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Schools – We’ve Got Labels For ALL Your #BackToSchool Needs!

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

The arrival of a new school year heralds the start of all sorts of labelling projects for teachers and members of staff alike; whether you need labels for providing feedback on classwork and homework, setting targets for pupils to encourage progress, creating lesson plans to guide your classes through the term ahead, providing pastoral care throughout the year, or simply getting all of your administrative files, folders, and paperwork sorted out.

At Label Planet, we supply over 1000 schools across the country with a variety of label sizes and colours to help them get the new school year organised and under control! We’ve even put together a dedicated school section to help you find the perfect label size for a variety of purposes, including:

Target Setting & Assessment Labels

  • Create pupil progress labels to provide pupils with targets at the beginning of a new year, term, or topic, which they can stick into their exercise books and use to keep track of their progress.
  • Use coloured labels to indicate if work has undergone teacher, peer, or self-assessment, or create a colour coded system to categorise how well pupils are doing with a particular topic or subject.

Marking & Feedback Labels

  • Print the school’s marking conventions onto labels that pupils can stick into their books and refer to throughout the year.
  • Create feedback labels to quickly and easily add comments to work (especially those that you find yourself repeating over and over again); you could pre-print comments or create labels that include blank spaces for tailored feedback (for example: “two stars & a wish”, “what worked well”, and “even better if” labels).
  • Make merit and reward badges as a simple, cheerful way to provide feedback on how a pupil is doing.
  • Our LP18/63 label size is suitable for use with the Effective Marking Scheme and many schools buy their labels from us year after year; this size is kept in stock in large volumes, so the labels are ready for same day despatch when schools need to order (or re-order!).

Lesson Planning Labels

  • Print out lesson objectives, success criteria, and WALT / WILF statements, which are particularly popular for use in literacy and numeracy lessons.
  • Create vocabulary or keyword lists for a particular term or topic – pupils can stick these lists into their books so they have accurate spellings and/or definitions to refer to throughout the term or topic. Labels are also a brilliant way to add important diagrams or illustrations to exercise books (without having to resort to using messy glue sticks!).

Pastoral Care Labels

  • Labels can be used for a variety of applications related to pastoral care; for example, labels can be used to organise and securely store pupil records, to colour code files to denote the year a pupil is in, to indicate pupils with special status or requirements, or to identify pupils with medical conditions or allergies.
  • Labels can also be used to track and monitor behaviour, whether they are used to record incidents of bad behaviour, to indicate that a particular pupil has been placed under special supervision or on probation, or as a means of reporting behaviour back to parents (for example, by adding stickers to planners that parents are required to review and/or sign each week).
  • Create a school-wide merit system to reward exceptional behaviour, improvement, or achievement; merit labels can be used to track progress and behaviour throughout the year before being added up at the end of term or year to determine which pupils should receive awards or certificates to reward them for their successes.

School Administration Labels

  • We’ve got label sizes to suit all kinds of administration applications but one of the most popular uses for our labels is to label books, including exercise books, text books, library books, record books, and any other types of books you’ve got!
  • Our coloured labels are a quick and easy way to colour code files and folders, paperwork and records into whatever categories you need to use – which makes it quicker and easier to find a particular file or group of files from the hundreds (and thousands) that schools tend to accumulate.

Ordering School Labels From Label Planet

You can choose to buy packs of 25 sheets (for small projects) or you can take advantage of our price break system and order your labels in bulk – saving you plenty of time and money. The majority of our school orders are despatched on the same or next working day (orders of 500+ sheets of made to order items can take up to 5 working days for despatch but paper products are usually despatched much sooner); we aim to have as many of the most popular label sizes used by our school customers in stock, even when they need to order particularly large volumes in preparation for a new term or school year.

Schools can order online, over the phone, by email, or by fax; you can choose to make payment with your order, request a pro-forma invoice against which you (or your Finance Department) can make payment, OR if you are a Local Education Authority School, you can request a 30 Day School Invoice.

If you wish to order by fax or email, please send us the details of your order on an official purchase order form OR on the school letterhead along with the signature of the individual responsible for making payment.

To choose the right labels for your school label application(s) you can use our List of All Labels page to see what materials are available, visit our Labels Listed By Width and Labels Listed By Height pages to see what sizes are available, try out our brand new Label Finder, contact our Customer Service Team for advice, or simply have a browse through our website.

Once you have chosen your labels, you can order online, get in touch with our Customer Service Team by phone, or simply send us an email or fax with the details of the labels you would like to order. If you have any questions or queries about placing an order for labels on behalf of a school, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to help!

Schools – Add Some Decoration To Your End Of Year Celebration With Brilliantly Bright Labels From Label Planet

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

For many schools, the end of the summer term signals the chance to reward pupils for their achievements throughout the school year and to make the most of the arrival of summer by holding events such as Sport’s Day and Summer Fairs (or Fayres!).

As part of these celebrations, many schools will be producing certificates and prizes to give to pupils who have achieved a particular level of success or progress, whether that is academic progress, meeting individual behavioural targets, or for sporting achievements and/or involvement in the performing arts – and we’ve got the perfect range of labels to create the perfect finishing “seal of approval” or to personalise each award in a fun and decorative way.

We highly recommend using our Coloured Labels, Fluorescent Labels, and our Gold & Silver Labels, where the different colours can be used to denote a particular level of achievement, success in a particular subject or area, or to represent the year group, class, team, or house of the recipient.

Our Gold Labels and Silver Labels are an easy and fun way to create a decorative “official seal” of commendation to denote if a person has attained one of two particular levels of achievement – for example, if they have are “First Place” or “Runner Up” in an event or subject or to denote that they are being rewarded for an “Excellent” level of achievement or a “Good” level of achievement.

Our Coloured and Fluorescent Labels are an ideal choice if you need to award prizes or certificates to a number of different groups, for different categories of achievement, or for different subjects or areas of achievement. For example, you might assign colours to specific subjects or departments (e.g. science awards are marked with a green label and performing arts awards are marked with a red label etc), select a range of colours to represent a range of achievement levels (e.g. red for “excellent”, orange for “very good”, and yellow for “good”), or use colours to specify a particular year group (e.g. a “junior” pupil might receive a certificate marked with a blue label, while a “senior” pupil receives a certificate marked with a yellow label).

You might also simply want to tailor your prizes and certificates to make them unique to your school by incorporating your school colours or to give pupils a fun celebratory token to mark their successes over the year by creating badges with positive and rewarding messages.

You could leave your labels blank and use them as “seals” or “marks” on your certificates, or you may wish to print them with the school logo/crest or with a symbol that denotes the area in which a pupil has succeeded or made significant progress. If you’ve had your certificates and prizes pre-printed (and you don’t fancy the prospect of handwriting each one with the name of the recipient), labels are also a fantastic way to quickly (and neatly) personalise a large number of rewards in time for your end of year celebrations and awards events.
Schools can order their labels from us online or by submitting an order by phone, email, or fax. Orders placed online are subject to “payment with order” terms, but local education authority schools may submit a purchase order to our Customer Service Team and request a 30-Day School Invoice.

You can find all of our brilliantly bright Coloured Labels, Fluorescent Labels, and Metallic Labels on our All Colours page; simply select the colour(s) that you want and then select the size(s) that you need.

Save Teacher Time & Standardise With Labels

Monday, September 15th, 2014

For the new school year, we have added over 80 templates to the Labels for Schools section of our website.

These templates are totally free for teachers and members of staff to download and edit to create labels for just about every use you could think of.

We’ve got labels for:
– Feedback and Marking (General Purpose)
– Feedback and Marking (Merit and Reward)
– Administration (Books, Files)
– Lesson Planning
– Pastoral Care (Behaviour, Rewards, Files)
– Target Setting and Assessment

All of our templates and labels are A4 in size, meaning they can be printed in school on standard laser and inkjet printers.

These templates can be used as they are or adapted to suit a particular subject, lesson, or purpose.

To get started, simply visit our Labels For Schools section and click on Example of Labels to Download.

Labels For Schools – Labels, Templates, Advice & More…

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

With schools opening for the new school year, we’d like to remind schools about a brand new section on our website designed specifically for teachers and members of staff in schools.

Our “Labels For Schools”section, which can be found on our website here, offers a range of advice, tips, and free template downloadsf.

We have information on how to buy the labels you need, information about our commission scheme for schools, templates for all kinds of labels that can be used in a school environment and helpful advice on how to design and print your very own labels.

Labels can be used in schools for:
– General Feedback and Marking
– Merit and Reward Schemes
– Administration (Books & Files)
– Lesson Planning
– Pastoral Care
– Target Setting and Assessment

Congratulations To Teachers (But Are You Ready For Back To School?)

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

We supply a number of schools with labels and we wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to all of their staff as students across the country receive their A-Level results.

While some students will get what they wanted (or even better) and some may be disappointed, behind them are the teachers and members of staff at school who have supported them along the way.

Of course, while you deserve a moment to celebrate the results of your efforts, September is still slowly creeping up. But don’t worry! Here at Label Planet we’ve launched a special School Section on our website, full of help, advice, and resources for teachers to use in the preparation for back to school.

So, while we hope you enjoy a day of celebrations, when you do have the time we hope you’ll take a look at our site to see how we can help you get organised for the next school year.

School Templates – Free Resources For Teachers From Label Planet

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

We’ve updated our Schools section on our website to include a whole series of templates that teachers can download and use for free.

These templates demonstrate some of the ways our labels can be used in schools, ranging from General Feedback and Marking Labels, Merit and Reward Labels, Administration Labels, Lesson Planning Labels, Pastoral Care Labels (including behaviour, reward, and file labels), and General Target Setting and Assessment Labels.

Teachers can take a look at the templates for inspiration, use them as they are, or edit and amend them to suit their own requirements.

To take a look at the templates on offer, just visit our School Section and click on Examples of Labels To Download.

Static Cling Labels – Sample Packs For Schools

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

To celebrate the launch of our Static Cling labels, we are putting together sample packs especially for schools.

This product is excellent for use in the classroom; the durable, waterproof polyester material is tough enough to survive the day to day activity of the classroom, and the use of static cling means that this product can be used over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Teachers can print onto these labels using a standard laser printer or – if they prefer – they can be written on using permanent marker pens.

These labels can be used as:
– Temporary signs
– Indoor signs
– Notices
– Warnings
– Reminders
– Name labels
– Teaching tools
– Protective covers for displays

The sample packs include information about the product, as well as a sample of the product, so teachers can see for themselves how useful this product is.

If you haven’t received a sample pack and would like to, simply send us an email at to request one now.

Static Cling Labels – A No Mess, No Fuss Multi-Purpose Teaching Tool

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

We’ve just written a press release all about our new Static Cling Labels and how they’re a brilliant teaching tool for use in classrooms.

These versatile labels are perfectly suited to the demands of a school environment. The polyester material is tough, durable, and waterproof, and the use of static cling – rather than an adhesive – means that they are 100% repositionable, reusable, and removable, and they won’t leave behind any unsightly – or super sticky – residue.

In schools, transparent static cling labels can help save teachers time and money, and they have hundreds of different uses, including:

– Teaching Tools
These labels can be used to make teaching tools designed around the subject being studied, the pupils being taught, and a teacher’s personal teaching style. They can be used as visual aids or as part of interactive activities during lessons – for example, to demonstrate sentence structure in language lessons, to create timelines in history lessons, or to construct and solve equations in mathematics lessons.

– Classroom Displays
Static cling labels can be used either as protective covers for classroom displays or as part of displays themselves. Instead of laminating individual pieces of work to protect them while they are on display, a static cling label can be applied over a piece of work, removed when the display is taken down, and then reused on the next display – without doing any damage to the work or the display surface. Alternatively, these labels can be used to make topical displays that can be put up while a particular topic is being studied and then taken down and stored until they are needed again. For example, they could be used to display “Words of the Week” in a language class, the formulae required during a particular science lesson, or a reminder of the areas of study that make up a specific module or subject.

– Labels and Signs
Of course, TSC can also simply be used to make labels, whether teachers want to create name labels for students to apply to their assigned desk, tray, or locker; to label up storage units so everyone knows where particular items are kept; to create temporary signs for use during events such as parent evenings or performances; as door signs to indicate the form, subject, or teacher assigned to a particular classroom; or even to make posters for classrooms to display classroom rules and regulations, health and safety notices, or important educational material.

These labels can be printed using a laser printer or written on using a permanent marker pen, and are available in a wide variety of sizes. Teachers can find out more about this range of labels and the sizes available on our Transparent Static Cling Labels range page.

Here at Label Planet, we already work with a number of schools and can offer 30 day credit invoices to local education authorities and academies who submit an official purchase order by email or by fax. Schools are also free to order online or by phone with a credit or debit card. We also offer samples, which can be requested here.

[This product has been discontinued].