Labels For The Great Outdoors

Some of our customers are looking for labels that can be used outdoors, which means they have a number of variables to take into consideration. So here’s the Label Planet checklist of things to think about when buying labels for the great outdoors.

For starters, your labels need to be made of a material that is going to be able to survive outdoors. This means that a simple paper label is unlikely to do the job. So you need to be looking for a tough, durable material that is also waterproof.

You’re also going to need a good, strong adhesive to make sure that your label stays put. Make sure that the labels you buy have a strong permanent adhesive that is at least waterproof, if not an enhanced marine quality adhesive.

With regards to the old question of inkjet versus laser print, it should be noted that laser print is waterproof while inkjet print is not. This is because inkjet inks are water based and will run or smudge if they get wet. However, you will also need to bear in mind the consequences of leaving a label outside and, in particular, the impact that natural sunlight will have on print. UV rays in natural sunlight will cause print to fade over time. There are some ways of improving the UV resistance of print, but many of these options are provided by professional printers rather than being available to individual or independent end users.

So, which labels from Label Planet can be used outdoors?

If you need labels for the great outdoors, visit our Waterproof Labels page, and take a look through the “Waterproof Synthetic Labels” section of the page.

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