Splash Out With Synthetic Labels

Our latest advert has been published in the Business Network magazine and in this issue we’re taking a closer look at our superb synthetic labels.

So why use synthetic labels?

– They are made with highly durable & flexible materials, with a range of finishes available (such as gloss, matt, transparent).

– They’re waterproof! They can be used for all kinds of indoor and outdoor situations where a label needs to be able to survive getting wet. For example, synthetic labels are often used in garden centres, on outdoor equipment, as outdoor notices and signs, on pool and gym equipment, and on kitchen and bathroom products.

– The materials are ideal for applications that require a decorative or practical labelling solution, or even both.

– Synthetic labels can be used to create a professional, high quality finish for any product, marketing materials, equipment, or signage.

– They are available with either a removable adhesive (making them ideal for use as tough, temporary labels) or a permanent adhesive (which is perfect for long life tracking labels).

– They’re really easy to print and can be printed using a standard desktop printer – no specialist equipment required!

You can take a look at our range of synthetic labels and find out more by visiting our Waterproof Labels page.

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