and are suitable for inkjet and laser printers. Ideal for basic address labels – and perfect if you’re working a tight budget.
  • Gloss White Labels: for a subtle touch of decoration, our gloss labels are an ideal choice. They have a bright and shiny surface, which makes your information/design stand out against matt envelopes and packaging. We have Gloss Labels For Laser Printers, Semi-Gloss Labels For Laser Printers (for a more subtle degree of shine), and Photo-Quality Gloss Labels – ideal if you want to add photographs or high resolution artwork to your address labels.
  • Premium Paper Labels: if you prefer a matt finish, our premium paper labels are perfect. They are made with a specially coated paper, which is ideal for printing high resolution artwork and photographs. These paper labels can be printed with an inkjet or a laser printer.

Coloured Address Labels

For a super quick and effective way to add a touch of decoration to your post, coloured address labels are the ideal solution. They give you an instantly decorative background for your text and designs, although you may need to make sure that you choose suitable colour schemes to make sure your print remains legible against the coloured background. They’re also a brilliant way to reflect your company/organisation brand colours and are especially popular for special events, both personal and professional in nature. Again, there are three options to choose from:

  • Coloured Labels: our pastel coloured labels are available in seven shades; red labels, orange-red labels, yellow labels, green labels, blue labels, pink labels, and cream labels. You can print them using a laser or inkjet printer.
  • Gold Labels & Silver Labels: our metallic coloured labels are a popular choice for festive items, celebrations, and special events – particularly for seasonal items and for weddings. They have a satin metallic finish and can be printed using a laser printer.
  • Kraft Labels: our brown Kraft labels have a ribbed finish for a subtle touch of pattern and texture. Especially popular for homemade and craft items, these address labels offer a natural finish that is perfect for adding a personal touch to your post.

Transparent Address Labels

Transparent labels are a brilliantly versatile way to create address labels. They are ideal if you have decorative envelopes or packaging; firstly, they avoid the problem of trying to colour match patterning (and brand colours) and they allow you to avoid plastering a less decorative address label over your carefully chosen pattern. They can allow you to add your address information on to items seamlessly – so your envelopes / packaging appear pre-printed with the correct details. We offer three options for transparent labels:

  • GCP: GLOSS transparent labels, suitable for use with inkjet printers only.
  • GTP: GLOSS transparent labels, suitable for use with laser printers only.
  • MTP: MATT transparent labels, suitable for use with laser printers only.

Order Address Labels From Label Planet – With Super Fast Despatch & Delivery To Get You Set For Christmas!

Our Address Labels section includes the materials listed above in the FIVE label sizes that are most popularly used as address labels. These are:

  • LP4/99: 4 labels per sheet, 99.1 x 139mm (compatible Avery labels L7169)
  • LP8/99: 8 labels per sheet, 99.1 x 67.7mm (compatible Avery labels L7165)
  • LP14/99: 14 labels per sheet, 99.1 x 38.1mm (compatible Avery labels L7163)
  • LP21/63: 21 labels per sheet, 63.5 x 38.1mm (compatible Avery labels L7160)
  • LP65/38: 65 labels per sheet, 38.1 x 21.2mm (compatible Avery labels L7651)

These are all stocked items, available to purchase in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch.

We despatch orders of fewer than 250 sheets by Royal Mail’s first class service. Around 93% arrives next day with the rest taking a few days extra (up to five working days). If you’ve got a deadline to meet, you can upgrade to Special Delivery, which guarantees delivery by 1pm on the next working day.

Orders of 250+ sheets despatch via next working day carrier. Delivery to Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, and the Channel Islands takes two working days.

Orders of 500+ sheets despatch from our warehouse where stock is available. If stock is unavailable or your items are made to order (i.e. have a minimum order quantity of 500 sheets), despatch will take up to five working days. This leadtime will increase as we get closer to Christmas.

We offer a free sample request service so you can test a couple of options. We also provide free label templates in Word and PDF formats. Download these from our Label Templates section; first select your label shape and then your label size.

Get Craftily Creative With Kraft Labels From Label Planet

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

What Are Kraft Labels?

Sticky labels made with a Kraft paper…

What Is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper uses paper pulp produced by the Kraft process. This process has a number of benefits and advantages over alternative methods, including:

  • The ability to process wood from almost every species of tree.
  • A process of breaking down lignin that doesn’t damage the cellulose fibres in the process (lignin is a natural glue that holds wood fibres together).
  • The ability to easily separate and reuse unwanted waste elements.
  • The production of stronger and higher quality pulp (“Kraft” is a German word for strength).
  • The ability to produce paper with longer fibres, giving the paper greater elasticity, strength, and tear resistance.
  • A more environmentally friendly method of processing wood.

Kraft papers are usually created using unbleached pulp, which avoids the use of industrial strength bleaching agents in the manufacturing process. Kraft paper are therefore usually brown in colour. This is the natural colouring of the pulp use to make the paper.

What Are Label Planet’s Kraft Labels Like?

Our Kraft labels are made with a Kraft paper and a permanent adhesive. They are suitable for use with laser printers and inkjet printers OR for handwriting.

The Kraft paper has a ribbed finish, which adds a subtle texture and pattern of light and dark stripes. We believe this adds a decorative twist to the natural colouring of our Kraft labels. This makes them the perfect choice for any crafty project where you really want your sticky labels to look the part.

What Crafts Can I Create With Kraft Labels?

Kraft labels are brilliant for all sorts of crafty projects. They’re especially popular for use as address labels and product labels when our customers want their parcels and packaging to have a truly home-made touch. Some want a finishing touch with a “home-made” and personal feel. Others are labelling items made with natural ingredients or hand-made crafting techniques and want their sticky labels to match their methods.

They’re also perfect for use on personal projects at home. For example, they’re a great way to get your stuff organised in a more decorative way. They’re also perfect for making your own gifts, cards, or gift tags to celebrate a special day for a special someone (or someones!).

Order Kraft Labels From Label Planet Today

Label Planet Labels Logo

We supply 54 labels sizes in our range of Kraft labels. Twenty are available for same day despatch from stock in packs of 25 sheets. The rest are available to order in boxes of 500 sheets. You can use an inkjet printer or a laser printer to print your Kraft labels. Alternatively, you can handwrite (or draw) your messages and designs for a truly home-made and hand-crafted finish.

Visit the BRK range page to find out more about these crafty labels or to place an order to get creative with your own Kraft labels today!

Hop Into Spring (& Easter) With Coloured Labels From Label Planet

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

With the Spring Equinox set to herald the start of Spring on Sunday (regardless of whether or not the weather takes any notice), it’s a great time of year to get inspired and we’ve got some wonderful coloured labels that are perfect for getting creative and putting a real spring in your step – especially if you’ve got big plans for Easter and you want to make some labels to match!

We’ve got FIFTEEN colours for you to get creative with, so whether you’re putting together a spring promotion for your company or you’re planning an Easter party and need labels for invitations, gift tags, or as directions and clues for an Easter egg hunt, we should have the perfect label choice for you!

Our labels can be printed on standard desktop printers OR handwritten so you have complete freedom to create whatever designs or patterns you want – the only limit is your imagination!

Simply visit our Coloured Labels page to take a look at all of the colours available and celebrate spring with a burst of colour!

To Add A Subtle Bloom Of Colour Choose One Of Our Pastel Shades:
Choose from Crimson Red, Orange-Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, and Cream
Suitable for inkjet and laser printers or for handwriting.

Kick Start Spring With A Burst Of One Of Our Fantastic Fluorescents:
Choose from Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, and Magenta
Suitable for laser printers or for handwriting.

Add A Shimmering Sparkle With Metallics:
Choose from Gold and Silver
Suitable for laser printers or for handwriting.

Get Inspired & Crafty With Our Kraft Labels:
Uncoated, unbleached brown Kraft paper with a ribbed finish for a touch of pattern and texture
Suitable for inkjet and laser printers or for handwriting.

Of course, if you find that you’ve got a colour in mind that we simply don’t do, you can always rely on some good old DIY and flood coat our Matt White Paper Labels with a design that is full of colour!

Feeling Krafty? Try Our Kraft Labels For All Your Autumn Inspired Craft Projects

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

With a change of season on the way, you might be looking forward to starting new projects inspired by the changing colours of autumn or simply trying to find a way to avoid going outside into the wet and windy weather that autumn usually brings.

This year we’ve introduced a wonderful range of labels that are just perfect for getting creative: Kraft Labels!

These labels are made with an uncoated, unbleached Kraft paper that has a natural brown colour and a ribbed finish, which gives it a wonderfully decorative touch of pattern and texture. The natural finish of these labels makes them the perfect material for use in craft projects – particularly those that you want to have a handcrafted, organic feel, whether you’re making things for yourself, for friends and family, or for customers who are looking for that natural, homemade finish.

These labels are supplied on A4 sheets and can be printed with inkjet and laser printers or you can go the extra mile and personalise them with handwritten messages and designs. We have nine standard sizes available to buy in packs of 25 sheets from stock and a full range of sizes available to order.

These labels are a brilliant way to make your own personalised stationery, to use as a subtle decorative addition to homemade craft projects, or as the perfect finishing touch on handcrafted products.

To find out more about these labels, see what sizes are available, or to go ahead and buy, simply visit our Kraft Labels range page.

New Products: We’ve Got Three, Yes THREE, Brand New Label Products

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Yes, we’ve been busy this summer and we’ve got three brand new label products to introduce to our customers.

First up we have two new security label products: Tamper Evident Vinyl Labels and Silver “VOID” Polyester Labels.

These labels are designed to increase the security of items by providing evidence of any attempt to tamper with the label (and therefore the item that the label is applied to). These labels are made with an extremely fragile cast vinyl material and a strong, permanent adhesive. Once a label has been applied, any attempt to remove the label will cause the vinyl to disintegrate into tiny pieces, making it impossible to remove the label in its entirety and providing visual evidence of tampering.

MATERIAL: Matt White Cast Vinyl
ADHESIVE: Strong Permanent Adhesive
LABELLING APPLICATIONS: Security Labels on High or Added Value Products/Items OR Security Seals on High or Added Value Product Packaging

These labels also provide evidence of any attempt to tamper with the label (and therefore the item that the label is applied to). These labels are made with a silver polyester and a special partial transfer “VOID” adhesive. If an attempt is made to remove one of these labels, the word “VOID” will appear on both the item that was labelled and the label itself; this means that it is evident that a label/item has been tampered with and makes it impossible to reuse the label to hide the fact that an item has been tampered with.

MATERIAL: Matt Metallic Silver Polyester
ADHESIVE: Strong Permanent “VOID” Adhesive
LABELLING APPLICATIONS: Security Labels on High or Added Value Products/Items, Security Seals on High or Added Value Product Packaging, OR Warranty Labels/Seals

Our third product is a new colourful addition, made with Brown Ribbed Kraft paper.
These labels are made with an uncoated, unbleached ribbed kraft paper, which means they have a natural brown colouring with a subtle touch of pattern and texture. Supplied on A4 sheets with a permanent adhesive and suitable for use on laser and inkjet printers, these labels are particularly popular for use on homemade or hand crafted products and for use when an individual or business wants to use products that are more environmentally friendly.

MATERIAL: Brown Ribbed Kraft Paper
ADHESIVE: Permanent Adhesive
LABELLING APPLICATIONS: Product/Packaging Labels, Address Labels, Marketing & Promotional Labels, OR General Purpose Craft Labels

All of these products currently have NINE sizes available for same day despatch from stock (25 sheet minimum order quantity) and a full range of sizes available to order (500 sheet minimum order quantity). Find out more here:

Get Crafty With Our Latest Product: Kraft Labels!

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

While you might think of arts and crafts as being a traditional hobby reserved for individuals at home or small weekly craft groups, today’s world of arts and crafts has soared in popularity with hundreds and thousands of online forums, blogs, and stores allowing people to share tips and ideas, get inspired, source brand new materials and techniques, and sell their homemade goods either as a part time hobby or as a full time, fully fledged, business.

One of the most popular materials often associated with the world of arts and crafts is kraft paper; with its natural brown colouring and environmentally friendly manufacturing process, kraft paper is a much loved material when you’re getting crafty.

Kraft labels can be used in all sorts of ways; the natural, decorative appearance makes them a creative addition to products and packaging; to envelopes and parcels that need that extra special finishing touch; to marketing and promotional materials; to all your files and folders or boxes of bits and pieces that need to be organised; or any other creative (and crafty) use you can think of!

But what is “Kraft”?
The word “Kraft” is German for “strength” and is used to refer both to a process of manufacturing paper pulp and the products that are made using that pulp. The “Kraft” process is popular because it has a number of benefits over other pulp making processes; for example, the “Kraft” process can be done using wood from almost every species of tree, does less damage to the fibres in the pulp as it is processed, is considered more environmentally friendly than other processes, and produces a stronger, higher quality of pulp. Kraft paper is used to make a whole variety of items including packaging, paper bags and sacks, wrapping paper, envelopes, and (of course!) labels.

While the pulp can be bleached or unbleached, the term “Kraft” is most commonly used to refer to unbleached pulp, which retains its natural brown colouring – which means that this material is often considered to be environmentally friendly in its manufacturing process, its characteristics, and its appearance.

Kraft Labels from Label Planet
Here at Label Planet, we have nine sizes of kraft labels available for same day despatch from stock (25 sheet minimum order quantity) and a full range of sizes available to order (500 sheet minimum order quantity).

These labels are supplied on A4 sheets with a permanent adhesive, and are suitable for use on all standard desktop inkjet and laser printers. Our labels are made with a brown ribbed kraft paper that is uncoated and unbleached, which means that these labels have a natural, brown colouring with a subtle pattern and texture.

Please visit the Brown Kraft Paper Labels range page to find out more, view the Material Specification Sheet, see what sizes are available, or to go ahead and buy.