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How Many Ways Can You Use Labels At Christmas? (Hint: Probably More Than You Think!)

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Over the years, we’ve heard from hundreds of customers who want to buy labels for Christmas – but some of them have surprised us with the Christmas Capers they had in store for their labels.

Most of our labels end up on Christmas cards and parcels, as gift tags and wrapping decorations, as Christmas labels on products and packaging, or as seasonal extras for Christmas events and promotions. Some of them, however, are destined for slightly more unusual festive favours:

  • Playing pieces to be used in homemade Christmas board games and card games, prompts for rounds of “Who Am I?”, and even Christmas variations of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” (although with less “pin” and more “stick”).
  • Elements for Christmas Scavenger Hunts, including directions and all-important clues!
  • Stick on Christmas hats that won’t fall off – even if you fall asleep!
  • Homemade Christmas decorations, including wall decorations, tree decorations, and homemade Advent Calendars.
  • Labels for homemade goodies, including all kinds of Christmas biscuits and cakes, jars of Christmas condiments, along with one or two (or simply a few) bottles of homemade wine, beer, or whisky.
  • Labels on a Family Tree, created as a Christmas gift for extended family members.
  • Elements in homemade photo albums; some use labels to add descriptions to their photos, while others print their photos onto labels and stick them into a book or pad to create a homemade album.
  • Homemade beauty gifts, including balms, perfumes, and bath products.
  • Name labels and table place holders at parties and events.
  • Individual and Team Name Badges for use in competitions and tournaments – either to identify competitors or to display scores on scoreboards or tournament boards to show who has progressed through to the next round.
  • Labels for Christmas art exhibitions and Christmas fairs (or fayres if you prefer!).
  • As part of a good old traditional Christmas raffle!

We’ve Got Seals! (AKA: The Seal Of Approval – Why A Label Can Be The Perfect Seal For All Kinds Of Documents & Packaging)

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Labels are the perfect way to add a seal to all sorts of items for all sorts of purposes.

You might have a document that is very important and needs a professional, sturdy seal or you might be sending a special piece of correspondence or an invite to a special event. You might be creating a certificate or award to celebrate a special achievement or victory by an individual or team. Alternatively, you might have product packaging that absolutely needs to remain intact and sealed until it is delivered to the customer or perhaps you want to add a decorative finishing touch or a bit of extra branding to your product packaging. Either way, a label is a quick and easy solution that is very simple to get sorted – and we’ve got a variety of labels to help you find the perfect seal for you.

Labels for serious seals
If you’re sending important documents to a client or customer, you might want to add a seal to those documents or the envelope they are delivered in. Perhaps you want to add a mark as a kind of official sign off or approval, or you might simply want to make sure that your documents have a professional finish by adding a smart, branded seal to your correspondence.

We suggest: Gloss Labels, Premium Quality Paper Labels, Transparent Labels

Labels for celebration seals
If you’re sending out invitations to a very special occasion or sending a card or gift in celebration of a particularly special day, you might want to add a fun finishing touch to your invites and/or envelopes. We have many customers who want to add a little something extra, whether they want something fabulous and fun or something decorative and classy – and a seal for your invitations, cards, or envelopes is a brilliant way to add your own personal touch.

For example, you might be sending a gift or card for a special birthday or anniversary and want a seal to match, whether that’s a seal in the favourite colour of the birthday girl or boy, a seal with a personal message, or a seal that suits the occasion (e.g. a red label for a ruby wedding anniversary).

You might be sending out invitations for a special birthday party and want to add a personal message to each invite – you could print your message onto a label and use them to seal the envelopes or you might want a set of printed labels that will make finishing off your invites that much quicker.

We also get a lot of requests from soon to be brides and grooms who want to make sure that their invitations are every bit as special as their big day. Whether they want a label that matches their colour scheme or they’ve chosen the perfect paper and the perfect envelope for their invites and want a transparent seal that won’t cover up the design they’ve chosen, using a label as a seal is the perfect way to get that personal touch for those extra special invites.

We suggest: Coloured Labels, Fluorescent Labels, Gold & Silver Labels, Transparent Labels

Labels for successful seals
You might be designing your own certificates or awards or perhaps you want to add your own congratulations or “seal of approval” to existing documents. Whether you’re creating a certificate to reward progress and achievement in a school, rewarding success by individuals or teams in your company, creating a family reward system at home, running a competition for a social or activity group, or creating certificates for participants and winners in standalone events (such as sporting events, charity events, local events, or competitions in the arts, music, or horticulture), adding a “seal of approval” is a lovely finishing touch to help make your certificates or awards extra special.

You can use different colours to denote different levels of achievement, such as Gold for first place or for passing an exam with “Distinction” and Silver for second place or for passing an exam with “Merit”, or to distinguish between successes in different events, subjects, or classes.

We suggest: Coloured Labels, Fluorescent Labels, Gold & Silver Labels

Labels for security seals
Companies sending or supplying high value goods often want to make sure that company or product details remain with an item throughout storage and transport, or may want to add a seal to their products to secure the packaging, deter thieves, and provide evidence if any attempt is made to interfere with an item before it reaches a customer.

We supply two special “Tamper Evident” label products, which are designed specifically for use as security labels. These labels can be applied directly onto goods or onto product packaging. They improve the security of products by providing evidence if an item is opened or tampered with; our Silver Void labels leave the message “void” on the item and on the label if an attempt is made to remove them, while our Vinyl Tamper Evident labels will disintegrate into pieces (preventing the label from being removed) if someone attempts to remove them.

We suggest: Silver Void Labels, Vinyl Tamper Evident Labels

Labels for decorative seals
Finally, if you’re a company selling products, you might want to add a seal to your product packaging that includes your company branding, promotes a particular message about or from your company, shows off the details of a special offer, sends a personalised message to your customers, or gives your items a finishing touch that is both professional and decorative in appearance.

We find that our more decorative label options are popular for branding and personalising packaging, with many customers opting for one of our coloured labels (we have six pastel colours, five fluorescent colours, brown Kraft labels, and gold and silver labels), while our gloss labels prove popular for adding professional product labels to all kinds of items. Our transparent labels are a common choice for use when packaging needs a seal to provide a bit of extra security and sturdiness either during storage, display, or delivery.

We suggest: Coloured Labels, Fluorescent Labels, Gold & Silver Labels, Kraft Labels, Transparent Labels

Get Creative With Labels & Have Some Crafty Fun This Summer

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

With the summer holidays in full swing, you might be on a mission to get your kids to be more active and more creative. If you’re trying to inspire your children to try out their artistic skills, why not try getting crafty with labels from Label Planet.

We’ve got all kinds of labels and kids can have fun trying out their own designs, whether you’re looking for a project that’s just a bit of fun or you want something that’s fun but with a useful side.

Whether your children are interested in design of the digital kind or you’re looking for a more traditional paper-based arts and crafts deal, labels are a perfect tool for getting creative. Children can design their own labels or use them as part of a bigger project, whether it’s making their own stationery, putting together collages or photo albums, or simply getting together as many different bits and pieces (from paints and crayons to the good old glitter and glue combo) as they can and making a big old mess!

If you’re looking for a more practical project, you could get your children to come up with their own designs for labels to keep track of their stuff, such as personalised name labels for all their school books, labels that you can use around the home, or labels to help keep their bedrooms organised (or more organised than they might otherwise be).

So, why not take a look through some of the options we have and let your imagination run wild!

Coloured Labels
What’s a summer project without a bit of colour?! We’ve got all kinds of colours, including six pastel colours, five fluorescent colours, and a brilliant gold and silver, all of which can be printed or handwritten.

Kraft Labels
The craftiest craft label of them all! These labels are made of a brown craft paper with a ribbed pattern, which gives them a lovely natural, decorative appearance that is highly popular with crafty people of all kinds. If your child wants to make their own stationery, these labels are a perfect addition to their craft kits.

Transparent Labels
Why not let your children create their very own window stickers to put up in their room; our GTR labels are made with a removable adhesive so there’ll be no mess when your children (or you) decide it’s time to take them down.

You might also want to try our GCP labels, which can be used as transparent “white boards” – these labels can be used for endless games of noughts and crosses or hangman, or you can simply give your children white board markers and let them occupy themselves by scribbling away before wiping out what they’ve done and starting all over again!

Schools – Labels & Stickers For The End Of Term; School Reports, Certificates, & Sport’s Day Badges

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

The end of term/year means it’s time for all sorts of events to celebrate the achievements of students throughout the year and one-off end-of-year events such as Sport’s Day.

Whether a school is celebrating academic achievements, outstanding effort or behaviour, sporting accolades, or creative output across the arts, they will usually reward students with a certificate or prize – and that’s where we come in!

We’ve got all sorts of labels that can be used as rewards or stickers on certificates and prizes to celebrate all kinds of achievements.

For example, our GOLD & SILVER labels are ideal for use on certificates to give them a fun, decorative finish that reflects an “official” seal of commendation. They can be used to indicate that a person has achieved a particular level, such as Gold to indicate an “Excellent” level and Silver to indicate a “Good” level. They can also be used on certificates and prizes for achievement in a year group or subjects, to indicate whether the recipient has been awarded first place or is the runner up. Gold and silver can also be used in the traditional way for Sport’s Day prizes – with Gold Stickers applied to the prizes or certificates for individuals who come first in their event (or events!) and Silver Stickers for those who come second.

For events or ceremonies where there are a number of different winners or categories, you could select from our Coloured and Fluorescent Coloured ranges and use a different colour to denote a particular level of achievement or the particular category that a certificate has been presented in. Labels can be printed with the school logo or crest, with the details of the award and/or the recipient of the award, or simply with a decorative design as a finishing touch to a larger certificate or reward.

Alternative Christmas Uses for your Labels

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Every year we see a rush of customers purchasing labels at Christmas for use as address labels, shipping labels, or product labels, so we thought we’d celebrate the alternative uses that our customers have found for our labels (along with a few “funny” suggestions from the office)…

  • Labels for a Family Tree that can be given to all your relatives as a Christmas present
  • Stick on Christmas hats that won’t fall off (even if you get a bit drunk and fall asleep in front of the fire…or anywhere else for that matter)
  • Gift tags for presents
  • Name labels and badges at parties or personalised place holders for Christmas dinner
  • Labels for use in Christmas games (you might want to create a homemade board game, use them for a round or two of “Who Am I?”, or maybe even set up a Christmas scavenger hunt to amuse (or distract) the children – and perhaps even one or two of the adults)
  • Homemade Christmas decorations
  • Christmas presents! (for the person who has everything…except labels)

We’ve a whole range of labels for you to get creative with so take a look and see if we’ve got something to inspire you this Christmas time.

Yes, You Can Use Our Labels With Standard Inkjet & Laser Printers – But That Doesn’t Mean You Have To…

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

We spend a lot of our time advising customers on the best labels for their laser or inkjet printer, how to get the best print results, and a whole host of Frequently Asked Questions about labels and printers and printers and labels.

But, it just so happens that our labels can be extremely useful all on their own…

…Presenting Label Planet’s List Of Ways To Use Your Labels, Without A Printer!

Handwritten Labels
It’s an old tradition but it’s a good one; instead of using a printer, take the more personal route and handwrite your address labels. Obviously, this works best for smaller quantities (unless you’ve got some willing volunteers to help you out) but taking the time to handwrite your address labels adds a truly personal touch to your letters and parcels. All of our paper labels can be written on with ease and can be used to create a lovely bespoke finish for all kinds of items.

Colour Coding Labels
This one applies to our ranges of coloured and fluorescent labels, which can be used to organise pretty much anything. Whether you’re at home and you need to get the family calendar organised; you’ve got stock to rotate, count, or promote; you’ve got office schedules and deadlines to plan; or you’re moving to a new home or office, these labels are an easy visual tool for getting things planned and organised – and you’ve got the choice of cool pastel shades or funky fluorescent colours. They can be used blank or you can add notes to help keep track of what (or who!) goes where, when, and why.

Children’s Activity Labels
Blank paper labels can be used for all sorts of children’s activities, whether they’re intended for educational purposes, just a bit of fun, or something to keep them occupied when you need a few minutes of peace and quiet. Our labels can be stuck onto homework, reward charts, exercise books, clothing, or project and activity materials and they can be written on with just about any kind of writing implement, from pens and pencils to crayons and glitter sticks. The list of uses is endless and the only limit is what you and your children can imagine!

Gift Tags/Packaging Seals
Whether you’re wrapping up presents for friends and family or looking for a simple, decorative way to seal your product packaging, our labels are an excellent finishing touch. You can opt for one of our colourful labels to add a fun, bright finishing touch or select from one of our transparent labels for a professional, subtle finish.

Reminders & Post-Its
Our removable labels are ideal for adding reminders and temporary notes to your diary, planner, calendar, the office noticeboard, or the fridge. You can scribble a quick note, leave it up for yourself or someone else to see, and then remove it when the job has been done, without doing any damage or leaving any adhesive residue behind.

Revision & Study Aids
Removable labels are also a great way to mark important passages or pages in books, to add your own notes to revision guides and source materials, or to create study cards that can be used to revise for exams. You can stick these notes in books, onto revision notes, or even around the house to help you learn key points throughout the day. Then, once an exam or piece of coursework is over, they can be removed without doing any damage.

Transparent White Boards
Our gloss clear polyester labels (material code GCP) can be used as transparent white boards; simply use a whiteboard marker to write or draw on one of these labels, then wipe it clean and start all over again. These labels are a great tool for use in offices, schools, or at home.

Name Labels & Badges
Our labels can be used as simple name badges and name labels for both personal and professional occasions. At home, our labels can be used as name badges at parties (where guests can have some fun creating their own designs) or to add name labels to children’s belongings (so there’s no confusion – or arguments – about which items belong to which child). They can also be used to create personal name badges for meetings and events held by businesses and organisations, whether it’s a company gathering or a charity fundraiser.

Of course, these are just a few of our suggestions and we know our creative customers have come up with all sorts of ways to use their labels without going anywhere near a printer – so why not give it try and see if a blank label is just the thing you need.

How to use GCP as a transparent White Board

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

We’ve had a couple of enquiries recently from people who were looking for a product that they could use with dry whiteboard marker pens – that could be written on and then wiped clean and re-used – and we decided to put our labels to the test.

We picked up some dry white board marker pens and got scribbling on all of our polyester materials. We weren’t sure if ANY of them would work, but the GLOSS CLEAR POLYESTER LABELS (GCP) took us by surprise by acting just like a white board. The erasable ink sits on the gloss surface of these polyester labels and can be removed with the tip of a finger or the corner of a tissue – no water required!

To make your very own white board, all you need to do is apply one of these labels to a surface and get writing!

They make a perfect toy (or should that be distraction?) for children, who can draw or play games such as noughts and crosses or hangman over and over again. They can be used as an educational tool in schools, as indicators of stock levels that can be adjusted or rewritten accordingly, or as part of filing systems that need to be updated regularly. They’re also, as we’ve discovered, quite the fun distraction in the office – although you could, of course, use them in a more serious capacity – perhaps as an office noteboard or planner to keep track of ongoing projects and deadlines, dates for the diary, or notices. They’re also a great way to make temporary name labels, signs, notices, or general purpose labels that can be written out then erased or amended as needed.

You can find out more, view the sizes available, or order your Gloss Clear Polyester Labels from our website, here.