Need Supremely Stylish Sticky Labels For Your Digital Gear? Why Not Try Our Silver Waterproof Labels!

This week, we’re taking a closer look at our silver waterproof labels, which are the perfect way to label up all kinds of digital gear and high value products.

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Silver Waterproof Labels – The Material & Adhesive

Our SMP range of silver waterproof labels are made with a silver polyester film and a permanent adhesive.

The polyester is a tough and durable material that offers some flexbility. It is, however, best suited to flat surfaces. It has a silver colour in a matt finish, which creates a high-quality professional appearance for any labelling application. The standard permanent adhesive creates good adhesive bonds with a range of materials and surface types.

Silver Waterproof Labels – The Benefits & Suitable Applications

The materials used to create our silver waterproof labels offer a wide range of beneficial properties and characteristics. SMP is tough and durable, which is perfect for creating long life asset and/or tracking labels. They are also decorative and professional in finish, offering a high quality appearance that draws attention to important information. These silver labels are also fully waterproof. You can use them for any applications involving exposure to water.

Common uses for SMP include:

  • Sticky labels for appliances and electronics: SMP is extremely popular for use on high value goods – especially digital gear. These sticky labels display (and draw attention to) vital information such as health and safety warnings, instructions for use, product information/specifications, servicing dates and results, and contact details for the relevant manufacturer, distributor, or servicing company. The waterproof material and strong adhesive mean these sticky labels stay put for the long term – in various environments and conditions. SMP is also suitable for applications involving exposure to fluctuating or extreme temperatures (hot or cold), which is often an issue for appliances and electronics.
  • Product labels and packaging labels: silver labels create decorative, professional product labels and packaging labels. The colour highlights important information, while their durability means these sticky labels remain in place for the life of each labelled product. They make ideal packaging seals and tracking labels on items that will be stored for long periods and/or frequently transported. You can use silver waterproof labels for items designed for outdoor use. They’re also fine for indoor applications that involve exposure to water – including kitchen and bathroom products.
  • Marketing labels and promotional labels: the high quality finish of these silver labels also makes them a popular choice for marketing and promotional purposes.

Silver Waterproof Labels – The Printing Process

As SMP is a more specialised material, it does require some extra care when printing. SMP is suitable for use with laser printers only – so you cannot use an inkjet printer. We also recommend using a standard paper print setting – rather than “Labels”/“Heavy Paper” settings usually recommended for self adhesive labels.

This is because the polyester material is metallised. It has been coated with a thin layer of metal. Laser printers use heat and pressure to bond toner onto the surface of the print media. When you print SMP, its metallised layer reflects the heat from the fuser unit. This increases the overall temperature within the printer, which can prevent the toner from bonding properly to your sticky labels. It can also cause your sheets to curl up, which can result in your sticky labels jamming in your printer.

Ideally, you should test print a couple of sheets using the “Paper” setting(s) provided by your printer. This should allow you to find an option that provides the optimal amount of heat to print your sticky labels. You should also consult your printer’s manual and/or the manufacturer’s website. They may have provided specific advice for printing self adhesive labels – and especially more specialised materials – like metallised polyester.

Order Silver Waterproof Labels From Label Planet

Simply head on over to our Silver Waterproof Labels range page and choose the label size you want to order. Then select your required quantity and add your silver labels to your basket!

We supply SMP in 54 label sizes. We stocked 17 of the most popular label sizes and shapes. These items can be ordered in packs of 25 sheets for same day despatch from stock – or in boxes of 500 sheets as a made to order item. The remaining sizes are all made to order items, which are available in boxes of 500 sheets. Made to order items take up to five working days for despatch.

If you would like to “try before you buy”, please submit a Sample Request online and we’ll pop a few samples in the post. If you need printing advice, head on over to our Help Section; here you can also find our Label Templates Section, which includes Word label templates and PDF labels template for all of our label sizes.

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