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Don’t Leave Label Templates To The Night Before Christmas (Or All Through The House Will Be Very Loud Shouts)

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

For this week’s Template Tuesday we simply want to say: if you want to reduce your Christmas chaos, DON’T LEAVE YOUR LABEL TEMPLATES TO THE LAST MINUTE.

christmas label templates

Template Tuesday’s Top Reasons To Avoid Last Minute Label Templates

While there are MANY reasons not to leave label templates to the last minute at ANY time of the year, it really isn’t a good idea to put off getting your Christmas templates sorted.

Designing and printing your own labels is a simple (and often cheaper) way to personalise items – making it seem like a very good idea (at the time). However, label templates can quickly spiral out of control, even if you’ve printed labels before. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong – especially when you’re in a rush to get things done for Christmas.

There are a LOT of steps involved – far more than people realise. Each step takes time and must be done correctly to avoid a complete disaster. You need time to:

  • Make sure you have suitable software AND know how to use it.
  • Make sure your software includes suitable built-in label templates – or to source a suitable template elsewhere.
  • Add your design to your template (which can take longer than you think).
  • Test print your template to make sure you will get the perfect alignment. This step also includes figuring out the cause of any misalignment and applying a suitable fix.
  • Print your sticky labels – rememebr, your printer can only print one sheet at a time.
  • Stick your sticky labels onto your stuff!
  • Account for despatch and delivery; your Christmas labels need to be delivered to you AND your labelled items need to be despatched and delivered in time for Christmas.

If you know what label size and layout you intend to use, you can get your label templates ready to go BEFORE you order your Christmas labels OR WHILE you’re waiting for your order to arrive. If you’ve got your template set up, you’re ready to get printing as soon as your order arrives.

Template Tuesday’s Top Tips To Avoid Last Minute Template Troubles

  • Follow the KISS principle – keep it simple, stupid – and don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. Make sure your design isn’t too complicated – for your software OR for you. For a decorative and professional looking finish, avoid cluttering your design with too many elements.
  • To create a set of identical labels, add your design to the top left label first and then use COPY and PASTE to replicate it across the rest of your template.
  • To create a set of Christmas address labels, try using a tool like Word’s Mail Merge to merge a label design with your list of contacts.
  • Check that your printer is using the correct print settings before you start printing. This includes making sure that the page size is set to A4, no scaling options are applied (e.g. less than 100% or any “Fit To…” options), and that you’ve chosen suitable media type/weight print settings (e.g. “Labels” or “Heavy Paper”). You also need to use the media bypass tray – if your printer has one.
  • Always, always, ALWAYS test print your template onto blank paper FIRST before printing onto your label sheets proper.

Get Free Label Templates & Advice On Designing And Printing Self Adhesive Labels From The Label Planet Website

Our Label Templates section contains all the resources you could possibly need to print your own self adhesive labels.

This includes Template Information Pages for each of our label sizes; each page contains measurements and layout details, along with compatible Avery codes (where applicable) and printing tips, as well as download links for our label templates. We have created a set of Word and PDF label templates for each label size; these sets include portrait and landscape orientations, along with bleed label templates (for printing coloured backgrounds and/or borders).

You’ll also find links to our various Help Pages, including guides to designing and printing self adhesive labels, top tips, and our troubleshooting guide.

You can also contact our Customer Service Team for advice about specific questions, queries, or problems that you may encounter. Send us an email at any time or give us a call during office hours; Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Next Week On Template Tuesday: Take The Chaos Out Of Your Christmas Card List With Word’s Mail Merge Tool

This Template Tuesday…We Hope You All Had A Very Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Yes, the Label Planet office is open for 2018 and we’ll be returning to our usual schedule of Template Tuesday posts next week.

For now, we’d like to say a (very slightly belated) Happy New Year to all of our customers; we hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the New Year (and that at least some of you made a New Year’s Resolution to buy and print more self adhesive labels!).

To take a look back at the Template Tuesday Topics we covered in 2017, simply visit our “Template Tuesday – A Summary” blog post.

We’re also welcoming any suggestions or questions that you’d like to see featured in a Template Tuesday blog post; simply send an email to and we’ll do our best to come up with a suitable solution!

Next Week On Template Tuesday: Definitions – A Short Glossary Of Label Template Terms

We Wish You All A Very Happy Christmas!

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

It’s our last day in the Label Planet offices and we’d like to start by saying THANK YOU to all of the customers who have bought self adhesive labels from us and used our label templates over the last twelve months.

We’ve had a simply brilliant year and a large part of that is down to our equally brilliant customers! So thank you – we hope you’ll be back to visit in 2018!

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and we hope that your (winter holi)days are indeed both merry and bright.

Merry Christmas To All & To All A Good Night!

Introducing Template Tuesdays With Label Planet!

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Yes, we know today is Thursday but this post is simply here to announce the arrival of a brand new blog from Label Planet, which we’ve craftily named “Template Tuesdays”!

Each Tuesday, we’ll be adding a new post all about label templates – including posts about what label templates actually are and how they work, how to find the right template for your labels, how to add and edit a label design, how to print a template, and a few helpful hints (and troubleshooting tips) to help you out when things aren’t quite going to plan.

Here at Label Planet, we’ve spent years working with labels and label templates, which means that we’ve picked up plenty of tricks and shortcuts to make the whole process of designing and printing your labels that much easier – and we’re always looking for new ways to share our knowledge with our customers.

While our existing blog will continue to provide information about our self-adhesive labels and answer customer questions about ordering labels from Label Planet, this new blog will be focused solely on templates – so if you’ve got any questions or queries about templates, hopefully you’ll find the answer here!

Remember, if you do have any problems finding or using a template to print your own labels you can always visit our Help & Advice Pages or contact our Customer Service Team, who will be happy to offer one-to-one advice for the particular issue that you’ve encountered!

Our first Template Tuesday blog will be posted next Tuesday (9th May) and will feature the TEN things you need to print your own labels.