Bottle Labels and Jar Labels With Water Wash Off Adhesive.

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Material Code: WW
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Key Facts
  • Material: Standard Matt White Paper
  • Printer Compatibility: Inkjet and Laser Printers
  • Adhesive: Permanent (Water Wash Off)
  • Waterproof: No
Product Information

These labels are supplied on A4 sheets of standard matt white paper and have a special water wash off adhesive. They can be printed on inkjet or laser printers and photocopiers, and are also suitable for handwriting. The adhesive used to make these wash off labels creates a good general purpose bond that breaks down during exposure to water. Designed for applications where items such as reusable containers are regularly labelled and relabelled, these labels have the unique ability to provide a user with a permanent label that can be removed without leaving behind a sticky mess of adhesive residue. This makes these labels the perfect solution for food and drink applications where containers are regularly reused and they are commonly used to create bottle labels and jar labels, to label ingredient containers throughout the manufacturing process, to label produce cases for retail distribution and sale, and to organise kitchens in restaurants, cafes, hotels, or even at home.

These labels will wash off most effectively using soapy warm water. They must be stored carefully (in their original packaging, at a storage range of 20-25°C, and in dry conditions) to ensure that the adhesive retains its effectiveness. They are best suited to solid surfaces, such as plastic and glass containers that are intended for reuse, and meet FDA requirements for indirect food contact.

Common Uses
  • Bottle Labels & Jar Labels – these labels are ideal for use on reusable bottles and jars that are used to hold food and drink products, such as drinks bottles or jars of condiments. They allow vital information (such as ingredients, allergen warnings, instructions for use, or “Best Before” information) to be added to food and drink containers in the form of a permanent label that can also be removed to allow the containers to be reused – without damaging the containers in the process.
  • Food Preparation Labels – wash off labels are also ideal for labelling ingredients and storage containers used during food preparation, whether this is in a factory, restaurant, or kitchen – in a professional environment or at home. The containers can be clearly and neatly labelled but can also be washed clean and relabelled as needed, which means that areas used for food preparation can be safely and securely labelled AND kept clean – a vital requirement for the food and drink industry.
  • Shop Labels, Display Labels, & Price Labels – retail environments often rely on reusable storage and display units to stock products for sale and to promote special offers or events. Our wash off labels make it easy to relabel these units without having to deal with adhesive residue, which can permanently mark or damage surfaces over time. These labels can be removed quickly and easily and at the same time the units can be properly and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Storage Labels – wash off adhesives are suitable for any label application that involves the reuse of a labelled item, which means they are an ideal way to organise any storage system that makes use of reusable containers. The label can be washed off the item and the item can then be reused and/or relabelled as needed, without the item being damaged as the label is removed. This makes these labels perfect for any application that involves the storage (and transportation) of items where a label must remain firmly in place before removing cleanly and easily.
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Find An Alternative: these self-adhesive labels are made with a special permanent adhesive that allows the labels to be washed off without leaving any adhesive residue behind; other special adhesives available include a Deep Freeze adhesive, a marine standard adhesive (MWP, MWPE, and MWPO), a Super Removable adhesive, and a Super Tack adhesive.

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25 SHEET MINIMUM - Same Working Day Despatch up to 100 Sheets - Water Removable Bottle Labels and Jar Labels.

Water Wash Off LP4/99WW
Water Wash Off LP8/99WW
Water Wash Off LP12/63WW
Water Wash Off LP14/99WW
Water Wash Off LP21/63WW
Water Wash Off LP65/38WW
Water Wash Off LP35/37RWW
Water Wash Off LP15/51RWW

FULL RANGE OF SIZES - 25 SHEET or 500 SHEET MINIMUM - Same Working Day Despatch up to 100 Sheets, Up to 5 Working Day Despatch for 500+ Sheets

Water Wash Off LP1/199WW
Water Wash Off LP1/210WW
Water Wash Off LP1/210SWW
Freezer Labels On A4 Sheets LP2/105
Water Wash Off LP2/210WW
Water Wash Off LP2/199WW
Water Wash Off LP3/210WW
Water Wash Off LP4/99WW
Water Wash Off LP4/105WW
Water Wash Off LP4/200WW
Freezer Labels On A4 Sheets LP4/210
Water Wash Off LP6/99WW
Water Wash Off LP6/105WW
Water Wash Off LP8/99WW
Water Wash Off LP8/105WW
Water Wash Off LP10/105WW
Water Wash Off LP10/99WW
Water Wash Off LP12/63WW
Water Wash Off LP12/99WW
Water Wash Off LP12/105WW
Water Wash Off LP14/99WW
Water Wash Off LP14/105WW
Freezer Labels For Frozen Food LP14/105DF
Water Wash Off LP16/99WW
Water Wash Off LP16/105SWW
Water Wash Off LP16/105WW
Removable Transparent Video Labels On A4 Sheets LP16/145
Water Wash Off LP18/63WW
Water Wash Off LP21/63WW
Freezer Labels On A4 Sheets LP21/70
Water Wash Off LP21/70WW
Water Wash Off LP24/63WW
Water Wash Off LP24/70SWW
Water Wash Off LP24/70WW
Water Wash Off Mini Data Cartridge Labels On A4 Sheets LP24/72
Water Wash Off Labels On A4 Sheets LP27/63
Water Wash Off Labels On A4 Sheets LP30/70
Water Wash Off Labels On A4 Sheets LP35/37SQ
 Image of transparent labels
Water Wash Off LP40/45WW
Water Wash Off LP65/38WW
Water Wash Off Labels LP70/25SQ
Water Wash Off LP84/46WW
Water Wash Off Labels On A4 Sheets LP189/25
Water Wash Off LP216/13RWW
Water Wash Off LP70/25RWW
Water Wash Off LP70/25RWW
Water Wash Off LP35/37RWW
Water Wash Off LP15/51RWW
Water Wash Off LP12/64RWW
Water Wash Off LP6/88RWW
Water Wash Off LP4/90OVWW
Water Wash Off LP21/60OVWW
Water Wash Off LP32/40OVWW