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Leave Them Blank Or Break Out Your Calligraphy Kit: Ways To Use Labels Without A Printer…

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Our website is chockful of advice and tips for printing labels BUT we know that labels can also come in handy even if you never let them near a printer. Whether you leave them blank or get creative with calligraphy, there are loads of ways to use labels without needing a printer at all.

Get Personal
Handwritten labels provide the perfect personal touch, whether you’re writing to friends, sending gifts for special occasions, or creating a personal connection with customers. Simply knowing that someone has taken the time to sit down and write out an address or a friendly message makes an item all the more special to receive. Of course, there’s also the benefit that if you don’t particularly like to use computers then handwriting your labels is a simpler and easier way to go.

Handwritten labels do take longer than printed ones, so it’s probably best to only commit to handwriting labels if you know you’ve got the time (or a team of helpers!) to get them done. All of our labels can be handwritten; if you select one of our non-paper products, please note that you may need to use a more permanent writing implement (such as a permanent marker pen) to make sure that your print stays perfectly in place.

Get Colour Coding
If you need to get things organised, coloured labels are the perfect way to get your stuff colour coded. We have a range of colours including six pastel colours (permanent or removable adhesive), five fluorescents, gold and silver, brown Kraft, and, of course, standard white (permanent or removable adhesive).

Colour coding comes in handy in all sorts of situations, whether you’re organising and keeping track of stock at work, organising and keeping track of your family at home, organising and keeping track of students in a school or employees in a company, organising and keeping track of stuff that needs to be moved from one premises or home to another, or organising and keeping track of schedules and deadlines.

You can leave your labels blank or add notes to help keep track of what is what, where, when, why, who, and (possibly even) how. Some of our coloured labels are available with a permanent adhesive or a removable adhesive, so you should be able to find the perfect label, whether you need to make sure that something is labelled permanently or you’re after a temporary label that you can remove when you no longer need it.

Get Creative With Kid’s Activities
Labels can come in handy for all sorts of arts and crafts projects, whether you’re looking to engage your children in an educational project or simply looking for a way to keep them distracted when it’s cold and rainy outside.

Our labels can be stuck onto homework, reward charts, exercise books, clothing, or project and activity materials, and they can be written on with just about any kind of writing implement, from pens and pencils to crayons and glitter sticks. In fact, the only limit to their uses is your own (and your children’s) imagination!

Get Packing
Whether you’re wrapping up presents for friends and family or looking for a simple, decorative way to seal your product packaging, our labels are an excellent finishing touch. You can opt for one of our colourful labels to add a fun, bright finishing touch or select from one of our transparent labels for a professional, subtle addition to your items.

Get Organised
Our removable labels are ideal for adding reminders and temporary notes to your diary, planner, calendar, the office noticeboard, or the fridge at home (or at work!). You can scribble a quick note, leave it up for yourself or someone else to see, and then remove it when the job is done, without doing any damage or leaving any adhesive residue behind.

Gloss clear polyester labels (GCP) can be used as transparent white boards; simply use a whiteboard marker to write or draw on one of these labels, then wipe it clean and start all over again.

Finally, permanent labels are a great away to get your cupboards, drawers, boxes, or whatever particular filing system you prefer under control. At work you can get to grips with your various in-trays and out-trays, get your desk organised to within an inch of its life, and, of course, get your paper work under control. Labels are also ideal for use at home, especially if you’ve got a family or a busy home office to get organised. Labels are also a great way to organise your kitchen, especially if someone you live with has got food allergies or medication to keep track of, or you’ve simply got cupboard after cupboard full of cutlery, crockery, and assorted utensils whose purpose you may or may not have forgotten.

Get Studying
Removable labels are perfect study companions; you can mark important passages or pages in books, add notes to revision guides and source materials, or create study cards to revise for exams. You can stick these notes into books, onto revision notes, or even around the house to help you learn key points throughout the day. Once an exam is over or a piece of coursework has been submitted, your labels can be removed without doing any damage.

Get Greeted & Seated
Our labels can be used as simple name badges and name labels for both personal and professional occasions. You can make name badges for parties where guests can decorate their own badges, design badges to match the theme of your event, create personalised badges for each guest, add place cards to your tables to make sure everyone has a place to sit (and knows where to go!), or label up gift or party bags to ensure that there’ll be no tears and tantrums when it’s time to go home. They can also be used to create name badges and table place or seating cards for meetings and events held by businesses and organisations, whether it’s a company gathering, fundraising event, networking event, a conference, or even just the Christmas do!

“The Pen Is Mightier Than The Printer” (Or “Reasons To Handwrite Your Labels”)

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

While most labels do end up being printed, it’s important to remember that they can also be a wonderful way to add a personal touch to postal items, invitations, gifts, or goods that you are despatching.

If you’ve got hundreds and thousands of things to label, then clearly handwriting labels is going to take too much time, but if you’ve only got a few labels to create (or even if you’ve simply got time to spare) taking the time to write your labels yourself is a brilliant way to personalise whatever it is you need to label and to send your items off with that extra bit of care and thought.

Handwritten labels are perfect for all kinds of labelling applications. The most obvious might be handwritten address labels – particularly for correspondence that is especially important or personal. For example, you might be sending a special birthday or anniversary card and/or present, or perhaps you need to create extra special invitations to an extra special event such as a wedding or a “big” birthday. Usually, there will be a limit to the number of these items that you need to label, which means you should be able to take your time over them and add the perfect finishing touch by handwriting the address or even adding a personal message to each recipient.

Handwritten labels are also brilliant for businesses, companies, and organisations (e.g. charities and membership groups) who want to create and maintain a personal connection with customers and/or members. While you may not have time to handwrite labels for everyone that you correspond with or send items to, simple handwritten labels can be used to let the recipient know they are important and that care has been taken to contact them or to ensure their items arrive safely. This could be a signature from the owner of a business, the person who packed an order, or the designer or creator of a bespoke or handmade item; you could also create a set of simple “Thank You” labels to apply to letters or packages to let your customers or members know that you value their support and/or custom. Handwriting labels is a simple but extremely effective way to add value to your postal items and to promote a personalised service or to let customers know that your company cares about its customers.

Of course, you can always opt to have the best of both worlds and print your labels with a personal or company design and then finish it off with a handwritten message.

Whether you’re a calligraphy expert or a bit of a scrawler, taking the time to handwrite or sign your labels is the perfect way to personalise items and let the recipient know that their items have been sent with care.

So What Do You Need To Handwrite Your Labels?
The simple answer is labels and a pen (or the writing implement of your choice!).

The slightly longer answer is labels and a particular kind of pen.

All of our label products can be written on, although you might find that the synthetic materials (polyester and polyethylene) and label products with a gloss finish might be slightly trickier depending on the kind of pen you use. For our synthetic materials and gloss labels, it’s usually best to use marker pens rather than standard biros, which may struggle to lay ink down properly.

Of course, with our paper products, you can go wild and write with pretty much any writing implement you want to!

If you’ve got a creative side and you want to add a touch of calligraphy to your labels, our inkjet materials are an excellent option. Labels designed for inkjet printers will usually be made with materials that are slightly absorbent – so that the inks used in these printers will be accepted by the material and the print will come out crisp and vivid in colour. If you’re a calligraphy fan, our inkjet materials are ideal and they feature in many of our product ranges (Paper Labels, Removable Paper Labels, Gloss White Photo Quality Labels, Coloured Labels, Polyethylene Labels, Clear Labels, High Tack Labels – although we’d definitely put our Premium Quality Paper Labels forward as the star product to choose).

If you need your handwritten messages to be as durable as possible (e.g. in outdoor conditions, for long term use, or in conditions where they may be exposed to water), then you should try to make sure that the pen or marker you use is waterproof. Generally speaking, “permanent” markers are waterproof and many pens designed for creative (rather than practical) purposes will also be designed to be waterproof. The thing to look out for is pens and markers that are made with alcohol-based inks rather than water-based inks – when water-based inks come into contact with water, they will run and smudge BUT alcohol-based inks will not. Pens and markers tend to use dyes or pigments to create the colour of the ink; either can be used BUT pigment inks tend to be longer lasting and more durable than dye inks (even in water-based inks, pigment inks are usually “water-resistant” and will be damaged less by exposure to water than dye inks would be). You will need to choose carefully if you want to use a fountain pen; most inks made for use with fountain pens are not waterproof, although there are some inks that are waterproof or, at the very least, water-resistant.

So why not take a look through our List Of Label Materials and see if there’s something that might just be the perfect background for a personal, handwritten message from “Me to You”.