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How Removable Labels Help You Avoid A Big Sticky Mess

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

Removable labels are this week’s sticky issue. Find out how they work and why they help you remove sticky labels without getting in a sticky mess.

What Are Removable Labels & Removable Adhesives?

The name is a bit confusing because pretty much any self adhesive label can be removed – if you try hard enough. Removable labels, however, are designed specifically to be removed. They form adhesive bonds that hold your sticky labels in place but don’t leave behind adhesive residue when you remove your sticky labels.

Removable labels create temporary self adhesive labels. You may only need to label items for a specific length of time. Alternatively, if the information displayed on your labels needs to be updated, you may need sticky labels that are easy to replace.

How Do Removable Adhesives Work?

Like permanent adhesives, removable adhesives create an adhesive bond with a surface. Where they differ is how they behave when removing a sticky label.

To remove a permanent label by physical force alone, you have to apply enough force to break apart the adhesive layer. This often makes it difficult to remove the label in one piece (especially paper labels, which tend to tear apart) and leaves behind adhesive residue.

This is because permanent adhesives have excellent adhesion and cohesion. Adhesion is the strength of the adhesive bond with another surface, while cohesion is the internal strength of the adhesive bond itself.

Removable adhesives, therefore, tend to have high cohesion but lower adhesion. This means the internal strength of the adhesive bond is stronger than the external bond with a surface. When you remove a label, the adhesive layer remains in one piece (leaving no residue behind).

Most pressure sensitive (self-adhesive) removable adhesives work this way. Alternative methods rely on applying an external agent to permanent adhesives in order to break down the adhesive bond. One example is our Water Wash Off Labels, which have a permanent adhesive that breaks down when exposed to water. You can remove your permanent labels from labelled items simply by  giving them a good wash.

What Kinds Of Removable Labels Are Available From Label Planet?

We supply a range of different removable labels to help our customers find an option that best suits their application.

removable labels from label planet

REM: Paper labels with a standard removable adhesive. Ideal for general label applications where you need temporary sticky labels.

GREM: Paper labels with a super removable adhesive. This adhesive is designed specifically for delicate items (e.g. glass and paper items), which are more easily marked or damaged.

REMC: Coloured paper labels with a standard removable adhesive. Ideal if you need to temporarily colour code items.

GTR: Gloss transparent labels with a standard removable adhesive. They are for use with laser printers only. Perfect if you need to temporarily label glass items or create removable window stickers.

MWR: Matt white waterproof labels with a standard removable adhesive. Ideal if you need temporary labels that are also tough and durable, waterproof, and/or suitable for indoor and outdoor applications that involve exposure to water.

Order Removable Labels From Label Planet

You can view all of our removable labels on our List of All Removable Labels page. Use the View Products links to find out more or to buy removable labels from a particular range. Each range contains a variety of label sizes; some are available in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch from stock, while the rest are available as made to order items (in boxes of 500 sheets).

We supply label templates for all of our label sizes, which can be downloaded from our website. If you would like to request a sample, so you can test the suitability of our removable labels for your application, simply fill in our online Request Form or contact our Customer Service Team.

Transparent Labels: The Labels You Can See Right Through

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Here at the Label Planet office, we’re currently surrounded by fog and the less than clear view from our windows has got us thinking about transparent labels – the labels that you CAN see through.


Transparent labels are, well, labels that are transparent. They are made using materials that you can see through – our labels are made of transparent polyester and transparent adhesives.

There are a range of labels that are described as “transparent” but there is variation in exactly how transparent these labels are – some will actually be “frosted” or “transluscent”. So what’s the difference?

A material is transparent because it transmits light (allows light to pass through itself) without scattering the light in all different directions in the process. The transparency of a material is determined by how much scattering of light occurs as light travels through the material – frosted and transluscent materials will scatter light a little bit, which prevents the materials from being totally see through.

Our labels are all made of transparent materials, so they are not frosted or transluscent. However, they are also not “glass clear” – glass clear refers to 100% transparency. When our labels are applied to a surface, tiny air bubbles may form in the adhesive or tiny particles of dust may be trapped between the label and the surface, which prevents a truly 100% transparent appearance.

Our transparent range includes:
Gloss Clear Polyester labels (GCP)
Gloss Transparent Polyester labels (GTP)
Removable Gloss Transparent Polyester labels (GTR)
Matt Transparent Polyester labels (MTP)

We have a range of five different transparent options to choose from, so how do you know which one is right for you?

– Laser or Inkjet
Four of our transparent labels are suitable for use with laser printers only, so if you have an inkjet printer, you’ll need to choose our Gloss Clear Polyester labels.

– Matt or Gloss
Do you want a shiny, glossy finish or do you need a flat, matt finish that will blend in? GTP, GTR, and GCP are all transparent labels with a gloss finish. If you want a matt finish, you’ll need to choose our Matt Transparent Polyester labels.

– Permanent or Removable
Are your labels supposed to be permanent or removable, and is it important that they don’t leave any residue behind?
Our GTP, GCP, and MTP all have standard permanent adhesives – you CAN remove these labels if you really try, but they will leave adhesive residue behind.
Our GTR labels are gloss transparent polyester labels with a removable adhesive – these labels are designed to be removed from a surface (although they may leave some trace of residue behind, depending on how long they remain on a surface for).

Generally, transparent labels are used for decorative purposes and/or because you can see through them to whatever is behind or beyond the label itself. This means that they are a popular choice for window stickers, but they can also be used on decorative surfaces so that the label doesn’t block out or cover up the pattern or colour that has been selected; for example, this could be a pattern on product packaging, or decorative envelopes that have been chosen to suit a special occasion (such as wedding or christening invitations). Transparent labels help to avoid issues with colour matching and don’t distract the eye from transparent objects (such as glass vases or see-through containers). They are an easy way to add information in a subtle way – a transparent label will blend in with its background, rather than standing out from the crowd as white or coloured labels will do.

New Product: Transparent Static Cling Labels

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

We would like to introduce you to our newest product range: TRANSPARENT STATIC CLING LABELS – the perfect solution for making your own bespoke window stickers!

While we already have four ranges of transparent labels, there was one outstanding problem that we were determined to solve. Our existing transparent labels all use adhesive and when they are applied to glass this adhesive can create air bubbles, which prevents the labels from being truly transparent.

So we are proud to present Transparent Static Cling labels, which create an ultra clear finish when they are applied to glass surfaces. The difference between these labels and our existing ranges is that, instead of an adhesive, these labels attach to surfaces through static cling. Static cling is generated when the labels are pulled away from the anti-static release liner (or backing sheet), which means the labels can be removed, repositioned, and reused over and over again, and no adhesive residue is left behind.

These labels are supplied on A4 sheets, with 13 sizes kept in stock and a full range available to order. They are designed for use with laser printers and can be applied to a range of surfaces, including glass, gloss paint, non-coated metals, and non-coated plastics.

These labels mean that individuals, companies, and organisations can create their own window stickers for whatever purpose they have in mind – whether they want to display important information, promotional messages, educational material, or simply add a decorative touch to a window – at home or in a business space.

For example:
Car Dealerships
– can create window stickers for the vehicles they have on display – indicating company information, offers and promotions, or prices and specifications relating to a particular vehicle.
Charities – can produce window stickers that can be handed out to raise awareness of the charity’s aims, upcoming events, or key messages.
Political Parties – can make window stickers that are tailored to a local candidate’s area, including their key campaign messages.
Shops – can add window stickers to their premises to help draw the attention of potential customers.
Schools – can use these stickers as teaching aids or to label displays of work that are regularly updated.
Galleries & Museums – can add information to exhibitions that can be removed when the display is updated or replaced, without causing any damage to the exhibition space.
Individuals – can make their own bespoke stickers to decorate their cars or homes – whether to add signs such as “Baby On Board” or “No Sales Reps”, or as a fun activity for children who can create their own stickers to decorate their bedrooms.

Of course, these are just a few ideas – we’re sure our creative customers will come up with all sorts of ways to use our new range.

You can see the full range of sizes available here and take a look at our guide to printing mirrored text and images here.

[This product has been discontinued].

Waterproof Labels: Inkjet versus Laser Printing

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Customers who want waterproof labels often ask us about the difference between using waterproof labels with an inkjet or a laser printer.

If customers need the label AND the print to be waterproof then they will have to use a LASER printer. The inks used for inkjet printing are water-based and so will smudge when exposed to water.

We have a number of different waterproof labels available for use with a laser printer, depending on the finish required:

– Transparent Polyester Labels in a Gloss Finish or a Matt Finish

– Matt White Polyester Labels in a Gloss Finish or a Matt Finish

Silver Matt Polyester Labels

Matt White Polyethylene Labels

If customers require waterproof labels that will definitely be exposed to water, particularly in outdoor or marine conditions, we recommend Matt White Polyester Labels or Matt White Polyethylene Labels as these are supplied with a marine tested (BS5609) adhesive.

We supply removable waterproof labels in Gloss Transparent Polyester or Matt White Polyester.

We also stock Transparent Polyester Labels with a Gloss Finish for use with inkjet printers. These labels are suitable for use in dry conditions or as waterproof labels when there is no need for printing onto the labels themselves.

Removable Transparent Labels

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

We now have removable transparent laser labels in stock in 25 sheet packs in 14 sizes. The product code is GTR (Gloss Transparent Removable) and this material is ideal for price labels on gift products.

Removable Transparent Laser Labels

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

We are extremely pleased to let you know that we will be supplying removable clear labels for laser printers from the end of June onwards.

This type of self adhesive label is of particular interest for product labels on gifts items and glassware, as well as books and cards. Suppliers or retailers can simply print the clear removable price labels they need on their own laser printers and the labels won’t detract from the finish of the items they are selling. The gloss finish has a lovely decorative touch, while the removable adhesive will allow the labels to be removed from items without doing any damage to the surface of the item.

You can find all of the label sizes available for our self adhesive removable clear labels on our Removable Gloss Transparent Polyester range page.