Removable Labels

Removable labels (also known as peelable labels) are used when a label needs to be removed after it has been applied. Labelling retail products where the label is applied directly onto the product is probably the most common example, as well as products purchased as gifts where the price label needs to be removed. In distribution and manufacturing there is often an intermediate packing stage and the product needs to be re-labelled for the end user.

There are 4 factors which affect how removable a label will be: Adhesive, Time, Temperature and Surface.

These four factors interact with each other, so it is essential to obtain samples and try them in the application. You can simulate longer periods of time by increasing the temperature. This can be done by simply putting the labelled item next to a radiator for a few days, and then comparing the removability with a label that has been at the application temperature.

Label Planet supplies a number of blank self adhesive label products with  removable adhesives, including matt white paper labels with a standard removable adhesive, matt white paper with a special “super removable” glass removable adhesive designed for use on glass or paper items or in situations where it is important that no visible adhesive residue is left (e.g. auction rooms), and two polyester labels with waterproof removable adhesives.

Click here to view all of the different Removable A4 Labels available from Label Planet. If you would like to test any of these products to see if they are suitable for your particular label application, please fill in our Sample Request Form.


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