Removable Labels for Inkjet and Laser Printers with Super Removable Adhesive.

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Material Code: GREM
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Key Facts
  • Material: Standard Matt White Paper
  • Printer Compatibility: Inkjet and Laser Printers
  • Adhesive: Super Removable
  • Waterproof: No
Product Information

These labels are supplied on A4 sheets of standard matt white paper with a super removable adhesive. They can be printed using inkjet or laser printers and photocopiers, and are suitable for writing on. The adhesive on these labels is a super removable acrylic microsphere adhesive designed to provide light adhesion and easy removability with very little to no residue when the label is removed. While removable labels are used as temporary labels that can be removed by the end user or when there is a need to regularly update information, super removable labels are ideal for situations where it is also important that there is no visible adhesive residue left when a label is removed. In particular, they are used when a removable label is required for use on glass; the adhesive itself was designed for use in the double glazing industry and these labels are often referred to as “Glass Removable” labels. They are also popular choices for use on products, in auction houses, and during the manufacturing process.

A label’s adhesion depends on four factors; the strength of the adhesive, the length of time the label is stuck onto an item, the temperature, and the surface onto which the label is applied. These four factors interact with each other, so we advise that customers request a sample to test in their own unique conditions.

Common Uses
  • Glass products – these labels were developed specially for use in the double glazing industry where glass is stored in containers that get very hot, meaning that labels tend to leave adhesive residue when removed. Our super removable labels have a light adhesive which cures extremely slowly and so they can be used on glass without leaving residue behind.
  • Products and gifts – super removable labels can be used for a variety of products, as they provide a label that can be easily removed when an item is purchased. They are particularly suited for use on items that are intended as gifts, or when a label is stuck directly onto an item itself and the item is made of a delicate material like glass or paper items such as books and cards.
  • Auction houses – auction houses have a specific need to make sure that all of their items are correctly labelled, so that they can be identified throughout the auction process by staff and prospective bidders alike, before the labels are removed once an item is sold. They also need to make sure that the labels used will leave no residue, particularly on old and/or delicate items that are more susceptible to damage.  
  • Manufacturing and storage – the removable adhesive makes these labels ideal for temporarily adding identifying information or instructions to products during the manufacturing process and storage, before being removed during the final packing and distribution stage, particularly for items that have a delicate or decorative surface that needs to remain unmarked by adhesive residue.
  • Organising and filing – these labels can be used in filing systems where temporary notes are applied to important files and documents then removed as files are passed on or as information is updated on a regular basis. The super removable adhesive means that there is no damage to paper items when these labels are removed.
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Find An Alternative: while these labels are designed for use as temporary labels on more delicate items, we also supply general purpose removable labels in Matt White Paper, Matt Coloured Paper, Waterproof Matt White Polyester, and Gloss Transparent Polyester.

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25 SHEET MINIMUM - Same Working Day Despatch up to 100 Sheets


FULL RANGE OF SIZES - 25 SHEET or 500 SHEET MINIMUM - Same Working Day Despatch up to 100 Sheets, Up to 5 Working Day Despatch for 500+ Sheets

Removable Labels Specially For Glass LP18/63GREM
500 Sheet Minimum
63.5 x 46.6
Template Code: *L7161®
LP Product Code: LP18/63GREM
Removable Labels Specially For Glass LP24/70SGREM
500 Sheet Minimum
70 x 34.95
LP Product Code: LP24/70SGREM
Removable Labels Specially For Glass LP65/38GREM
25 Sheet Minimum
38.1 x 21.2
Template Code: *L7651®
LP Product Code: LP65/38GREM
Round Removable Labels Specially For Glass LP70/25RGREM
25 Sheet Minimum
25mm Diameter
LP Product Code: LP70/25RGREM
Round Removable Labels Specially For Glass LP6/88RGREM
25 Sheet Minimum
88mm Diameter
LP Product Code: LP6/88RGREM