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Schools – Have You Got Your #backtoschool Labels Ordered Yet?

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

With GCSE Results Day taking place tomorrow, there can be little doubt that the new school year is upon us and school staff across the country will be working hard to make sure all their preparations are in place for the new term.

While ordering labels might not be at the top of your to-do list (in fact, it’s probably more likely at the bottom – if it’s on your list at all), like many things it’s a small job that can help to make a big difference – especially when it comes to getting a lot of things (including a lot of children) organised.

At Label Planet, we offer a wide range of label products that can be used for all kinds of school applications including;

  • Target Setting & Assessment Labels
  • Marking & Feedback Labels
  • Lesson Planning Labels
  • Pastoral Care Labels
  • General School Administration Labels

We aim to stock as many of our most popular products as possible so that the items you need are ready and available for same day despatch from stock. We supply our labels in packs of 25 sheets or in bulk boxes of 500 sheets and you can order online, by phone, or by email/fax. If you do not have a debit or credit card for payment, you can request a proforma invoice (to make payment via BACS transfer etc). We also offer Local Education Authority schools the option of requesting a School Invoice, which gives you 30 days for payment (to request a School Invoice, you simply need to fax or email an official purchase order to us – or send us the details of your order on official school letterhead, along with the signature of the individual responsible for payment).

All of our products are supplied as blank labels on A4 sheets and have been designed specifically for use with standard desktop inkjet printers and laser printers – they are also suitable for handwriting. We supply label templates for all of our label sizes and these can be downloaded from our website completely free of charge.

If you need any help and advice on how to order school labels, please contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help, whether you need information about prices and payments, despatch and delivery, or you have any other questions or queries.

We have created a dedicated Schools Section on our site with more information about how labels can be used in a school environment or you can simply browse through our website to find out more about all of the self-adhesive labels available from Label Planet.

Picking The Perfect Labels For Your Summer Foodie Projects

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Summer is the perfect time for making all sorts of sweet and savoury goodies to enjoy while you (try to) enjoy a bit of summer sun. Whether you’re a home-baker or home-brewer making a few seasonal delights for friends and family or you’re a restaurant or café looking to create a selection of succulent snacks to satisfy summer shoppers, you’ll probably need a few extra labels to get all of your ingredients and products labelled up before they’re handed out.

This blog takes a closer look at the Label Planet labels that are just perfect for labelling food and drink products.

Freezer Labels
Best For: Frozen Foods
If you’re making ice creams or desserts that need to be stored in freezer conditions then our freezer labels are the ideal choice. These paper labels are made with a special freezer adhesive that is suitable for use in temperatures ranging between -40°C to +60°C and was specifically developed for deep freeze label applications (in which other standard adhesives tend to fail).

These white labels can be handwritten or printed using a laser printer; we don’t recommend using an inkjet printer, as the water-based inks will be likely to run and smudge when they are exposed to condensation.

We have eight label sizes available to order for same day despatch from stock, with a further thirty-six label sizes available as made to order bulk boxes.

Water Wash Off Labels
Best For: Labelling Ingredients / Reusable Containers
Water wash off labels are a brilliant solution to the problem of needing to securely label a container (so that the contents can be identified at all times) before removing the label without damaging the container (so that the container can be cleaned and reused).

Our wash off labels are paper labels with a special “wash off” adhesive; this is permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with a surface BUT also breaks down when it is exposed to water (so it doesn’t leave behind any adhesive residue or damage the surface). This means that you can safely and securely label food and drink containers so that their contents are clearly identified and then wash the labels off before reusing and relabelling the containers as required.

Again, we have eight label sizes available for same day despatch from stock, with thirty-six additional made to order label sizes.

Waterproof Labels
Best For: Labelling Drink Bottles
If you need labels for drink bottles that are likely to be exposed to condensation or ice, you may want to consider using waterproof labels; these labels will not be damaged by exposure to water or other liquids, which will allow your labels to remain firmly in place and completely legible for the entire length of the application.

These labels need to be printed with a laser printer in order to produce waterproof print and we have a variety of materials options to help you find the perfect label for your products. You can choose between white labels or transparent labels and we also offer options for a gloss finish (a shiny finish) or a matt finish (a dull, non-shiny finish).

We supply seventeen label sizes of waterproof labels as stocked items (packs of 25 sheets available for same day despatch), with a further twenty-seven label sizes available as made to order items (boxes of 500 sheets).

You can view ALL of our label materials on our All Materials page, download a label template from our Label Templates home page, and you can also Request A Sample of any of our label materials to make sure that you pick the perfect stickers for your summery snacks.

Top Tips For Storing Labels In Hot Weather

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

With summer underway and some good weather – hopefully – on hand, we thought we’d put together a few top tips for storing your labels safely during the summer months (or whenever the Great British Weather decides to behave itself).

All of our labels are self-adhesive labels, which means they are tacky (sticky) at “normal” room temperatures – and so only require light pressure from a finger or hand to create a strong adhesive bond upon contact with a surface.

This does mean that the quality of the adhesive bond can be influenced by the temperature – during storage, application, and the duration of the label application. High temperatures tend to speed up the process of adhesion (causing the adhesive to set more quickly) and low temperatures tend to slow down or even prevent the adhesive process altogether. This means that if your labels get too hot or too cold, the quality of the adhesive bond that they can maintain will deteriorate.

High temperatures can also cause adhesive bleed; this is when the adhesive starts to spread out from the adhesive layer, where it can penetrate into the other layers of the labels themselves (and possibly damage these labels, for example by causing discolouration of the face material) or emerge from around the edges of the labels. This can cause problems when you try to print your label sheets as they may not feed correctly, which can cause print misalignment or may lead to your sheets getting jammed in your printer.

Therefore we recommend following these simple steps to store your self-adhesive labels safely so they retain their original quality for when you need to use them next:

  • Keep your labels in their original plastic packaging
  • Store your labels away from direct sunlight
  • Make sure the room temperature doesn’t exceed 25 degrees (and avoid spaces with fluctuating temperatures if possible)
  • Never store unused labels in the printer tray or next to the printer (or any other electrical devices) as the printer may get hot during usage.

Hopefully there is still some good weather to come over the summer months (and maybe even beyond) but – with these top tips – you can rest assured that your labels will be ready and waiting for you the next time you need to print some labels.

You can find more of our TOP TIPS in our Help Section, along with advice on how to design and print your own self-adhesive labels.

Summer Is Here But Never Fear We’ve Got Labels For All Your Gear!

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Today saw the arrival of the summer solstice, which means that today is officially the longest day of the year with a whopping 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight available for whatever plans you’ve got to hand.

Obviously, here at Label Planet, we think it’d be really amazing if you used some of your extra daylight to buy some summer labels for whatever projects you’re working on – but don’t worry, we’ve made it quick and simple to order labels from us, so you’ll be done in a jiffy with plenty of time to fit as much into your day as possible.

At Label Planet, we have over 100 label sizes available in over 30 material options and we aim to stock as many of the most popular combinations as possible so your labels can be despatched same day. Our website features all-inclusive prices so you simply pay the price you see – you can also opt to upgrade to a guaranteed next day delivery option if you need to receive your labels in plenty of time for looming deadline.

Our website provides information about all of the label materials and label adhesives that we supply, contains free Word templates and PDF templates for you to download and use to print your labels, and plenty of help and advice to guide you through the process of designing and printing your own labels.

Suitably Summery Labels From Label Planet

Coloured Labels: we supply self-adhesive labels in FIFTEEN different colours so we’re sure to have an option that will add a touch of summer fun to your project, from pastels that add a subtle bloom of colour to fluorescents that add a vibrant burst of colour, along with luxurious gold labels and silver labels, and a crafty brown ribbed Kraft paper that has a subtle touch of pattern and texture.

Gloss Labels: gloss labels are a brilliant way to add a subtle summery shimmer to your labelled items and we have both a full gloss and a semi-gloss finish available – you can also choose between gloss paper labels and gloss polyester labels (which are ideal if you want waterproof labels that can survive the occasional summer shower).

Transparent Labels: transparent labels are a wonderfully decorative way to label any item or even to make your own window stickers and you can choose between a gloss finish or a matt finish to make sure your labels stand out or blend in, depending on the effect you want to create.

Waterproof Labels: perfectly suited to the summer months, we supply a range of waterproof labels, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications that may involve exposure to water. We particularly recommend our Marine Labels (MWP, MWPE, and MWPO), which are all made with super tough synthetic materials and a marine adhesive, which means they’ll survive in all kinds of conditions – perfect for the ever-changeable British summer.

Freezer Labels: if you’re looking to perfect some homemade delicacies or you’re a supplier of delicious summer delights, our freezer labels are designed specifically for use on items that need to be stored in deep freeze conditions.

Water Wash Off: another recommended product for customers making food and drink products over the summer months; these labels can be used to safely and securely label containers that hold food stuffs and ingredients BUT can also be removed simply by washing the containers so that you can clean and re-label them time and time again.

Visit our full List Of Label Materials to find out more or to buy any of the label materials available from Label Planet OR visit our full List of Label Adhesives for more information about the adhesives used to make our self-adhesive labels.

You’ll find plenty of tips and advice on our Help Pages and you can head on over the our Template Home Page to download a template and get printing!

Remember, you can also Request A Sample of any of our label materials and adhesives to make sure that the labels you buy from us won’t give you the summertime blues!

Last Minute School Labels For The End Of The Summer Term

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

The approach of summer brings with it all kinds of important school events; exams, sports days, summer concerts and performances, end of year reports, and – of course – preparations for September when the new school year starts.

If you’re a school in need of some last minute labels for any of your end of term events, projects, or general administration, Label Planet has got plenty of self-adhesive labels to help you get organised before you shut down for summer.

Many of our labels are available for same day despatch from stock and we offer special delivery options to help make sure your labels arrive in plenty of time.

We also offer schools the opportunity to request a School Invoice, which provides 30 days for payment; simply send us an official school purchase order (or a signed order on the school’s letterhead) via email or fax and we’ll get your order processed and despatched along with a School Invoice.


Paper Labels
Ideal for getting organised, our paper labels come in a variety of label sizes suitable for a wide range of applications in schools including; Target Setting & Assessment (e.g. progress labels, “I can” labels, and self-assessment and reflection labels), Marking & Feedback (e.g. marking conventions and criteria, feedback labels, merit labels or reward stickers, and effective marking labels), Lesson Planning (e.g. lesson objectives, success criteria, and WALT and WILF statements), Pastoral Care (e.g. names on student files, behaviour comments on student files and/or planners, and merit labels), and General School Administration (e.g. labelling books, files, equipment, library books, and storage containers).

Coloured Labels
Perfect for busy school environments, coloured labels are a quick and easy way for teachers and members of staff to get stuff colour coded, sorted, and organised AND they’re a fun way to provide children with rewards and feedback on their progress.

We supply seven pastel colours and five fluorescent colours that can be used to colour code items according to all kinds of criteria including indicators for specific classes, subjects, levels of achievement, or behavioural issues. They’re ideal for clearly setting out targets and achievements, providing feedback and charting progress, defining important information and criteria for specific subjects, and as reward stickers or merit badges.

Gold & Silver Labels
Our metallic gold labels and silver labels are ideal for use as part of your school’s reward system and can be used to create individual reward stickers and merit badges OR as part of certificates that are handed out to pupils who have shown particular improvement or success in a subject or event.

Gold, Silver, & Bronze Stars
Brand new this year, our star stickers are a brilliant way to give feedback to pupils about how much they’ve achieved – whether you are rewarding academic achievement or achievements in extracurricular activities such as sports or performing arts. You can use them on classwork and homework, end of term/end of year reports, or on certificates being produced for end of year presentations or events like sports days.

We supply our star stickers in packs of gold stars, silver stars, bronze stars, or an assortment of the three colours.

Visit the SCHOOL SECTION of our website to find out more about how Label Planet can help you to order, design, and print your own school labels OR take a look at our LIST OF LABELS to find out more about all of the different labels available from Label Planet.

If you need any help ordering or choosing the right school labels, remember you can always contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help!

Get Your Family Crafting This Summer With Some Brilliantly Bright Labels From Label Planet

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

The summer holidays are the perfect time to get creative and encourage your children to try their hand at new things, including having a go at arts and crafts projects. Here at Label Planet, we have a whole range of colourful labels that can be put to use in all kinds of ways, whether you’re looking for extra craft materials to inspire your children with or you’ve got a particular project in mind.

For example, you might be looking at taking on a family project that’s fun but will also come in useful; whether you’re making collages or creating homemade photo albums, trying to get organised by encouraging your children to design their own labels to organise their stuff, having a go at making your own stationery for general use or for a special event happening over the summer (such as a birthday party), or maybe even having some fun designing homemade gifts for friends and family.

We’ve got all sorts of different labels but we have a few firm favourites that we think would be the perfect addition or starting point for any family crafts that you’re planning this summer:

Coloured Labels
Add a brilliant burst of colour to your summer projects with our range of coloured labels; we’ve got pastel shades for a more subtle finish, big and bold fluorescents to rival the summer sun (when it appears!), and shimmering gold and silver options for a delightfully bright finish. All of these labels can be written on or cut to shape and you can also put them through your standard desktop printer at home (please note: while our pastel coloured labels can be printed with laser or inkjet printers, our fluorescents and metallics can only be printed with a laser printer).

Kraft Labels
The clue is right in the name! These wonderfully decorative labels are made with brown Kraft paper (a common favourite in the world of arts and crafts), which has a ribbed finish to add a brilliantly light touch of pattern and texture. A great addition to any crafting kit, these labels are extremely popular for use as homemade stationery or as part of homemade gifts and cards.

Transparent Labels
These versatile labels can be used as a crafty addition to any project but are a particularly popular choice for creating homemade window stickers. Your children can create their very own unique designs to stick up in their room (and, if you’re not particularly keen on the idea of PERMANENT stickers, we would recommend taking a look at our Removable Transparent labels, which can be taken down without doing any damage to your windows and walls (and doors and floors) in the process).

You could also try out our Gloss Clear Labels, which can be used to make your own transparent “white boards”; simply stick these labels onto a background surface and your children can write (or draw) on them with white board markers before wiping them clean and starting again!

To find the perfect size of label for your summer projects in any of the options listed above, simply visit the range page for your chosen material to see what’s on offer (Coloured Labels, Kraft Labels, Transparent Labels); alternatively, if you’re looking for even more inspiration, head on over to our “List of All Labels” page to find out more about ALL of the different label materials available from Label Planet! If you want to print any of the labels you buy from us, visit our Template Section to download a template and start designing!

Celebrate This Summer With A Splash Of Colour!

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

If you’re looking to introduce a bit of colour this summer, then our coloured labels might just be the finishing touch you need!

We have a grand total of FIFTEEN different colours for you to choose from including seven pretty pastels, five fantastic fluorescents, metallic gold and silver, and a brilliant brown Kraft paper.

Whether you’re looking for a coloured background to really make your labels stand out or you’re getting ready for a summer inspired arts and crafts project, these labels are a wonderful way to instantly add a burst of colour – whether you want a shade that’s subtle and serene or you want something that’ll really stand out and shout!

Our pastel coloured labels come in sixty three different sizes across a range of seven different colours:
Crimson Red, Orange Red, Yellow (canary yellow), Blue (sky blue), Green (apple green), Pink (pastel pink), or Cream

These blank paper labels can be printed using an inkjet printer or a laser printer OR you can really get creative and produce your own unique designs by hand. You can choose between a permanent adhesive (for a permanent touch of colour) or a removable adhesive (if you want to be able to remove your labels at a later date, without doing any damage to the surface of the item you need to label). These pastel shades offer a subtle coloured background that will add a pleasant bloom of colour without obscuring the text or design work that you’re adding to your labels.

Our fluorescent labels range is available in fifty nine sizes across a range of five fabulous fluorescent colours:
Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, or Magenta

These brilliantly bright labels are supplied on A4 sheets of labels with a permanent adhesive and can be printed using a laser printer or you can write or draw your designs by hand. All five of these fluorescent colours will instantly grab the attention of any passer-by and are the perfect label to choose if you want to draw attention to something in a big way or if the information on your labels is extremely important (and absolutely HAS to be noticed). These fluorescent labels the perfect way to add a bold and bright finishing touch that is both extremely attractive and fun in appearance.

Our gold labels and silver labels are both available in a range of twenty four sizes and are paper labels with a permanent adhesive. Like our fluorescent labels, these metallic labels can only be printed with a laser printer or you can choose to personalise your labels with a handwritten message or design. These labels have a delightful semi-gloss textured finish, which adds a professional and decorative touch that is both luxurious and festive in appearance.

Our Kraft labels are available in forty four different sizes and can be handwritten or printed with either an inkjet printer or a laser printer. Made with brown Kraft paper, these labels have a ribbed finish that offers a wonderfully decorative touch of pattern and texture that makes these labels the ideal addition for any project that needs to have that natural, homemade, crafty finish.

You can find more information about all of our coloured labels (or place an order to get your colourful summer projects underway) by visiting the range pages for these products or by taking a look through our “List Of Coloured Labels” information page.

Join In With This Year’s Summer Of Sport With Super Labels For All Your Sporting Needs

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

With summer (sort of) underway, there are plenty of sporting events taking place across the country and around the world, which means that plenty of people will be finding their own way to participate in this year’s “summer of sport”, from fun runs to football tournaments, triathlons to tiddlywinks competitions (with the occasional food throwing or “chasing-down-a-hill” event thrown in along the way)!

If you’re organising or participating in an event this summer, we might just have a few labels that can help you get things set up!

Coloured Labels
If you’re organising tournaments or team events, we’ve got a range of coloured labels to help you get everything (and everyone) colour coded; whether you’re giving people team colours or setting up a board to keep track of which team is playing which team or which teams are still in your tournament if you’re running a knockout style event.

These labels are also a great way to create awards for winners or participation badges for everyone who steps up and takes part. You could use our Gold and Silver Metallic Labels to create certificates or badges for first and second place, or use our coloured and fluorescent coloured round labels to create badges for teams or individuals who have joined in.

Removable Labels
If you’re heading up an event with a lot of different teams or individuals taking part, you could use our Removable Labels to keep track of what is happening when, who is taking on whom, and to update your score board or tournament board as each match or event is completed (without doing any damage as you remove the old labels).

Outdoor “Weatherproof” Labels
Many sporting events will be aiming to make the most of the summer by getting out and about in the great outdoors, which means you might be looking for labels that will withstand ALL of the types of weather that go hand in hand with a “Great British Summer”. Here at Label Planet, we have a great range of waterproof labels that are perfect for taking on the challenges of being outdoors. These labels are made with polyester or polyethylene, which are tough, durable materials that are brilliant for use outside – especially as they’re all waterproof! Our Matt White Polyester and Matt White Polyethylene labels also feature a Marine Standard adhesive, which was developed specifically for use in conditions that will involve exposure to or immersion in water.

So, if you’re looking for labels to use as signage at an event or around a course, name or number badges for participants, or simply getting your equipment labelled up, why not take a look through our waterproof labels to see if there’s one that will be just right for your particular event.

To view ALL of the label products available from Label Planet (or to place an order!), take a look at our List Of All Label Materials page to get an idea of what different options are available. You can also view all of the labels we’ve mentioned in this blog post by visiting our lists of Coloured Labels, Removable Labels, and Waterproof Labels.

Have A Summer Sort Out With Labels From Label Planet

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

With the summer holidays coming into view, you might be planning on taking advantage of the longer days to finally get around to doing a few jobs that you’ve not yet got around to doing – and we have a some brilliant labels to help you get your errands done and dusted that little bit faster, so you have more time to relax and unwind.

Labels To – Colour Code Your Boxes & Belongings
Coloured labels are a quick and easy way to divide (and conquer) your mountain of stuff, whether you’re sorting out what belongs to whom or even deciding what’s “To Keep” and what’s “To Throw”. Our coloured labels can be printed (with an inkjet or a laser printer) or can be handwritten and you can choose between labels with a permanent adhesive (for permanent organisation) and a removable adhesive (for temporary labels that you can remove without damaging your belongings).
We Recommend: Pastel Coloured Labels & Removable Pastel Coloured Labels OR Fluorescent Labels (for a colour coded system that really stands out)

Labels To – Fine Tune Your Filing System
Whether you’ve got a wonderfully organised filing system already in place or you’ve got a stack of papers that desperately needs sorting out, we’ve got a great range of paper labels in all sorts of shapes and sizes that are perfect for labelling up files and folders, boxes and wallets, or whatever other devices you’re using to keep your paperwork under control (or perhaps just out of sight). All of these labels are made of matt white paper with a permanent adhesive and many are made with shapes and sizes that were designed specifically with storage and filing systems in mind (for example, we have three label sizes which were designed specifically for use on lever arch and box files).
We Recommend: Media Storage Labels

Labels To – Get Your Boxes & Storage Containers Sorted
If you’ve decided that the best way to get your stuff organised is to get it put into boxes, bags, and any other storage container you can find, it can be all too easy to forget what stuff you’ve put where. Adding a simple category label (or even a contents label) makes it quick and easy for you to see at a glance what you’ve got in each box.
We Recommend: Standard Paper Labels (for a basic label), Gloss Paper Labels (for a more decorative finish), Coloured Paper Labels (for a creative finish), or High Tack Paper Labels (for use on plastic or fabric containers that standard labels may struggle to stick to).

Labels To – Organise A Big Move (Around)
Whether you’re on the move this summer or you’ve decided that you want to shift everything around, getting your belongings organised makes things go a lot smoother, and we have a wonderful range of temporary labels that will help you get everything labelled neatly and clearly for the duration of your big move (around). These temporary labels are made with removable adhesives that provide enough grip while you need your labels to stay in place but then remove cleanly from the surface once they are no longer needed (without doing any damage or leaving behind any sticky adhesive residue).
We Recommend: Standard Removable Labels & Removable Coloured Labels

Labels To – Sort Out Your Digital Archive
Whether you’ve got a mammoth collection of CDs and DVDs to sort out or you simply want to get your all-important files backed up safely and securely, we got a variety of media labels to suit all sorts of storage devices. Many of our media labels were designed specifically to suit a particular type of storage device and we have label sizes for use on CDs and DVDs, data cartridges and diskettes, and even some to suit more traditional storage media, including audio cassettes and videos! So even if your collection includes a few old mix tapes and home videos, you’ll still be able to find the perfect label to get everything labelled up properly.
We Recommend: Media Storage Labels

Labels To – Take Control Of Your Diary
Whether you’ve got a notebook stuffed with “To-Do-Lists” or a chaotic family calendar hanging off the fridge, labels are a great way to take control and remind yourself of the big things (and little things) that you absolutely have to remember to do. Our smaller label sizes are perfect for giving yourself easy to spot reminders of important dates and “things to do”; especially our small coloured round labels, which are an ideal addition to any busy calendar or diary. You can choose between permanent labels (to make sure your reminders remain firmly in place) or removable labels (so you can update your calendar or diary as you get things crossed off your list!).
We Recommend: Pastel Coloured Paper Labels & Removable Paper Labels

To find the perfect label for your big summer project, get started by searching for your perfect label material on our “List Of All Label Materials” page or your perfect label size on our “Search By Width” and “Search By Height” pages.

Get Out And About With Labels For The Great Outdoors

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Summer is the time to get outside and thousands of individuals and organisations across the country will be arranging trips and events in the great outdoors, which means they’ll need labels that will survive in these conditions (whatever the weather decides to do)!

At Label Planet, we have a whole range of “weatherproof” labels that are designed to offer that extra bit of durability against the challenges of the natural world, which makes them the perfect option if you need your labels to be useful in the great outdoors (or even the great indoors if they are to be stored or used near water).

Our weatherproof labels are made using polyester or polyethylene, which are both highly durable, long lasting materials that offer the particularly useful property of being waterproof! Our waterproof range includes self adhesive labels with a variety of finishes and adhesives to help you find the one that’s perfect for your application:

Material Colour
We have waterproof labels in three different colours (white, off-white, and silver) along with three transparent products. Our white and off-white colours are ideal if you need a standard label with a solid background colour for your design to sit on, while the metallic finish of our silver polyester creates a decorative and professional finish that will really stand out from the surface background. If you need a label that is suitable for a transparent surface, that won’t cover up a decorative surface, or that will help avoid colour-matching issues, then our transparent labels are the perfect choice.

Material Finish
We also offer a choice of matt and gloss finishes, so you can choose the one that best suits the appearance that you want to create. Matt finishes have a duller, non-shiny finish, while gloss finishes have a bright, shiny finish. You may wish to choose a waterproof label that has a finish to match the surface you are labelling or you may wish to use a contrasting finish to help your label stand out. Both our transparent and white waterproof labels are available with either a matt or a gloss finish, while our silver waterproof labels have a matt metallic finish.

Adhesive Strength
Our waterproof range includes THREE different adhesives, so you can choose the strength that best suits your needs. If you need your outdoor labels for temporary purposes (e.g. temporary signs that can be removed when an event finishes) and you don’t want them to do any damage when you remove them, you can opt for our removable transparent waterproof labels (GTR) or our removable white waterproof labels (MWR), which are both designed to provide good adhesion while the label is needed before removing cleanly and easily from the surface.

If you’re looking for a more permanent label that can survive outside, you can opt for one of our standard permanent waterproof adhesives, which are found on our gloss and matt transparent labels (GTP and MTP), our gloss white polyester labels (GWP), and our silver metallic polyester labels (SMP). Alternatively, if you’re looking for a really tough label that can truly take on the terrors of the great outdoors, then we recommend choosing either our matt white polyester labels (MWP) or our polyethylene labels (MWPE), which are both made using a marine standard waterproof adhesive; to achieve this standard, the adhesive has been immersed in sea water for 3 months, which makes it a perfect choice for use on outdoor labels.

It should be noted that all of these waterproof labels are listed as “Laser Labels” – meaning they are suitable for use with laser printers (but NOT with inkjet printers). Laser printers use a dry printing process to bond toner (a dry powder) onto the medium being printed using heat and pressure, which produces print that is waterproof. Inkjet printers use inks that are usually water-based, which means that they will run and smudge if they get wet or are handled a lot. We recommend using a laser printer to produce waterproof labels BUT if you only have access to an inkjet printer there are a couple of alternative options you could try:

  1. Source non-water-based inks that can produce waterproof print.
  2. Print labels using your inkjet printer and then source some transparent labels (or a sealant) that you can apply over your print to provide a protective waterproof coating.

Please note, you will need to make sure that you purchase labels that are compatible with an inkjet printer; inkjet inks will not dry properly on the materials used to make laser labels.

Plus, if you’re looking to capitalise on the (hopefully) warmer weather with some delicious treats, we’ve got a wonderful range of Freezer Labels, which are perfect for getting all your frozen foods (and drinks) labelled up in time for some fun in the sun.

Our freezer labels are made of a matt white paper with a special Deep Freeze adhesive, which is designed specifically for use in freezer conditions (down to -40°C). These labels can be applied to items that are already frozen or that will be frozen at a later date and are ideal for creating product labels on food and drink products. We have eight stocked sizes, which are available to order in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch, with a further 38 labels sizes available to order (with a minimum order quantity of 500 sheets and up to five working days for despatch).

To buy labels that can survive some fun in the sun (or an hour in a summer shower) get started by visiting our Waterproof Labels page to see all of the available options, or visit our Freezer Labels range page to find out more or to buy labels for your summer sweets.