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Material Code: MWPO
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Key Facts
  • Material: Matt White Polyolefin
  • Printer Compatibility: Laser Printers and Inkjet Printers
  • Adhesive: Permanent (BS5609)
  • Waterproof: Yes (Laser)
Product Information

These labels are supplied on A4 sheets of matt white polyolefin with a permanent waterproof adhesive. They are suitable for use with laser printers and photocopiers or with inkjet printers (although standard inkjet inks are not waterproof). Polyolefin is thicker than our other materials (but thinner than polyethylene), which means that we recommend comparing the specification of this material against those of your printer and/or to request a sample to test. These labels are softer and more pliable than our polyester materials, which means that they are perfectly suited to labelling curved and/or unusual surfaces. Our polyolefin labels are usually chosen because they are more durable than paper labels, more pliable than polyester labels, thinner than our polyethylene labels, and/or waterproof. These labels are best suited to long term applications or conditions that standard labels are unlikely to survive (especially outdoor environments).

Our matt white polyolefin labels are waterproof due to the polyolefin material, the waterproof adhesive, and the laser printing process. They are well-suited to conditions where the printed label is likely to get wet. Common uses include labels for bottles and containers that hold liquids, in damp conditions such as kitchens and bathrooms, on items that are displayed outside shops or in garden centres, or on packages that are to be shipped long distance. The materials used to make these waterproof labels also conform to the BS5609 part 2 standard for marine immersion, which means they have been tested in salt water at mid-tide for a period of three months, and are suitable for use in outdoor and marine environments.

Common Uses
  • Long life tracking labels – the polyolefin and marine adhesive are both highly durable materials, which means that these labels are ideal for long life applications, such as tracking labels. They can be used to add address or shipping labels onto items that may be sent long distance (including overseas) or exposed to damp conditions, or can be used to add tracking information to items that will be transported and/or put into storage. These permanent labels can be printed with identifying information, delivery or storage instructions, or tracking information stored in the form of a barcode or QR code.
  • Outdoor or marine conditions – these labels meet the requirements of the BS5609 part 2 standard for marine immersion, which means they can be used for applications that involve exposure to outdoor and/or marine conditions. Common examples of applications that require durable waterproof labels include labelling chemicals, medical and laboratory supplies, kitchen and bathroom, products, gardening products and equipment, swimming pools, equipment rental facilities, marinas, water sports companies, landscaping and gardening companies, construction and maintenance companies, and any situation where identifying information, instructions, or signs need to remain firmly in place even under challenging (and variable) conditions.
  • Curved and uneven surfaces – polyester materials have a strong “memory”, which means that they try to return to their original state when they are deformed and this can cause polyester labels to begin to peel off curved surfaces if the adhesive isn’t strong enough to overcome the memory of the material. Our polyolefin labels were designed for the purpose of adding health and safety warnings and identifying information to curved chemical drums, and the flexibility of the polyolefin and the strength of the marine adhesive means that these waterproof labels are well suited to labelling all kinds of curved objects, including containers such as bottles and jars.
  • Retail labels – polyolefin labels can be used to add product information, company details, prices, or special features and promotions onto products, particularly items that have unusually shaped packaging or packaging that is made with unusual materials. They are also ideal for use in external shop displays or garden centres, as product labels on bathroom and kitchen products, or for any products that are intended for outdoor use and/or storage.
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Find An Alternative: these self-adhesive labels are made with polyolefin and a marine standard adhesive – the marine adhesive is also used to make our matt white polyethylene and matt white polyester permanent labels.

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25 SHEET MINIMUM - Same Working Day Despatch up to 100 Sheets

FULL RANGE OF SIZES - 25 SHEET or 500 SHEET MINIMUM - Same Working Day Despatch up to 100 Sheets, Up to 5 Working Day Despatch for 500+ Sheets

Waterproof White Matt Labels LP2/105
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP2/199MWPO
25 Sheet Minimum
199.6 x 143.5
Template Code:
LP Product Code: LP2/199MWPO
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP2/210MWPO
500 Sheet Minimum
210 x 148.5
Template Code: *3655®
LP Product Code: LP2/210MWPO
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP4/105MWPO
500 Sheet Minimum
105 x 148.5
Template Code: *3483®
LP Product Code: LP4/105MWPO
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP4/200MWPO
500 Sheet Minimum
200 x 60
Template Code: *L7171®
LP Product Code: LP4/200MWPO
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP4/210ST
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP6/99MWPO
500 Sheet Minimum
99.1 x 93.1
Template Code: *L7166®
LP Product Code: LP6/99MWPO
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP15/51SQ
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP16/99MWPO
500 Sheet Minimum
99.1 x 33.9
Template Code: *L7162®
LP Product Code: LP16/99MWPO
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP18/63MWPO
500 Sheet Minimum
63.5 x 46.6
Template Code: *L7161®
LP Product Code: LP18/63MWPO
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP21/63MWPO
25 Sheet Minimum
63.5 x 38.1
Template Code: *L7160®
LP Product Code: LP21/63MWPO
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP21/70
500 Sheet Minimum
70 x 42.42
Template Code: *3652®
LP Product Code: LP21/70MWPO
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP24/72
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP27/63
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP30/70
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP35/37
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP70/25
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP84/46MWPO
25 Sheet Minimum
46 x 11.1
Template Code: *L7656®
LP Product Code: LP84/46MWPO
Waterproof White Matt Labels LP189/25