Transparent Labels on A4 Sheets for Inkjet Printing. (Gloss)

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Material Code: GCP
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Key Facts
  • Material: Gloss Clear Polyester
  • Printer Compatibility: Inkjet Printers
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Waterproof: No
Product Information

These labels are supplied on A4 sheets of gloss clear polyester with a permanent waterproof adhesive. They are for use with inkjet printers. Our clear labels are not “frosted” or “translucent”, nor are they “glass clear”. When applied to a solid white or coloured surface the labels look almost completely clear, but when applied to glass the adhesive may trap some air bubbles which will create a slightly frosted look. These labels are ideal for creating a professional, high-end look as any text or images printed onto them appears as though it has been printed directly onto the surface below. The gloss material also gives the labels a quality finish and allows the labels to be wiped clean if required. This particular product also works as a transparent “white board”; the ink used in dry white board marker pens sits on top of the material, meaning you can write onto the labels and wipe them clean again in an instant.

As these labels are made of polyester and have a waterproof adhesive the labels themselves are considered waterproof. However, the ink used in inkjet printers is water-based meaning that while the labels are waterproof, the ink used on them will smudge in water. If the print quality is important and the label is for use outdoors or on products that may get wet (for example on bathroom product bottles) we recommend laser printing. The corresponding product for laser printing is our gloss clear polyester laser labels (product code GTP). We also have matt clear polyester labels (MTP) and removable gloss clear polyester labels (GTR) for use with laser printers.

Common Uses
  • Address labels – these labels are great for postal items as the clear material makes it appear as though each item has had information printed directly onto the envelope or package, while the gloss finish provides a look of quality. These labels are particularly popular on coloured or textured envelopes as the clear label not only avoids colour-matching problems, but also doesn’t obscure the effect created by using a colour or texture in the first place. This may be important because a company wants to emphasise a professional approach or an individual wants to create a luxury finish on special items such as wedding or christening invitations.
  • Product labelling – the gloss material makes these labels a common choice when a high quality finish is required. They are particularly useful on product boxes or bags that feature strong brand or company colours because they won’t obscure the pattern beneath them. They are often used to add product or company information onto CDs. The clear material also makes them a fun option for use with transparent materials, such as glass or plastic, as they allow information to be added without distracting from the transparency of the object.
  • Adding or highlighting information – clear labels are a great way of adding and highlighting information, whether the text is printed onto the label or has already been printed onto an object. You can match the existing font on an item and add new or additional information, such as sales information onto products or contact information onto company brochures. The gloss finish draws attention to the information either on or beneath the label, and is particularly useful if the label is being stuck onto a surface that itself has a gloss finish. Our waterproof gloss clear labels are also a handy way to cover existing print on an item so that the text has a waterproof cover but can still be read.
  • Colour-matching – using clear labels sidesteps the problem of matching the colour of a label to that of the item they are stuck onto. This is extremely useful in cases where a different colour or plain white label would look out of place, or where there is a need to promote a particular brand or company colour on an item but colour-matching is difficult or costly to achieve.
  • Transparent white board – this material can be used to create mini “white boards” that can be written on and wiped clean over and over again. The ink used in dry white board marker pens sits on top of the gloss polyester, meaning you can wipe it off with the tip of your finger or a plain tissue. These “boards” can be given to children to draw on or to play games such as noughts and crosses or hangman. They can also be used in businesses or homes as notice/reminder boards, to track stock levels, as re-usable signs, as part of filing systems that need to be updated regularly, or even simply as labels that can be erased and written on as needed. 
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