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News For Reviews

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

We’ve said it many times before; we place a great deal of importance on reviews and are delighted with the response we’ve received (and continue to receive) from our customers. Hundreds of you have left us feedback, which we use to continually review and improve our products and customer service level – we also use them to make sure that we’re simply doing a good job!

We’ve recently added a new Review Widget to our website – you may have seen it hovering on the right side of the screen as you use and view our website.

This widget gives you a quick and easy way to take a look at all of our reviews and our review statistics including:

  • The number of reviews we’ve received
  • The average rating we currently hold
  • Our overall rating
  • The five latest reviews we’ve received

You can also follow the “See All” link to take a look through all of the reviews we’ve received from our customers to find out exactly what they think about Label Planet. You can also find more specific Product Reviews about each of our Label Product Ranges; simply visit the Range Page of the label product you are interested in and scroll to the bottom of the page for product specific reviews.

Of course, you can also take the opportunity to leave us your very own review – and let us know how you think we’re doing!

Little Extras From Label Planet

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Here at Label Planet, we try to offer as many little extras as we can, so on our website you’ll find a lot more than just labels. We also have:


If you want to try before you buy to make sure the label you’re looking at will work properly, or if you’re not sure which label is best for you, you can always request a sample from us.


We have Word and PDF templates for all of our label sizes so if you don’t have access to software that has the template you need built in, we have templates ready for you to download and use. We’re also happy to talk to customers about common template problems and issues.


If you’ve got an Avery code and want to know if we have a compatible product or if you’ve got one of our products and want to know if it is compatible with an Avery code, then we have two handy tables to help you check compatibility.


We have a short video about printing labels, which is available to view on our website.


We’ve put together a glossary of common labelling and printing terms to help explain some of the technical speak and jargon that exists in the labelling world. So, if there’s a word you don’t understand, why not take a browse through our glossary to see if we’ve got a handy definition available.


We keep our blog up to date with all of the latest pieces of help and advice, product information, questions that we have received from customers, and all of the latest news from Label Planet.


Our amazing customers have been busy leaving reviews of our products so you don’t just have to take our word for how useful they can be. Reviews are a great way to find out how our customers get on with our labels, the wonderfully creative ways they use our labels, and any tips they have for fellow labellers. We also keep a eye on reviews that we receive, so if a customer uses their review to flag up an issue they experienced, we can pick up on these problems and do our best to find a solution.


A list of simple dos and don’ts to help avoid the most common problems that occur when printing labels.


We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that our customers ask, so if there’s a simple question you want answering you can always take a look through our FAQ to see if there’s an answer to your question there.


A basic guide to designing and printing labels based on the tricks and tips that we’ve picked up along the way. While labelling can be extremely easy to do, it can also be quite confusing if you’ve never done it before, so we’ve put together an easy to follow guide that will help steer you through the process of designing and printing a template – because, like anything else, labelling is a lot easier to do when you know the little tricks to getting the results you want.


Round and oval labels are always trickier to get right than rectangular labels, so we’ve written a guide especially for customers who are printing these particular shapes. There’s a brief guide to designing and printing round or oval labels, along with a few tips to help you avoid common problems that crop up with these shapes.


This is a bit more specialised but now that we’ve introduced our range of Transparent Static Cling labels, we wanted to make sure that customers wanting to print mirrored window stickers had a bit of guidance to help them out. Mirrored labels are printed in reverse, so that they can stuck to the inside of a window (or glass surface) and read correctly from the other side.


A brief description of the Royal Mail’s Smartstamp for customers who are considering using this service to pre-pay for their postage.


Each of our specialist materials has a specification sheet that outlines the specifics of the face material, adhesive, and backing sheet used to make that particular kind of label. These specification sheets can be found on our range pages, each of which is dedicated to one particular material or adhesive that we have available.

Schools: We Need You (To Tell Us How You Use Your Labels)

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

We have a number of schools who buy labels from us.

While a large number of these buy our LP18/63 for their marking systems, we also get orders for a variety of other products – and it’s made us curious.

We want to help schools in any way we can and, if we know the sorts of labels that come in useful, we will be able to offer better products and better advice to schools who order from us in the future.

So, do you need circles for feedback stickers? Labels for organising the classroom? Stickers that you can use as tools for teaching and revision?

Whatever it is, we want to hear from you.

Leave us a comment below or send us an email at

You’ve Got (E)Mail

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

When you make an order with us, we’ll keep you updated by email so you know when your order is on the way.


Sender: Subject: Description:
Label Planet Thank You For Your Order This email confirms that we have received your order and it’s on our system just waiting to be processed. We process orders during normal office hours (9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri).

Please read this email carefully to check that all the details we have received from you are correct. If you need to amend anything, get in touch with us.

This email shows your Order Id, Billing Address, Delivery Address, Contact Details, Shipping Method, the details of the item(s) you have ordered, and the total cost of your order.

As a little bit extra, this email also includes a link to our Review Page (so you can let us know what you think of your order), our Facebook Page (so you can find out more about everything Label Planet), and a link to the item(s) you have ordered – this way you can make sure you have ordered exactly the right product for your project, double check the properties and specifications of your labels, or you can go straight to the right page when you want to re-order – especially useful if you can’t remember which particular label or labels you have ordered before.

Payment Provider Your Payment Was Successful This email is sent by one of our payment providers (Sagepay & PayPal) to confirm that they have been able to process your payment correctly.

These emails are sent directly from the payment providers themselves and are for your information only – we don’t send these emails nor do we see their contents; they are simply to let you know that your payment has been successful and for you to keep for your records if you wish to do so.

Again, please double check that the details are correct. You will receive an email from the payment provider that you selected when going through the Checkout.

Label Planet Order Status Updated Success! This email means that we have processed your order.

Stocked items (packs of 25 sheets) will have been packed up ready for same day despatch via Royal Mail’s first class service or a next working day carrier (depending on the total quantity of your order).

Orders of 500+ sheets will either be despatched via a next working day carrier service (paper labels with standard adhesive) or will be made to order and despatched within five working days (special adhesives and materials).

These emails are automatically generated at each stage of your order and are an easy way to keep track of what you have ordered from Label Planet.

If you have any questions about your order, if there are any problems with your order, or if you don’t receive these emails, you can always get in touch with us by phone or email and we’ll be happy to discuss your order with you.

Ordering Assistance From Label Planet

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

We often get enquiries from customers who either want to place an order for a high volume or who have what we like to call a “shopping list” – in other words, a lot of different sizes or types of labels in one order (although we should note that sometimes we get someone who falls into both of these categories).

These customers may have concerns about ordering such quantities or complicated orders online, which is why we would encourage these customers to get in touch with us before they place their order.

We can give these customers:
– Free samples to try out new labels before they buy
– Advice on which materials and sizes are best suited to their requirements
– Advice on getting the best print results
– Advice on ordering the right quantity at the right price, including quotes for the items they are interested in

So, if you have any doubts or queries about an order you wish to place, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to assist!

Expanding Our Range: New Sizes On The Way

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Keep an eye out for even more changes to the website!

In the next few months, we’re hoping to introduce some brand new sizes across our ranges, and to expand the number of sizes that we keep in stock. We’re looking to pick some of popular sizes that are not currently available or that are only available at a minimum order of 500 sheets to help make things even easier for our customers. Hopefully, we’ll be able to fill in some of the gaps that currently exist between the sizes we currently have on offer to make sure our customers get the closest match for their requirements.

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Labels Gallery – Images Required

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Just a reminder that we are planning to promote all of the creative ways our customers use labels from Label Planet.

We intend to create a “gallery” on our website featuring label designs from our customers.

If you want your labels to feature on our website, all you need to do is take a photograph of your labels in use and email it to us at

It really doesn’t matter whether you have intricately designed labels across multiple product ranges or a simple smiley face sticker, we’re interested in ALL of the ways our customers use our labels. So get emailing your photos now!

Reviews For

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

We’ve updated our website and added a new link to our “Leave a Product Review” page.

We hope this makes it even easier for our customers to leave a review of the product (or products!) they have purchased. The link can be found just below the white search bar at the top of our website.

We are also introducing a follow up email for our customers. Three weeks after your order has been processed, we will send you an email with a link to our review system, so you can let us know how it went.

So, if there’s something we’re doing very right or something we need to improve, you can let us know. If you prefer you can send us a message, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

Feedback: We Want To Hear From You

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

We’re always looking for ways to improve and we think the best way to find out what we could be doing better is to ask our customers for feedback.

Feedback is very important to us, and we like to make a note of all of the comments we get – positive or negative. If you think there’s something we do that is particularly helpful, let us know and we can make sure we keep on doing it! Or, if any part of our service has let you down, let us know and we’ll do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again – to you or to any of our customers. Plus if there’s something you think is missing from our service, we’re always happy to listen to and implement suggestions wherever we can.

Customers can leave feedback and comments using our new multiple choice review system. This easy to follow system lets you leave your thoughts about our products, customer service, and delivery process, and it only takes thirty seconds to submit a review.

To leave a review, simply visit our review page, select the type of label that you bought from us, and get commenting!

Remember, you can also let us know how we’re doing on Facebook and Twitter; whether you leave us a message or simply give us a like or a follow.

We’re also creating a “Labels Gallery” to display all of the wonderful and creative ways our labels get used. Simply send a photograph of your printed labels to and we’ll feature you in our gallery.