Transparent Label Materials List.

If you are looking for transparent labels then you are in the right place. The table below lists all of our transparent products and gives further information about each one to help you find the product you need.

While our products are made with transparent materials, they are not “frosted” nor are they “glass clear”; all transparent self-adhesive products produce a slightly frosted appearance because microscopic air bubbles will become trapped as the glue is coated onto the material (it is also possible that more bubbles will be trapped as the label is applied to a surface). This is only really an issue if you want to apply labels to plain glass and need them to be crystal clear (or “glass clear”); if you are applying these labels to a white or coloured object then they will look completely see through.

Transparent Labels
Code Description Adhesive Waterproof Laser/
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GCP Gloss Clear Polyester Permanent No I 25 View Products
GTP Gloss Transparent Polyester Permanent Yes L 25 View Products
GTR Gloss Transparent Polyester Removable Yes L 25 View Products
MTP Matt Transparent Polyester Permanent Yes L 25 View Products

Our transparent labels provide the option of a gloss or a matt finish; customers tend to opt for the finish that matches the surface they are applying a label to – alternatively, they may use the opposite finish as a contrast to help make the label (and the design or information printed onto the label) stand out. They are often used to add information to packaging, so that one package can be used for several products, or to add information which only becomes available after the product has already been packed. Clear labels also solve the problem of colour matching between a label and the item being labelled, and give a very professional, highly decorative finish to any label application.