Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No! It’s Super-Removable Adhesive-Man!

We have two kinds of removable adhesive and this post is all about our Super Removable Adhesive.

Also known as GREM and Glass Removable, this is a special adhesive made from acrylic that is designed to provide a light adhesion during the time it is applied to a surface and excellent removability once it is no longer needed.

In particular, this adhesive is designed to leave no adhesive residue behind, which means that it can be used as a temporary label that will do absolutely no damage to the item it is used to label when the label is removed. It is the perfect adhesive for temporary labels that are applied to items that are made of delicate materials such as glass or paper.

The adhesive was specially designed for use on paper materials, such as cards and book covers. Paper products, like any other kind of product, need to be labelled with product and pricing information – however, paper products are much more likely to be damaged when a label is removed (particularly if a permanent adhesive is used).

Using a removable adhesive means these items remain undamaged by any product or pricing labels that are applied to them before they are sold – which is particularly useful as these items are often gifts (particularly cards) and most of us have been through the experience of purchasing a book only to find that the cover is instantly ruined when you attempt to peel off the price label and inevitably end up with either fragments of label or a sticky mess of adhesive residue stuck across your brand new purchase.

Super removable adhesives are also ideal for use on glass items, which are particularly notorious for showing up marks or traces left behind when a label is removed.

Our Super Removable range is extremely popular for use in book shops, card shops, stationery suppliers, and also in auction houses, where they are used to apply lot numbers to delicate items during storage and auctions – once a lot is sold, the label is easy to remove (with absolutely no damage to the item) before the new owner takes their brand new (or should that be antique!) possession home.

You can take a look at more detailed product information, the sizes available, and purchase your very own Super Removable Labels from our Super Removable Labels range page.

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