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Have A Summer Full Of Colour With Coloured Labels From Label Planet

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Tomorrow morning the summer solstice will take place, bringing with it the official start of summer. We’re celebrating with a review of all the coloured labels on offer from Label Planet.

Coloured Labels From Label Planet

We supply a variety of coloured labels. Each has its own range of colours and a certain type of adhesive and finish. If colour is an important part of your project, we recommend using our sample request service to see if our coloured labels fit your colour scheme.


Whether you’re looking to colour code stuff or simply brighten up a project with colourful labels, our pastel coloured labels are a brilliant way to add a subtle bloom of colour. You can handwrite or print these sticky labels using an inkjet or laser printer. We supply 69 different label sizes with 20 stocked in 25 sheet packs, 18 stocked in 100 sheet boxes, and the rest available to order in 500 sheet boxes.

We offer a range of SEVEN pastel colours; blue labels, orange red labels, yellow labels, green labels, crimson red labels, cream labels, and pink labels.

They have a standard permanent adhesive, which bonds well with most materials and surfaces. Coloured labels are both practical and decorative additions to any project. They instantly add a touch of decoration to any item, as well as having more practical benefits – especially if you need to colour code items or draw attention to important information. Our coloured labels are especially popular for use as product labels and packaging labels, address labels for special events, name labels for parties or networking events, gift tags, school labels and reward stickers, stock labels for rotation and stock management, and fun stickers for arts and crafts projects.

We also supply a range of brown Kraft labels; this range includes 54 label sizes and is also suitable for handwriting or printing with a laser or inkjet printer. Our Kraft labels have a natural brown colouring, while the ribbed finish adds a subtle touch of pattern and texture.


If you’re looking for temporary coloured labels, you may want to take a look at our coloured removable labels (REMC). This range is the same as our coloured labels, except it features a removable adhesive instead of a permanent adhesive. Removable adhesives keep your coloured labels in place and don’t leave behind adhesive residue when you remove each label.

Removable coloured labels are a brilliant way to temporarily colour code stuff. They are especially popular with removal companies, manufacturers and storage facilities, auction houses, gift suppliers, and for general purpose organising and filing systems.

These products are made to order in boxes of 500 sheets and take up to five working days to be despatched after you order.

If you don’t need this many, you could try purchasing coloured labels and removable labels. Apply your coloured labels onto the removable labels to create coloured labels with a removable adhesive. Alternatively, you could purchase removable labels and add a colour coded element to your design.


For those looking for a brighter burst of colour, our fluorescent labels range should do the trick. We have five neon colours; fluorescent red labels, fluorescent lemon / yellow labels, fluorescent orange labels, fluorescent green labels, and fluorescent magenta labels.

Fluorescent labels have a standard permanent adhesive and can be printed with laser printers or handwritten. We supply 66 label sizes in this range, including 8 sizes supplied in 25 sheet packs, 19 sizes available in 100 sheet packs, and a further 39 made to order sizes (available in 500 sheet boxes).

Fluorescent labels add a burst of colour that is hard to ignore. This makes these sticky labels especially popular when you need to highlight important information or really catch someone’s eye. Our fluorescent labels are often used as address labels and shipping labels, gift tags, marketing labels and promotional labels, information signs and warning notices, and as fun stickers for parties, events, or displays.


If you’re after a more luxurious look, our gold labels and silver labels add a subtle shimmer to any application. Each range contains 54 label sizes with 9 stocked in 25 sheet packs and the rest available to order in 500 sheet boxes.

All of our metallic labels are have standard permanent adhesives and an attractive satin gold finish. Made by applying a decorative gold coating onto clay-coated paper, our metallic labels have a beautifully smooth and bright surface.

You can handwrite or print your gold labels and silver labels using a laser printer. They are especially popular for use as marketing labels and promotional labels, as product labels and packaging labels on high value or gift items, or as address labels or gift tags on items that are intended to celebrate a special event or holiday. For example, they are often used as wedding labels and Christmas labels.

We also supply sets of metallic coloured star stickers. These sticky stars are available in three colours; gold, silver, and bronze. Each A4 sheet contains 280 stars measuring 12.7mm wide. Each pack contains 12 sheets of star stickers. We supply packs in each colour as well as an assorted pack containing gold stars, silver stars, and bronze stars. Our star stickers are perfect for reward stickers, arts and crafts projects, school stickers, stationery kits, and just for fun stickers!

Order Coloured Labels From Label Planet

Label Planet Labels LogoYou can find all of our Coloured Labels on our List Of Coloured Labels page. Follow the links to find the range page for each type of coloured label. Our range pages include more information about each range, show the full list of label sizes available in each range, and links to the product pages where you can place an order for the coloured labels of your choice!

Need School Labels For Your End Of Term Celebrations? Get Super Swift Despatch & Delivery From Label Planet!

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

With the end of the school year looming, now is the perfect time to order a stock of sticky school labels for all your end of term events. From Sports Day trophies to Certificates of Achievement, sticky labels are a brilliant way to create fun-filled awards to celebrate your pupils’ successes. They’re also a great way to get everything else organised before you depart for the summer holidays.

School Labels For Sport’s Day

If you’re holding a Sport’s Day event this year, you may need to make trophies and awards. We’ve got a range of coloured labels and fluorescent labels that are brilliant ways to create different awards for different placements (first, second, and third) or to create a set of colour coded team badges for all of the participants in each event.

We also supply gold labels and silver labels, which are perfect additions to trophies and certificates. Alternatively, you could use star stickers (in gold, silver, and bronze) to denote a particular level of achievement.

School Labels For Award Ceremonies

You may need certificates for pupils who have excelled or shown great improvement in a subject / activity. You can use our sticky labels to add on the recipient or category of a particular certificate. Our coloured labels, fluorescent labels, and metallic labels are a great way to denote categories or levels of achievement. You may also want to use our star stickers on rewards being handed out or feedback being given in the run up to the end of term / year.

School Labels For Your End Of Year Sort Out

Finally, you might be looking for sticky labels to help you organise your end of year clear out. Get all of your paperwork sorted and filed before heading out on your (well-earned) summer break.

Our coloured labels and fluorescent labels are a really quick and simple way to create a colour coding system for your files and paperwork. Alternatively, you could order paper labels to clearly label all of your files and folders so you know exactly where everything is when you return for the new school year.

If you need temporary labels that you can remove without damaging items when the sticky labels are no longer needed, we recommend our removable labels. Removable labels will stay firmly stuck while you need them before removing cleanly and easily when they are out of date or no longer required.

Super Swift Despatch & Delivery Of School Labels

Here at Label Planet, we make it our mission to make sure that your sticky labels make it to you as swiftly as possible.

Sticky labels available to order in 25 sheet packs will be despatched same day (Monday to Friday, before 4pm). If you are ordering fewer than 200 sheets, your order will be despatched by Royal Mail’s first class service. You can upgrade to a next day delivery option online or by phone. This guarantees delivery by 1pm on the next working day. If you order more than 200 sheets, your order will be despatched via a next working day carrier service.

Coloured labels with a 100 sheet minimum order are generally kept in stock at our warehouse. This means they are usually available for same day despatch from stock (Monday to Friday, before 3pm). These items will be despatched on a next working day carrier.

All sticky labels with a minimum order quantity of 500 sheets are made to order items. These sticky labels take up to five working days for despatch (via a next working day carrier service). Standard paper labels tend to be available much soon (within 1-2 working days).

Order School Labels From Label Planet

Label Planet Labels Logo

You can order school labels from us online, by phone, or by email/fax. Orders placed online must be paid for at the point of checkout. Alternatively, schools can request a School Invoice, which provides 30 days for payment. Send us an official school purchase order (or a signed order on the school’s letterhead) via email or fax. We’ll process your order and despatch it along with a School Invoice.

If you need any further help or advice, simply get in touch with our Customer Service Team and we’ll be happy to help!

Get Craftily Creative With Kraft Labels From Label Planet

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

What Are Kraft Labels?

Sticky labels made with a Kraft paper…

What Is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper uses paper pulp produced by the Kraft process. This process has a number of benefits and advantages over alternative methods, including:

  • The ability to process wood from almost every species of tree.
  • A process of breaking down lignin that doesn’t damage the cellulose fibres in the process (lignin is a natural glue that holds wood fibres together).
  • The ability to easily separate and reuse unwanted waste elements.
  • The production of stronger and higher quality pulp (“Kraft” is a German word for strength).
  • The ability to produce paper with longer fibres, giving the paper greater elasticity, strength, and tear resistance.
  • A more environmentally friendly method of processing wood.

Kraft papers are usually created using unbleached pulp, which avoids the use of industrial strength bleaching agents in the manufacturing process. Kraft paper are therefore usually brown in colour. This is the natural colouring of the pulp use to make the paper.

What Are Label Planet’s Kraft Labels Like?

Our Kraft labels are made with a Kraft paper and a permanent adhesive. They are suitable for use with laser printers and inkjet printers OR for handwriting.

The Kraft paper has a ribbed finish, which adds a subtle texture and pattern of light and dark stripes. We believe this adds a decorative twist to the natural colouring of our Kraft labels. This makes them the perfect choice for any crafty project where you really want your sticky labels to look the part.

What Crafts Can I Create With Kraft Labels?

Kraft labels are brilliant for all sorts of crafty projects. They’re especially popular for use as address labels and product labels when our customers want their parcels and packaging to have a truly home-made touch. Some want a finishing touch with a “home-made” and personal feel. Others are labelling items made with natural ingredients or hand-made crafting techniques and want their sticky labels to match their methods.

They’re also perfect for use on personal projects at home. For example, they’re a great way to get your stuff organised in a more decorative way. They’re also perfect for making your own gifts, cards, or gift tags to celebrate a special day for a special someone (or someones!).

Order Kraft Labels From Label Planet Today

Label Planet Labels Logo

We supply 54 labels sizes in our range of Kraft labels. Twenty are available for same day despatch from stock in packs of 25 sheets. The rest are available to order in boxes of 500 sheets. You can use an inkjet printer or a laser printer to print your Kraft labels. Alternatively, you can handwrite (or draw) your messages and designs for a truly home-made and hand-crafted finish.

Visit the BRK range page to find out more about these crafty labels or to place an order to get creative with your own Kraft labels today!

Super Swift Despatch and Delivery Options from Label Planet

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Label Planet Labels LogoHere at Label Planet, we appreciate that a lot of our customers need their sticky labels before an important deadline – which means they need super fast despatch and delivery. This is why we have a wide range of stocked products – ready for same day despatch. Likewise, we try to make sure that our made to order items have reasonable short lead times. Plus, we use delivery services that get your sticky labels to you safe and sound – as soon as possible.


We supply self adhesive labels in over 100 labels sizes across 30 different material options. Unfortunately, this means that we cannot stock all of the different product options because there simply isn’t room! Instead we make sure that our stocked range features as many of our most popular products as possible.

STOCKED ITEMS: sticky labels available for same day despatch from stock (Mon-Fri, up to 4pm). These items have a minimum order quantity of 25 sheets on our website. We also stock a small number of products at our warehouse. They have a minimum order quantity of 100 sheets on our website.

NON-STOCKED ITEMS: sticky labels made to order. We make products on a rotating schedule; it takes around five working days to run through all of our size and material combinations. Made to order items are therefore despatched within five working days, although standard paper labels usually despatch sooner. Non-stocked items have a minimum order quantity of 500 sheets on our website.


Our delivery times depend on the delivery service you choose. We send small orders (fewer than 200 sheets) via Royal Mail and all other orders via carrier (usually DPD).

SMALL ORDERS: standard delivery uses Royal Mail’s first class service. Delivery is usually next day but, as this is not a guaranteed service, can take up to five working days. If you need to receive your self adhesive labels before an important (and very close) deadline, we recommend upgrading to our guaranteed delivery service. We use Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Guaranteed service, which guarantees delivery by 1pm on the next working day. You can upgrade to this service online or by phone.

We have two additional services; you can request a pre-9am delivery service or a Saturday guaranteed service.

Special delivery has an additional shipping fee; this is the amount that Royal Mail charges us and depends on the amount of sticky labels you order.

LARGE ORDERS: our standard delivery service uses a next working day carrier service *. This service is free of charge and guarantees that your order will be delivered on the next working day. If you need your order to arrive as early as possible, you can upgrade to a timed delivery service for an extra shipping fee. You will need to place your order by phone to request an upgrade.

* Delivery to Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, and the Channel Islands is via 2 day carrier service.

Find out more about the Despatch and Delivery

To find out more about our despatch and delivery services, you can head on over to our Despatch and Delivery pages. Alternatively, if you’d like to get an estimate of how long it will take your order to be despatched and delivered, you can Get In Touch with our Customer Service Team today.

Happy #TowelDay From Label Planet (P.S. Don’t Panic But We’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy Too!) #GDPR

Friday, May 25th, 2018

Today is Towel Day – set up in tribute to Douglas Adams, author of the brilliant Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. We hope you’re all having a wonderful time and spending the day knowing exactly where you’ve put your towel.

Don’t Panic – It’s The Label Planet Guide To Finding Out If We’re GDPR Compliant.

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that today also sees the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation – or, quite mercifully, GDPR for short.

We’ve always made it a priority to safeguard the privacy and security of our customers’ information. We also made it our policy to use marketing emails and letters sparingly, sending just one or two messages per year to let customers know about new products and services.

Most of the requirements of GDPR were therefore already in place at Label Planet. However, in order to comply fully with the new regulations we have had to document and formalise our processes. This included providing our legal basis for processing your information and updating our Privacy Policy accordingly.

Rather than bombard you with unnecessary emails or leave you with a long-winded blog post to wade through, we’re simply going to leave a link to our Privacy Policy right…


So, when you’re ready to order self adhesive labels from us (or request some samples or just get in touch), you can check for yourself what information we collect and how we process that information – and decide if you’re happy to stick with us!

We’re sorry for adding to the cacophony of GDPR-related noise you have endured today (and for the last few weeks). As an apology, please enjoy this picture of our wonderful office dog Harvey.Harvey The Stikins Dog

Top Tips & Tricks For Printing Your Own Barcode Labels

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

While it’s really easy to print your own barcode labels, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make sure your barcode labels are the best that they can possibly be. In this post, we’ll talk about the little things you can do to make sure that your barcode labels simply work.

Barcode Labels – What Are Barcodes?

A barcode represents data in machine-readable form. There are two types – linear barcodes and matrix barcodes. Matrix barcodes are square or rectangular patterns of (usually) black and white cells/modules. The most common example is QR codes. Linear barcodes are patterns of parallel lines (black bars) and spaces (white intercharacter gaps). They also contain characters (representing the data encoded in the barcode) and a check character/digit (for validation). A blank space or “quiet zone” around the barcode marks the beginning and end of the barcode.

Matrix barcodes are scanned by image sensors and analysed by processors. To read a QR code, a processor uses the corner squares to determine the size, orientation, and angle of view. The remaining pattern of dots is converted into binary numbers and validated using an error-correcting algorithm.

An optical scanner is usually used to scan linear barcodes. The scanner directs light at the barcode. The black bars absorb light and the white gaps reflect light. The scanner converts the reflected light into an electrical signal. The fluctuations in the intensity of the reflected light cause the signal to oscillate and form a pattern, which is converted into digital information.

Barcodes can encode all sorts of data. The most common usage is storing manufacturer or product information so products can be tracked through manufacturing, shipping, storage, and sale. Barcodes are also extremely useful in the retail industry. They look up product information at point of sale, track stock, track shopping habits, and redeem coupons or vouchers. They can also track people and items in specific environments. For example, tracking employees and equipment onsite, tracking tickets and admissions, tracking parcels and mail, and directing airline luggage. In medical facilities they track patients, medication, surgical kits, equipment, supplies, and medical samples.

Barcode Labels – What Sticky Labels Should I Use To Print Barcode Labels?

While you can use a wide range of sticky labels as barcode labels, some work better than others. We recommend matt white labels – solid white in colour with a non-shiny surface.

Barcode readers and scanners rely on their ability to detect the difference between white and black areas. It is vital that the reader or scanner can detect exactly where each area begins and ends, in addition to detecting the beginning and ending of the barcode itself (via the quiet zone).

If you use sticky labels with a coloured or patterned background (or transparent labels that you stick over a coloured surface), you may reduce the contrast between the elements in your barcode and prevent readers/scanners from reading your barcodes accurately. Likewise, a gloss finish (i.e. a shiny surface) may influence the light reflected back into a reader/scanner, preventing an accurate result.

When it comes to picking the perfect label size, you need to make sure your barcode labels are slightly larger (and in particular longer) than your barcodes to keep a clear quiet zone. You also need to remember that smaller barcodes are harder to read accurately. The quality of your barcode image will also influence how well your barcode labels work.

Barcode Labels – What Print Settings Should I Use To Print Barcode Labels?

You should adjust your printer’s print settings because this results in crisp, clear print that ensures your barcodes will scan correctly. In addition to selecting a “Labels” or “Heavy Paper” print settings, we recommend increasing the print quality setting. Both options slow your printer down and as a result print your barcodes at the highest possible quality.

Order Barcode Labels From Label Planet Today!

We have a wide range of white labels that are perfect for use as barcode labels. You can use self adhesive labels to quickly and easily add barcodes onto products, packaging, envelopes, and packages.

We recommend choosing white labels with a matt finish and a permanent adhesive. This ensures that any barcode scanner can read your barcodes accurately AND that your barcode labels remain firmly in place.

  • White Paper Labels. Standard matt white paper labels with a permanent adhesive.
  • Premium Quality White Paper Labels. Premium quality matt white paper labels with a permanent adhesive.
  • Freezer Labels. Matt white paper labels with a freezer adhesive, which is useful for labelling frozen food products or medical/research samples stored in deep freeze conditions.
  • Wash Off Labels. Matt white paper labels with a wash off adhesive, which is ideal for reusable containers such as jars and bottles.
  • High Tack Paper Labels. Matt white paper labels with a strong permanent adhesive, which is suitable for unusual materials or curved surfaces.
  • Super Tack Paper Labels. Matt white paper labels with a super strong permanentadhesive, which is suitable for unusual materials or curved surfaces.
  • Opaque Labels. Matt white paper labels with an opaque backing and an opaque adhesive, which is ideal for covering existing print work or replacing out of date barcodes.
  • Transparent Labels. Matt transparent labels with a permanent adhesive, which is suitable for adding barcodes onto items that are already white in colour.

If you need temporary barcode labels, you could try our Removable Labels or Super Removable Labels.

MWP vs MWPE vs MWPO – Which Waterproof Labels Will Win?

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

If you’ve been searching for waterproof labels, you may have noticed that we supply three marine labels that are very similar. Our polyester labels (MWP), polyethylene labels (MWPE), and polyolefin labels (MWPO) ARE very similar. They all have a matt white finish, are all waterproof labels, and all have a marine standard permanent adhesive. So how do you know which waterproof label is the right one for you?

The answer lies in your label application. Each material has its own properties and characteristics that are better suited to certain applications compared to the others. It just depends on what you need your waterproof labels to be able to do…

Waterproof Labels That Will Stay Stuck

While all three have a marine standard adhesive, the different materials cause slight variations in the level of tack (stick). This is most noticeable when labelling more unusual materials and surface types.

For example, if you apply all three onto a completely flat, clean metal surface you would see very little difference. On rough materials or curved surfaces, the polyethylene would cope the best with any surface variations. The polyolefin would be next best, followed by the polyester.

If your label application involves a curved surface or unusual materials (such as fabrics or building materials) you may wish to choose polyethylene.

Waterproof Labels That Will Bend & Stretch

One of the most notable differences between these three materials is how well they bend and stretch. Polyester is a rigid material and will not stretch at all. Polyolefin offers better flexibility and stretch, while polyethylene is the most flexible and stretchy material of the three.

The material you choose depends on whether you need waterproof labels that ARE flexible or ARE NOT flexible. For example, to label curved surfaces you need waterproof labels that will conform to the shape of your items. If you apply a rigid label material to a curved surface, one of two things will happen:

  • Your sticky labels won’t conform to the shape of your items. You may find areas where your labels aren’t stuck to the item. Alternatively, there won’t be sufficient contact to allow a successful adhesive bond to form at all and your waterproof labels will fall off immediately.
  • You will be able to temporarily force your sticky labels to conform to the correct shape BUT the memory of the material will cause them to return to their original flat state – overcoming the strength of the adhesive bond and resulting in your waterproof labels slowly peeling away from the surface.

Alternatively, you may be looking for waterproof labels that won’t tear or deform easily, even when used as long life tracking labels on items that are regularly moved or handled a lot. In this case, you will need waterproof labels that offer good resistance to tearing and stretching.

If your label application involves curved surfaces you may wish to choose polyethylene (as the most flexible option), while polyester is the best bet if you need tough and durable waterproof labels that will resist the wear and tear of long term applications.

Waterproof Labels That Will Print Out Perfectly

While all three printer labels are suitable for use with standard desktop printers, some are easier to print than others.

First you need to consider whether you have an inkjet printer or a laser printer. MWPE and MWPO are laser labels and inkjet labels; they can be printed with a laser printer or an inkjet printer. MWP are laser labels and can ONLY be printed with a laser printer.

Next you need to take into consideration the specification of your printer. Waterproof labels are thicker than standard paper labels and so you need to check that your printer has a media bypass tray (a secondary tray designed specifically for thicker materials) as well as the weight of materials that your printer will accept. If your printer cannot handle heavier materials, you will need to choose a thinner material to ensure that you can print your waterproof labels.

Polyethylene is a VERY thick material and requires careful handling; if your printer is not designed to handle very thick materials, you may find that you struggle to produce a consistent print quality on your waterproof labels (if you manage to print them at all). Polyester, however, is much thinner making it a much easier and more reliable material to print. Polyolefin is a thicker material BUT not as thick as polyethylene, which makes it a perfect compromise between MWP and MWPE.

Waterproof Labels That Will Fit Into Your Budget

If you’re ordering fewer than 500 sheets there is absolutely no difference between the three options. If you’re looking to buy in bulk (and on a budget) there is a difference in cost; MWP is the most expensive option, followed by MWPE, and then MWPO.

Waterproof Labels From Label Planet

To find out more about any of our waterproof labels – or to place an order – simply visit our List of Waterproof Labels page. You can also request a sample of our waterproof labels (to test them out for yourself) or get in touch with our Customer Service Team for further advice. If you need a label template, visit our Label Templates Home Page, or take a look at our Help Section, which contains links to our label templates, step-by-step guides, and troubleshooting tips.

Get Top Tips, Tricks, And A Template Fix With Label Planet’s Help And Advice Pages

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

If you’ve never printed your own self adhesive labels before, you may be surprised to find that there are an alarming number of ways that things can go wrong. Here at Label Planet, we’ve spent years working with A4 labels and label templates, which makes us all too familiar with the struggle to produce perfectly printed sticky labels. This is why we’ve put together a dedicated help and advice section on our website to help you design and print your own self adhesive labels – with plenty of tips and tricks to help you out if things don’t go according to plan.

Things To Think About When Designing & Printing Self Adhesive Labels

There are a lot of different elements involved in printing self adhesive labels – which means there are plenty of ways for things to go wrong. This can make it difficult to work out exactly why things are going wrong (and how to fix it). Our help and advice pages include tips about:


  • Your label template must be compatible with (the same as) your A4 labels.
  • Your label template must be in a file format that your software can read and edit.


  • Your design must align perfectly in ALL of the blank labels on your A4 sheet.
  • Your design must fit the shaping of your blank labels (and you may need to adapt your design to suit).
  • You need to work within the limitations of your design software (and your own experience of that software).


  • You need to use a suitable printer (i.e. with a media bypass tray and specified for thicker materials).
  • You need to choose suitable print settings to get the best possible print quality and alignment.
  • Your A4 labels must be loaded into your printer correctly.

Help And Advice From Label Planet

We’ve taken all of our knowledge and experience working with A4 labels and label templates to produce our help and advice resources. These include:

  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: a quickfire guide to the most often asked questions about designing and printing label templates.
  • FREE SAMPLES: make sure you’ve chosen the right self adhesive labels for your project (and have a test run at printing a label template).
  • MATERIAL SPECIFICATION SHEETS: detailed information about the materials used to make our self adhesive labels.
  • LABEL TEMPLATES: Word templates and PDF templates for all of our label sizes, including options for portrait and landscape orientations.
  • TOP TIPS: a hit list of quick tips to help you avoid the most common problems that arise when printing self adhesive labels.
  • GUIDES: a series of step-by-step guides to designing and printing self adhesive labels.
  • TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE: this guide helps you to work out what is causing your design or print problem – and resolve it.
  • LABEL GLOSSARY: a glossary of labelling terms that you might come across when designing and printing your own label templates.
  • And last but not least…


In this weekly blog, we delve deeper into the process of designing and printing your own label templates. This includes definitions, how-tos, and step by step guides to designing and printing self adhesive labels. If you’ve encountered a particular issue or you need a starter’s guide to some of the individual steps involved in designing and printing label templates (for example, how to use copy and paste effectively), we recommend taking a look through our blog posts for more detailed help and advice.

How To Get Help And Advice With Label Templates & Self Adhesive Labels

To find our help and advice pages or to download label templates, simply visit our HELP HOME PAGE.

This page has links to all of our free resources to guide you through designing and printing self adhesive labels. This includes our free sample request service, our label templates, material specifications for all of our self adhesive labels, top tips, FAQs, guides, and troubleshooting tips.

If you can’t find an answer to a particular question or problem, get in touch with us for one-to-one advice. Email at any time or call during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Use The Magic Of Matt Transparent Labels To Make Your Labelling Amazing!

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

This week, we’re taking a closer look at our range of matt transparent labels to find out how these amazing transparent labels can transform any labelling project in an instant.

What Are Matt Transparent Labels?

Our matt transparent labels are made of a transparent polyester film with a matt finish and a permanent adhesive. The matt finish means that these transparent labels don’t reflect light as efficiently as gloss labels. This creates a flat “dull” finish that isn’t shiny or reflective.

You might be wondering why we’d describe a “dull” finish as “magical” but don’t dismiss MTP just yet!

Many surfaces have a matt finish, which means that you can use matt transparent labels to add additional text to any item without drawing attention to the fact that you’ve had to use a sticky label to do so. Matt transparent labels blend in with matt surfaces, making your design look like an existing part of the surface below.

NB: the adhesive layer may trap air or dust, which can prevent your transparent labels from being 100% transparent. They have excellent transparency when applied onto white/coloured surfaces but a slightly frosted look when applied onto glass items.

When Should I Use Matt Transparent Labels?

Matt transparent labels are brilliant for all sorts of applications but we think they’re best when used as:

Transparent labels allow you to add information without distracting or detracting from the existing design of your products and/or packaging. This could be additional product information, pricing information, design work, or promotional details.

If you’re sending out invitations or correspondence for a special event, you may have chosen envelopes that match a particular theme. Transparent labels let you can add your addresses and preserve the design of your envelopes. For example, transparent labels are especially popular for wedding address labels because they don’t cover up the design of the envelopes chosen to match the invitations inside.

Transparent labels are a nifty way to add details or information about items on display – whether in a gallery, museum, or a classroom. Transparent labels preserve any background elements that are part of the display – where white or coloured labels would distract from the overall appearance of the display.

You can also create your own set of window stickers with our transparent labels.

Transparent labels sidestep colour-matching issues if you can’t find a match (and don’t want to pay for bespoke coloured labels).

Order Matt Transparent Labels From Label Planet Today!

We supply a range of 54 label sizes in our MTP range. This includes 16 stocked sizes available to order in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch from stock. All other sizes are made to order and take up to five working days for despatch. These laser labels must be printed using a laser printer (or handwritten with suitable ink).

You can find out more about our matt transparent labels – or place an order – by visiting our Matt Transparent Labels range page. If you need to download label templates to print your self adhesive labels, head on over to our Template Home Page, where you will find download links for both Word templates and PDF templates for all of our label sizes. You can also Request A Sample to discover the magic of MTP for yourself!

It’s A (Big) Small World In The Label Planet Range Of Mini Labels

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Label Planet’s Guide To Mini Labels

The term mini labels can be used in a general way to simply refer to small label sizes. Here at Label Planet, we use it generally to refer to our smallest label sizes (LP84/46, LP189/25, and LP270/18). More specifically, we use it for one size in particular – LP65/38.

Also known as Return Address Labels, the LP65/38 label size measures 38.1mm wide by 21.2mm high. It is an extremely popular (and standard) size across the labelling industry. Compatible with the Avery Labels code L7651, this size is available in a wide range of materials and adhesives.

The Many Uses Of Mini Labels

Mini labels are the perfect size for applications where you need a small label to do a big job. They can be used to add short pieces of important information, to colour code items, to identify items, and to – quite simply – just get stuff organised.

These small labels offer a neat and discrete way to add a bit of additional information onto an item. They don’t take up room or make items look messy or cluttered. This means they make ideal (return) address labels, product labels and pricing labels on packaging, tracking labels and asset ID labels, seals on packaging and documentation, logo labels and company labels, and decorative stickers that can be applied onto just about anything to create a personal finishing touch.

The Many Kinds Of Mini Labels

At Label Planet, we supply our LP65/38 label size in ALL of our different materials and adhesives (that’s 30 different options). We also carry all of these products (except for the Coloured Removable Labels) as stocked items. You can order any of these mini labels in packs of 25 sheets available for same day despatch.

Our mini paper labels include options for extra strong permanent adhesives (Super Tack and High Tack), super light removable adhesives (Super Removable and Removable), and speciality adhesives in the form of Freezer Labels (for labelling frozen items and Opaque Labels (for covering up errors or updating information). We also have a range of finishes, including gloss labels, premium quality matt labels, and semi-gloss labels.

For a more decorative finish, we supply coloured mini labels in seven pastel shades, five fluorescents, two metallics (gold and silver), and a pattern brown Kraft paper. Perfect for any labelling project that requires a creative look or a bit of colour coding.

We also supply our mini labels in a range of synthetic materials. You can choose from a range of mini waterproof labels for indoor or outdoor applications. Our mini transparent labels are ideal for avoiding colour matching issues or labelling transparent items. We also have mini security labels that make perfect tracking labels or asset labels on high value goods).

Order Your Own Set Of Mini Labels Today!

To find out more about our big range of small labels, head over to our dedicated MINI LABELS page. This page provides more information about this wonderfully versatile label size and links to all of our mini labels when you’re ready to order!