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Last Posting Dates For Christmas 2014 (!)

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Yes, yes, we know – not another company harping on about ordering stuff in time for Christmas!
However, we hope you’ll forgive us when we point out that:

  1. We just want to make sure all of our lovely customers receive their labels safely and swiftly despite the chaos of Christmas!
  2. Christmas Day is just six weeks away!

If you haven’t already, many of our customers will soon be looking to purchase labels for items that absolutely HAVE to arrive in time for Christmas – whether you need them for letters, cards, or gifts for family and friends or you’re a company and want to provide a seasonal Santa-like service and ensure that all of your customers’ orders are delivered in time for Christmas.

Labels often become a bit of an after-thought that gets left to the last minute, but it’s important to remember that whenever you order labels you need to allow time for the labels to arrive, to design your template, to print your labels, and to apply your labels – all of which soon adds up. If you then need to send your labelled items to family, friends, or customers, you also have to leave time for the items themselves to arrive safely before Christmas.

Therefore, at this time of the year we strongly advise customers to take advantage of one of our next working day shipping options, just to make absolutely sure that your labels arrive securely and with plenty of time to spare. If you need to send your labels on for printing or if you have despatch and delivery schedules of your own to keep to, it’s vital that you make sure you order your labels as early as possible.

So, here are those all important dates:


Of course, we only process and despatch orders during the working week (Monday to Friday) so if you need to receive your labels in time for Christmas (i.e. – you DON’T need the labels for items that are to be despatched to someone else), your last ordering dates for labels from Label Planet are as follows:


BUT REMEMBER: if you need labels for items that you are sending out that MUST arrive before Christmas, you need to order your labels well BEFORE these last posting dates – and adding a guaranteed delivery service to your order is a very, very good idea!!!

Christmas Posting Dates for 2013

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Yes, December is officially here, which means Christmas is almost upon us – but so too are the Royal Mail’s last posting dates.

With the return of the rush to get everything ordered, posted and delivered before Christmas, we just wanted to remind our customers that delays are possible and it is increasingly important to make sure you get your labels ordered as early as possible. We advise customers to consider adding a next working day shipping option where available to avoid disappointment if orders are required urgently. In particular, if you want labels for items you will be posting out yourself for delivery before Christmas, you need to place your order as early as possible so you have enough time to receive your labels, print and apply them to your items, and get your items posted before the last posting dates.

So, here are those all important dates:
18th December: second class post
19th December: tracked second class post
20th December: first class post (this is our standard UK delivery service)
21st December: tracked first class post
23rd December: next working day guaranteed post

PLEASE NOTE that first and second class post (whether tracked or not) are NOT guaranteed services and may be subject to delays. If you want to GUARANTEE your delivery then you will need to add a special delivery option (if available).

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about adding a next working day shipping option to your order.

FAQ – How Do I Add Special Delivery To My Order?

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Sometimes you just need to make sure your labels arrive in time and we always do our best to get orders despatched as quickly as possible. To help make sure your labels are delivered in plenty of time, we also try to offer the best possible delivery option, based on the particular items you are ordering and where you are having them delivered to.

Orders of 500 sheets or more are automatically delivered on a next working day carrier service. Items will either be despatched immediately from warehouse stock or, for items that need to be made to order, as soon as the products have been made. We do have AM delivery options available in certain cases – to check if this option is available for your order, you will need to call us on 01270 688076. For customers who are based in Ireland or in Extended Postcode Areas, your orders will most likely be on a two-day carrier service.

Smaller orders that are picked from stock will be despatched same day via Royal Mail’s first class service as standard. If you wish to add a Special Delivery option to your order, we offer the following options:
– SATURDAY GUARANTEE: for urgent orders that are placed on Fridays, we offer a Saturday Guarantee option. You need to phone us directly to request this service, and we do advise customers that it isn’t 100% effective.
– NEXT WORKING DAY, PRE-9AM GUARANTEE: for urgent orders that you need delivering early the next day, we offer a pre-9am guaranteed delivery service. As for the Saturday Guarantee, you do need to phone us directly to request this service.
– NEXT WORKING DAY, PRE-1PM GUARANTEE: as our most popular special delivery option, this is available either by phone OR as you make your order online. Our website will automatically calculate if your order qualifies for this particular shipping option and, if it does, you will be given the option to upgrade your delivery service after your enter your Delivery Information in the checkout. If your order does NOT qualify, the checkout simply will not display any option to choose an alternative delivery service.

TIP: while our standard delivery is via Royal Mail’s first class service, we would like to remind customers that first class mail is NOT a guaranteed service. Around 93% of mail that is sent first class will be delivered the next day, but the remaining 7% can take a day or two extra, particularly in areas such as London. Also, while we charge a Shipping Fee for our Special Delivery options, we only ever charge what the Royal Mail charges for these services. You can find out more about our Delivery Information on our website here.

Labels For The New Royal Mail PPI Stamps

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

We have a number of customers who use labels to print out Royal Mail PPIs for their post – in fact we do the same.

Recently the Royal Mail have introduced a number of changes to the design of their PPIs; all of the designs now include a “Delivered by Royal Mail” mark, and PPIs have been introduced for the new “Royal Mail 24” and “Royal Mail 48” delivery categories. This means that the sizes of the designs have been adjusted accordingly and we’ve had a number of queries from customers asking for labels that match the dimensions from the site.

The sizes provided on the Royal Mail website indicate the size of the images – not the size of label that is required. All you need to do is work out how much space you have on your envelope, packet, or package and find a label that is bigger than the PPI image but still fits neatly on the item.

For example, for the four sizes of PPI images available for First Class, you could use the following labels:
14mm x 54mm – you could use LP27/63 (29.6mm x 63.5mm)
22mm x 80mm – you could use LP16/99 (34mm x 99.1mm)
26mm x 93mm – you could use LP16/99 (34mm x 99.1mm)
30mm x 58mm – you could use LP18/63 (46.6mm x 63.5mm)

The Royal Mail website has further information about how to use PPIs, and the guidelines that need to be met.